3 Big Offers for Moretti

2017 Pomona offensive tackle picks up three giant offers today.

It would be tough to beat the day that 2017 Pomona offensive tackle Jake Moretti had today.  The 6-5 275 pound tackle pulled three giant offers as Nebraska, UCLA and National Champion Ohio State all jumped into the Moretti sweepstakes.

Moretti continues to stay humble despite his ever growing and very impressive offer sheet, stating, “It's crazy, still kind of hasn't sunk in.”  Every conversation with the national recruit comes back around to his Pomona coaches and squad and what he needs to do to help the team.  When asked about his potential summer camp schedule Moretti stated, “still not really sure yet. Got to make sure they don't interrupt my teams stuff.”

Reviewing film of Moretti it is easy to see why the tackle is gaining offers from the nation’s top programs.  The athletic tackle can run block, pass block, pull and get down field.  Most impressive is how much Moretti relishes getting his opponents on the ground.  With Ohio State now on board look for more and more top programs to make offers to this very impressive young tackle. 


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