Hall is Offensive Player of the Year

Cherry Creek's Hall is the 2014 PrepColorado Offensive Player of the Year.

The run was not the longest of Milo Hall’s career, he routinely pops 50 plus yards scores, including multiple 80 yard or longer runs in his career, but the 26 yard touchdown run Milo Hall had in the classic Cherry Creek versus Valor Christian 5A title game, not only helped the Bruins win the championship, but also showed every part of Hall’s game that made him PrepColorado 2014 Offensive Player of the Year.

The 27 yard run with just over five minutes left in the title game showed the speed to get to the edge, great vision and balance and surprising strength as the 185 pound Hall stiff armed two would be tacklers and carried another into the end zone. Further, beyond the run, Hall had a great game at the correct time, rushing for 203 yards and scoring twice against a Valor defense that will see multiple of its players take their game to the college level. 

Along with the the state title game, Hall, who rushed for nearly 2,300 yards on the season, played his best football during the playoffs.  While the Bruins were on their title run, Hall scored 11 times and rushed for 832 yards.  In the final two games, against stout defenses Ralston Valley and Valor Christian, Hall averaged 240 yards a game. 

Beyond his ability to run the ball, Hall became a complete back during his time at Creek.  Sharing carries with D.J. Luke and Ashton Riley this season and Luke and Nate Starks last season, Hall learned how to block, catch the ball out of the backfield and pick up the blitz.  Most impressive about Hall is the fact that his best football may be in front of him.  Hall, who holds multiple mid-major offers, is still under recruited.  At the next level Hall can return kicks, play early in his career as a third down back and eventually, due to his toughness and surprising strength, carry the majority of the load.

In my estimation Hall was clearly the 2014 Offensive Player of the Year, but Fairview’s Johnny Feauto deserves recognition as does Ralston Valley’s Andrew Wingard. Feauto put up monster numbers driving his Fairview squad to another very strong season.  Wingard, who is taking his complete game to Wyoming, had the ability to make big plays at the right time not only this year but throughout his career at Ralston Valley.  

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