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QB coach Tim Jenkins gives us great tips and breaks down Mead quarterback Riley Glynn

Quarterback Tip of the Week: Gun Clock vs. Under Center Clock

One of the most glazed over topics in quarterback meeting rooms across the country is the importance of understanding the difference between the gun clock and the under center clock. When I say clock I mean the quarterbacks drop. There are distinct differences between how quarterbacks feet should be in the gun and under center. A good rule of thumb is always subtract two steps when in the shotgun. So if it is normally a 5 step drop under center when in the shotgun it will be a 3 step drop. So on and so forth, the table below details the gun clock and under center clock for almost every drop as well as the most popular routes to throw off of those drops.

Under Center Drop

Gun Drop

3 Popular Routes

3 Step

Catch Flip (1 Step)

Slant, Out, & Hitch

5 Step

3 Step

In, Corner, & Post

7 Step

5 Step

Dig, Comeback, & Mesh


Recruiting Tip of the Week: Highlight Tape

Making your highlight tape as a quarterback or any other position is a vital step in the recruiting process. After making your athletic resume you should then construct your highlight tape with whatever film you have. While varsity is of course the preference if you are a freshman playing on JV there is no shame in putting together a nice clip to send along with your resume to coaches.

A time sensitive tape is the key to recruiting. Coaches do not and will not sit around and watch an 11 minute highlight tape of you throwing passes and watching the receivers run and get tackled from both the wide and the tight angle. Keep it short I always prefer between 2-4 minutes. My reasoning for this is all we want to do is get the coaches hooked, give them a taste of what you can do, entice them to watch the full game film. Anyone in the recruiting world knows that no one will offer a quarterback without watching full game tape so all we want to accomplish through the highlight tape is to get them to want to ask you for full game film and evaluate you.  

Here are a couple of tricks for cutting the tape down.

1.      Cut out the pre-snap shenanigans, I know as a quarterback we are all proud of the checks we made and false calls we did but college coaches don’t have time to watch you Peyton Manning up and down the line of scrimmage.

2.      Cut away after the completion, don’t show your receiver run 60 yards downfield after making a wide open catch, we know he scored.

3.      Lastly only show one angle for the clip, I don’t need to see the wide and the tight version of your 3 plant taking a hitch against soft coverage, I got it the first time.

By utilizing those 3 tips you will see your tape go from 10 min to under 4 min.

Colorado Quarterback Spotlight: Riley Glynn

Riley Glynn from Mead high school is a name all Colorado High School football fans will be familiar with by the end of the season. Riley is a junior and recently named starter at Mead high school. He has tremendous pocket presence and delivery from the pocket for such a young passer. His football IQ is through the roof and will continue to grow as he gets more and more reps. He can stand to improve his game is his build. He needs to add some serious weight this off season which will come from time spent in the weight room. If he can do that he can expect to have plenty of offers rolling in this offseason.

Next Week

Do not miss out next week as we will talk about how to pick what summer camps you should attend and why your front toe is the most important aspect of accuracy. Also next week we will profile one of the most talked about Colorado QB’s in Dylan McCaffrey of Valor Christian.

 Tim Jenkins

About the Author: Tim Jenkins runs Jenkins QB training in Highlands Ranch Colorado. He trains nearly 100 quarterbacks spanning from the south metro area all the way to the surrounding states of Nebraska, Kansas, and other Midwest areas. He played Quarterback for ThunderRidge High School then went to Fort Lewis College in the RMAC. After his college playing days Tim was with the St. Louis Rams of the NFL as well as the Calgary Stampeders of the CFL. He now resides in Lone Tree Colorado with his wife Emily Jenkins.

Twitter: @TimJenkinsQB


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