Brothers Have Busy Offseason Planned

Brothers Payton and Marshall Cain of Heritage High School are two of Colorado's best.

Two of the most intriguing prospect in Colorado not only play on the same team but also come from the same family.  2016 linemen Payton and Marshall Cain of Heritage High School are high motor, versatile two way linemen.  The brothers will hit multiple Junior Days over the next few days attending Wyoming, Montana and South Dakota State.  This offseason, the duo will put their games on display not only in the hopes of improving but also gaining a first offer.

Payton Cain, a 6-4 240 pounder, is most comfortable as an offensive lineman.  From his right tackle spot, Cain is explosive and is a good run blocker.  Cain especially likes to get opponents to the ground playing with a nasty streak. 

Marshall Cain, also 6-4 240, prefers defensive line.  A tenacious defender, Cain uses his hands well, and is surpassingly quick off the ball and in pursuit. 

Both Payton and Marshall can expect a move to the inside on their respective size of the ball.  Their aggressive attitudes will fit them well as an inside players.

Playing hard on both sides of the ball is a family tradition.  Older brother and Heritage alum Connor Cain, a PrepColorado All-Stater, is a defensive tackle at the University of Wyoming.  The tenacious on field attitude of the Cain boys will serve them well as they put their game on display this offseason in hopes of a first offer. 

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