Looking at quarterbacks across the state.

Tim Jenkins breaks down signal callers around the state.

Quarterback Tip of the Week: Hitch & Reset

 Last Monday night against the Kansas City Chiefs Aaron Rodgers put on an absolute clinic of why feet in the pocket are the most important aspect to quarterbacking in the national football league. For the average fan it looks like quarterbacks just stand and hop around in the pocket so they simulate that on Thanksgiving Day at their local Turkey Bowl. Little do they know there are two drastic differences between what they see and what NFL QBs actually do.

The difference between a hitch and a reset in its most basic form is that a hitch will help add power to our throw, similar to a crow hop in baseball, while a reset is an active way to go from one progression to the next. A hitch I am gaining ground and using it to drive a route like a deep comeback, post corner, stick it 8 post over the top, the list goes on. Whereas a reset I am simply flipping my base and going from one route to the next, like going from a slip slant to an outside slant or an inside stick to a slot out. If you want to improve your ability to drive an out I would suggest hitching at the end of your drop, vice versa if you want to improve your ability to go from one quick route to another add a reset.

Recruiting Tip of the Week: Meeting a Coach & Recruiting Visits

Southern hospitality is the phrase that comes to mind when describing how we should handle ourselves when meeting a college coach or going on a recruiting visit. Dress to impress, no don’t break out the gold suit but don’t rock sweats either, present yourself as a guy who can carry the university’s best interest at booster functions the second you walk on campus. Address everyone by sir and especially make sure to look coaches in the eye. When on your visit be friendly to everyone make sure to smile and of course be sure to utter the golden phrase, “I just want to find a place where I can compete and get an education.” Coaches want someone who isn’t going to keep them up worrying on a Friday night and they want someone who can talk to boosters, media, and fans. In summary, firm handshake, eye contact, and smile, because truthfully after signing day it’s all uphill from there to get to where you want to be.

Colorado Quarterback Spotlight: Rock Canyon HS Max Lush + Josh Goldin

Don’t look now but Brian Lamb and Rock Canyon High School are quickly putting an end to the old quote of “If you have 2 quarterbacks you don’t have 1”. In football running a 2 QB system is almost a curse word in some circles. Most think it is a recipe for disaster but Rock Canyon with 4 wins in 5 tries is making waves. The big reason for their success has been the play of both quarterbacks.

Looking at Max Lush he is a tall passer who has proven to be an adequate runner this season. Max has great footwork and is moves around in the pocket with ease. He has enough arm strength to make all the throws and is a proven leader. At times he is too quick to tuck the ball and run which has led to some sacks.

When evaluating Josh Goldin you notice an electric natural throwing motion with plenty of velocity. He does a good job accurately putting the ball into tight windows and getting it to his playmakers. He has escape ability as well as good throw on the run ability. Areas to improve would be his pre-snap recognition and being able to know where to go with the ball against what coverages.

Next Week

Do not miss out next week as we will talk about ways of shortening your release. We will also diagnose the record breaking Holy Family quarterback Chris Helbig and address why mass marketing to colleges is a bad idea.

Tim Jenkins

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