2016 Columbine defensive lineman Chris Reese holds San Diego offer.

Chris Reese Ready for Next Level

2016 Columbine defender Chris Reese pops on film!  The 6-5 240 pounder, is a tenacious, fundamentally sound defensive lineman who plays every down to the echo of the whistle, making each snap a crucible for opposing offensive linemen and ball carriers.  Beyond his productive, high motor play, Reese is front flexible with the ability to line up as a defensive tackle or defensive end in both an even and odd front. 

This year Reese was key for a 12-1 Columbine team that made it to the big school semifinals in the Colorado playoffs.  Looking at his game Reese cites his, “physicality, motor, and versatility.” As strengths.  Looking at areas for improvement Reese says, “The thing I need to improve before college is my speed, I've improved it a ton from junior to senior year and I'm going to need to improve it greatly again, so I can make an impact my freshman year.”

In addition to his great play, Reese is a very strong student holding a 4.56 weighted GPA and posting a 33 on the ACT. These grades and his play have garnered Reese offers from Davidson and the University of San Diego.  Also the grades and play have created significant Ivy interest with Yale, Princeton and Harvard all in contact.  Reese is also hearing from Wyoming, Drake and Colorado School of Mines.  Regarding potential new offers Reese says, “The time frame for the Ivy's and Wyoming is that if an offer comes it would be within the next two to three weeks.  Drake and Mines have hinted at an offer already but nothing official.”

Reese has a skill set to like for the next level.  At 6-5 240 pounds, Reese has the frame to add 40 even 50 pounds of good weight over the next few years in a college program.  This size will allow him to play on the inside and, as necessary, move to the edge.  Also a basketball player, Reese is athletic enough to play with his hand off the ground.  Coming up in the Columbine system, Reese is, of course, rugged enough for the next level. His grades show, obviously, he is smart enough and his production shows he is talented enough. 


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