Arvada West Kicker Talks Commit

Arvada West kicker Justin Castor talks about his Big 12 North commit.

Earlier this week Arvada West kicker Justin Castor made the decision to take his strong leg to the Big 12 and play for Kansas.  Castor takes us inside his decision to play for the Jayhawks.

Why Kansas?

The primary reasons I chose to commit to KU are that they have an amazing football program, with amazing people and coaches. Their team is getting better and better every year and they have a very bright future. I also fell in love with Lawrence when I went out there for the camp in June. It's a great town, with a great atmosphere. Ultimately it's a place I can see myself living and playing for the next 5 years of my life.
What other offers did you have?

My only other offer was from the University of Wyoming. But I had other interest from CU and CSU for track (triple jumping).

What do you bring to the KU program? 
I feel as a student/athlete that I will bring many things to the KU program. I bring a high level of commitment as well as a high work ethic. I'm dedicated and I love what I do.

What area do you need to work on in preparation for college football?

I think that my biggest area of improvement to becoming a successful Big 12 kicker is maximizing my height when kicking field goals off of the ground. I have good height on my field goals but more height would greatly improve my field goals.
Talk about the KU coaching staff and the role they played in your recruitment.

The coaching staff at KU has been incredible in the recruiting process. They have been honest with me about everything from day one and are exceptional people. They have played a huge role in the process. I had the honor of talking with Coach Mangino on the phone today and it went really well. He's a great guy and was very personable. KU has an incredible staff and I can't wait to play for them in the future.
What do you think you will study at KU?

Right now I'm not completely sure what I would like to study. So far I have been thinking about business or finance, but I will probably go in undeclared.
Arvada West returns some top players, how does the team look for this upcoming season?

A-West is looking really good for next year. We have both a really strong offense and defense going this year. Our offense is led by QB Gavin Glanz (returning 1st team All Conference winner) who is throwing the ball really well this summer. We have a very strong group of receivers and backs this year. Many of our receivers coming back this year got a lot of experience from last year such as Alex Turner and Chris Boachie. Our line is young but extremely powerful. Our defense is led by David Thurston, Walter Peterson, and Jordan Marquez. Our defense is fast and flys around unlike any other group I have seen in the state. Overall we have a very strong junior and senior class who are a very tight nit group. Bottom line: Teams better watch out.