In State for Sparaco

2017 Pomona quarterback Dante Sparaco picks up second offer.

Dante Sparaco reports he has picked up an offer from the University of Colorado.  The 6-3 256 pound Pomona quarterback says the offer came as the result of a strong camp where he, “went out to camp and performed really well. ”

Colorado took the big athlete through the paces in multiple spots according to Sparaco “they had me rotating at linebacker, tight end and defensive end so my versatility and athleticism were important.” This has been the case for Sparaco as most DI schools are looking at him at positions other than quarterback.  Notre Dame, UCLA, Florida, Kansas, Texas schools and  Ohio State, are  interested in Sparaco at other position such as tight end, defensive end, or outside backer.  Regarding a position move in college Sparaco says,  “I shouldn't say that I am done playing quarterback. It's just that I have received a lot more interest at other positions recently.”

Sparaco, who also holds an offer from Colorado State, has  been busy this summer camping in the past few weeks at Texas and Notre Dame.  The big quarterback will hold the reigns of one of the state’s top teams as he plays at Pomona this year.  Playing for the high profile Panthers and working behind a top offensive line anchored by Jake Moretti, Sparaco will get to highlight his impressive and versatile game which will lead to even more DI offers.

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