Colorado Quarterback Series

Colorado quarterback guru Tim Jenkins gives us a look at the game's most important position and some of its best signal callers.

One of the most important things in a quarterback’s drop is his depth away from center. Whether your target launch point (where you throw from) is 3 yards in quick game or 9 yards in a seven step drop the depth away from center is of the utmost importance.

A very easy way to steal yards is in your stance under center, and in your first step. A quarterback’s stance should be staggered, meaning left foot back for a right handed quarterback, and arms should be nearly locked out in reaching for the center. This alone can help steal an extra yard or yard and a half for any quarterback at any level.

Next is the importance of an explosive first step, almost jumping away from under center. A right handed QB should turn and push off of his left foot exploding away on his 1st step to help achieve maximum depth whether he is finishing with a 3 step, rhythm 5, burn it up 5, or true 7 step drop. 

A very quick and easy way to work on an explosive 1st step is: put a band around the ankles of the quarterback and have him turn and push helping build up his muscles needed to explode away from center. The second way to improve first step is to continually stretch the groin and hips to make sure we have maximum flexibility in our drop.


Recruiting Tip of the Week: Pick up the Phone

A question I receive often is how to help my son get recruited at the hardest position in sports. The number one thing I tell parents is to have the QB pick up the phone.

It all comes down to helping get your sons tape in front of actual decision makers at the college level. While that graduate assistant he has talked to at camp may in fact be a great guy, he is not the one who is offering the scholarships. You need to make sure your son’s tape gets in front of the coach who is the decision maker for quarterback scholarships. Often times the offensive coordinator and head coach are the guys making the call on QB’s.

Send in your highlight and athletic resume, and follow up the emails with phone calls to insure the coaches got the information. It may feel uncomfortable at first but in a world where there are 1,000 plus other guys who want the scholarship, having the quarterback pick up the phone and call may help him land the scholarship.


Colorado Quarterback Spotlight: Mitch Martin Strasburg

Mitch Martin from the Class of 2016 is an elite level arm talent quarterback. Hailing from Strasburg high school in small 2A football he is by no means a house hold name in Colorado but he is absolutely a recognized name in recruiting circles.

Mitch has already verbally committed to the University of Sioux Falls and should expect the recruiting to heat up as the season kicks off. When you watch his junior tape you see a talented passer with room to improve. The strengths of Mitchell lie within his arm talent as a passer with the ability to drive the ball into deep sideline windows with plenty of back end velocity. He is a quick decision maker who gets the ball out of his hand and to his playmakers as soon as possible. He needs to improve his ability to redirect off his back foot and be clean in the pocket. Once he does that he should not only have great high school success this season but tremendous college success for years to come.


Next Week

Do not miss out next week as we will talk about how to build an athletic resume and how to actually grip the football the way it was meant to be used. Also in our Colorado Quarterback spotlight next week we will breakdown Evergreen High Schools Dylan Reifeis.


About the Author: Tim Jenkins runs Jenkins QB training in Highlands Ranch Colorado. He trains nearly 100 quarterbacks spanning from the south metro area all the way to the surrounding states of Nebraska, Kansas, and other areas of the Midwest. Tim played quarterback for ThunderRidge High School then Fort Lewis College in the RMAC. After his college playing days Tim was with the St. Louis Rams of the NFL as well as the Calgary Stampeders of the CFL. Tim now resides in Lone Tree Colorado with his wife Emily Jenkins.

Twitter: @TimJenkinsQB


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