2017 teammates Christian Cumber and Marcus McElroy of Mullen pick up offers from Wyoming.

Wyoming Offers Mullen Duo

The 2016 edition of the Mullen Mustangs looks to be one of the most exciting teams in the state of Colorado.  Filled with college prospects, the Mustangs could make a deep playoff run if things fall into place.  Two senior leaders for Mullen, defensive back Christian Cumber and running back Marcus McElroy have gained multiple offers this offseason and recently the teammates added to their list as the University of Wyoming made offers to the duo.

Cumber, who has had a busy week, also picked up an offer from the University of Montana, adding to his diverse list of offers that includes Northern Colorado, Colorado, Colorado State, Nevada and Purdue.

McElroy, one of Colorado’s most versatile backs, also had a busy week, picking up an offer from Purdue prior to the offer from Wyoming.  Like his teammate Cumber, McElroy has a very diverse offer sheet that includes Colorado, Colorado State and Kansas State beyond this week’s offers.

McElroy and Cumber, although they play on opposite sides of the ball, share similar traits in that they have well rounded games.  Cumber is equally adept against the run and against the pass.  McElroy is an every down back who can run between the tackles, hit the edge and catch the ball.  Both players are gaining ever increasing attention and McElroy reports he is hearing from Utah and Iowa State.  

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