Colorado Quarterback Series

QB guru Tim Jenkins gives us an insider look at quarterback play and one of Colorado's best signal callers.

Quarterback Tip of the Week: Grip

The topic of proper grip for a quarterback is rarely one that will lead people to sit up in their chairs the same way you do at the end of a batman movie. However for a quarterback looking to increase his spiral consistency and add back end velocity to his ball it is just as important as to whether or not batman saves the day.

There are only two things I coach my quarterbacks to do when gripping the football and rarely are either done when the athlete first arrives. The most important thing is how they place their ring finger on the ball. We want the knuckle closest to your fingernail wrapped securely around the football. This will create a faint popping sound when you release which will increase both spiral and velocity. The second aspect of gripping the football properly is to have that ring finger on the second eyelid of the laces. If uncomfortable you can move it up or down based on the quarterbacks hand size. 

Recruiting Tip of the Week: Athletic Resume

Building an athletic resume is the first and most important step in gaining recruiting attention. This is what you will attach to all emails sent to college coaches. It should serve as both a cover letter and a snapshot of your athletic career.

Start with a simple introduction, who you are why you want to play for that school etc. Then list all your important contact information. Be sure to include your name, graduating class, position, jersey number, cell phone, address, coaches contact information, as well as all social media accounts.

Once you get that out of the way make sure to clearly label where they can find your highlights or full game film. Then list a year by year breakdown of your varsity experience. Be sure to include stats, win loss record, any all-conference, all state, or all American awards. You can also mention any work with private coaches; any camps attended, or attach a letter of recommendation from a coach at this point.

Always be sure to take your time to target schools and personalize the package for them. The same way you don’t want them to just add you to a list and mass recruit you and 750 other quarterbacks with the same letter, the colleges don’t want you to mass market to them with the same exact letter.

Colorado Quarterback Spotlight: Dylan Reifeis

Dylan Refies is another strong armed class of 2016 quarterback in Colorado playing below the big school level. He plays for Evergreen High School a class 3A school. Dylan is one of the most physically gifted passers in the class of 2016, his understanding of the game of football is one of the best that I have seen or worked with from this class. His drops are clean and fundamentally his delivery is great.

Some areas he could afford to clean up would be his size. His frame will allow him to add at least another 25-35 pounds when he gets to college. He has a different ball carriage than people are used to but different is not always bad, you can ask Philip Rivers and his new 84 million dollar extension if it is ok to have a different ball carriage at the quarterback position.

Dylan already holds an offer from Nebraska Kearney and can expect even more attention if he puts together a senior season better than his junior year.

About the Author: Tim Jenkins runs Jenkins QB training in Highlands Ranch Colorado. He trains nearly 100 quarterbacks spanning from the south metro area all the way to the surrounding states of Nebraska, Kansas, and other Midwest areas. He played Quarterback for ThunderRidge High School then went to Fort Lewis College in the RMAC. After his college playing days Tim was with the St. Louis Rams of the NFL as well as the Calgary Stampeders of the CFL. He now resides in Lone Tree Colorado with his wife Emily Jenkins.

Twitter: @TimJenkinsQB



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