One on One with Tim Wyatt

As basketball approaches,talented 2015 Rangeview guard is worth a look.

The Rangeview Raiders have never been short of talent. Last year the team made it to an appearance at the Denver Coliseum where the fell to a young Overland team in the Great 8. They were lead by the current Colorado State freshman Jeremiah Paige. Now that Paige is gone the Raiders will be returning three juniors and four seniors, among them is the 2015 Guard Tim Wyatt.


As a Junior Wyatt averaged 8.1 points per game. This year he is looking to up those numbers to around 15-17 points per game. As a 6’1’’ left hander, Wyatt is an athletic guard that can pose trouble for defenses.


Wyatt’s game consists of driving and finishing at the rim. He is an aggressive scorer that does a great job of using his body to finish in the paint. His junior season, Wyatt shot a streaky 37% from three point land. “My shooting comes from getting in the flow in the game,” he states, “If I start hitting them I’ll get going.” Wyatt is at the top of his game when he is consistently hitting outsider jumpers. Over the summer Wyatt has been working to become more consistent with his jump shot to force defenders to be on their toes at all moments. If Wyatt can consistently hit the three ball, it is going to open up his game a lot more. He will force defenders to respect his ability to score from the outside as well as in the paint.


One aspect that held Wyatt back in past season was his ball handling ability, occasionally getting out of control and making mistakes. However Wyatt recognized that he needed to improve and put forth the effort over the summer to take his game to the next level. “I needed to work on the ball handling aspect of my game, and it improved a lot over the summer,” he explains. Wyatt’s ability to handle the ball will help him step into a point guard role as well as a scoring role this season.


Defensively Wyatt is an athletic on the ball defender that can give offensive players fits when they are matched up against him. Wyatt does have the tendency to get beat on defense, but is trying to improve that facet of his game; “I can’t get beat on defense. I’ve struggled with that. I need to not watch the ball as much and watch for cutters,” he explains.


Wyatt and the Raiders have tons of talent to be successful this season. If Wyatt can consistently drain shots from the outside and continue to be a threat of the dribble he is going to cause problems for a lot of defenses this year. His improved ball handling is going to provide a lot for his all around game, as it will minimalize turnovers and open up the floor for him to score as well as his talented teammates around him.


Wyatt is going to receive a lot of help this year from 6’5’’ senior Jalen Davis, as well as Tyrei Randall, Kris Hollins, Tarren Storey-Way, and the rest of the Raiders team. “There’s no lack in talent on our team,” states Wyatt.


Wyatt’s preparation for the season is going to make all the difference this year for the Raider’s team. The Raiders have a lot of opportunity this year to make it past the Great 8 spot they fell at last year, and do work in the post season. Wyatt believes him and his team are going to do a lot of damage this year. “I work hard. The team works hard. We’re ready to make a name for ourselves” he states confidently in anticipation of this season.



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