Signing Update: Josh Kornmann

As one of the most consistent receivers in Colorado over the past three years and boasting strong academics, Josh Kornmann of Dakota Ridge was a perfect fit for an academy. Recently, Josh took some time to talk about joining the Army football program.

Once again, Dakota Ridge wide receiver Josh Kornmann turned in a strong season with thirty catches for over 500 yards.  Kornmann's play and 3.70 GPA drew the attention of the service academies and this past Wednesday Josh made the decision to sign with Army and play for new Army head coach Stan Brock.  Here is what Josh had to say about his commitment.


ColoradoInsider: Air Force was also looking at you as a player, what made Army stand out?

Josh Kornmann: Of the two, Army just seemed like the best fit.


ColoradoInsider: What do you bring to the Army program?

Josh Kornmann: Speed, athleticism, the ability to catch the ball and run and good fundamentals.


ColoradoInsider: How does it work at Army?  What are your requirements now?

Josh Kornmann: I report July 2nd to start six weeks of basic training there at the academy.  I have a five-year active duty commitment to the Army when I'm done. 


ColoradoInsider: What do you think you will study at Army?

Josh Kornmann: Aerospace or life science.  The life science degree would be the first part of becoming a doctor.


ColoradoInsider would like to thank Josh for his time, we especially appreciate his willingness to attend Army and eventually serve his country.