Breaking down Valor Christian QB Dylan McCaffrey

PrepColorado QB guru Tim Jenkins takes a look at one of Colorado's best signal callers.

Quarterback Tip of the Week: Front Toe

Accuracy is arguably the most sought after trait in a quarterback. While arm strength is always nice you have to complete the ball to win, it’s been especially proven by Peyton Manning this year. Even with his arm strength decreasing his accuracy is at an all-time high and he is still performing better than most in the league. The quarterback’s front toe can help improve accuracy almost overnight. We call it our GPS or Siri directions of playing quarterback at our training sessions. Wherever your front toe points the ball is going to go. If I’m a right handed passer my left toe needs to come down perfectly pointed at my target when I take my step. If you do a good job of putting your front toe at your target your accuracy will drastically improve.

Recruiting Tip of the Week: Camps, camps, and more camps

The first time I realized summer camps for high school football players were out of hand was when one of my first clients earned southwest rewards A-list status as a 17 year old player and walked away that summer with no offers. I had to re-evaluate my whole camp perspective and look at the process as a whole. First and foremost make sure you understand what you are getting from each camp. Make sure you are attacking your goals, if skill development is what you want a combine setting isn’t for you. If you are hoping to garner scholarship offers from a camp then don’t go to the Manning Passing Academy. Make sure you understand your own goals when selecting your camp. Also when it comes to colleges take a peek at the chart below of when to go and not go to a certain camp:

Go To Camp

Don’t Go / Proceed With Caution

Coach Visited Your HS

Coach Didn’t Visit Your HS

Dream School

I Wouldn’t Go To School There

Coach Frequently Contacts You

You Heard By Letter Only

They Have Looked At Your Tape

They Haven’t Looked or “Still Evaluating”

They Asked For Your Transcript

No Grade Check


Colorado Quarterback Spotlight: Dylan McCaffrey

When breaking down Dylan McCaffrey I took a look at their game against Pomona high school. Dylan is a big strong quarterback who has electric reset ability with his feet, meaning when he goes from one target to the next he wastes no time. He resets to number 2 better than most college quarterbacks. Dylan has a great smooth delivery. There were only a couple things left to be wanted when evaluating that game. First would be chaos management, when he moves around sometimes the ball gets away from his body. Lastly would be post snap recognition, there were a couple missed reads on zone read where there was an extra outside linebacker blitzing off the edge that he didn’t see, or a couple wide open hitch routes he had backside that he went elsewhere. After cleaning that up you see why he has garnered as many offers as he has. He is an excellent quarterback, recruit, and by all accounts I have heard a great kid! Best of luck to him and the Eagles the rest of the way.

Next Week

Do not miss out next week as we will talk about the difference between a hitch and a reset in the pocket. We will also breakdown Max Lush and Josh Goldin the 1-2 QB combo at Rock Canyon and address how to handle a recruiting visit or meeting with a college coach.



Tim Jenkins

About the Author: Tim Jenkins runs Jenkins QB training in Highlands Ranch Colorado. He trains nearly 100 quarterbacks spanning from the south metro area all the way to the surrounding states of Nebraska, Kansas, and other Midwest areas. He played Quarterback for ThunderRidge High School then went to Fort Lewis College in the RMAC. After his college playing days Tim was with the St. Louis Rams of the NFL as well as the Calgary Stampeders of the CFL. He now resides in Lone Tree Colorado with his wife Emily Jenkins.

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