Last Call: Justin Castor

With his recruitment wide open, Arvada West kicker Justin Castor is one of Colorado's best yet to decide.

With less than a month left until signing day, some of the best football talent in Colorado remains unsigned. In the series Last Call, PrepColorado will highlight some of the prospects from the class of 2009 that could be a fit for the right program.

Following what has become a trend this year in Colorado recruiting, Arvada West kicker Justin Castor recently decomitted from the University of Kansas and plans visits to the University of Colorado and Arizona State the next two weeks. Castor was a triple threat for his 11-2 Wildcat squad that made the 5A semifinals. As a kicker Castor hit 13 field goals this season to go with 45 PATS. As a punter, Castor averaged a very strong 43 yards per punt. Finally, breaking the stereotype of the non football player kicker, Castor hauled in 30 catches for seven touchdowns averaging over 20 yards a catch as he became one of the top receivers in his league.

Regarding reopening his recruitment Castor stated, "Once the coaching switch at Kansas occurred I started gaining more interest from other programs. CU has always been a school of interest as well as ASU. With such an early commitment last July I felt that I needed to open my commitment back up and weigh my options to see which of the schools best fit me."

Castor when talking about what he brings to a program as a college player states, "I feel that I bring an intense work ethic and attitude to get better to either school. My goals going into college aren't just to make myself better personally but to do everything I can to make my program better as a whole. A positive attitude and being coachable are also other areas I feel will be able to contribute immensely to either program."

Steady and committed, Castor will make a good addition to the program he chooses in the next few weeks.