Mustang Run

A full complement of Mullen Mustangs, including Rayshon Williams, was too much for the Chaparral Wolverines in Friday night's highly anticipated season opener.

Long live the kings for sure!! A packed to capacity crowd filled Stadium Friday night with the hopes of watching the best game of the year. With the Chaparral Wolverines having the top Offensive Lineman in the state Brendon Austin to crew the big men protecting the quarterback and over a dozen seasoned returnees, on paper, the Wolverines looked to be a team holding a chance to take down Mullen, Colorado 5A's back to back champs. Well, we all know how paper holds up in a tornado of hurricane blitzes and lightning bolt energy. The Mullen Mustangs started the 2010 season right where they left off last December… Perfect.

Okay almost perfect if you erase the first three plays of the game which saw Mullen QB Cyler Miles throw his only pick of the game 10 yards out from the goal line. On Chaparral's first play of the game, season starter Christian Gann executed a flawless touch pass that landed right over the shoulder of WR Jordan Serena for a touchdown. A touchdown that would have set them both up at the top of the state's leading stats batting .1000 in every category if it wasn't for the 10 yard holding call that brought the play back and basically squashed any dream that the Wolverines had of winning this game. The Mustangs used the free gift to force a field goal that was missed wide right and you could literally see the confidence and fire drain out of the players and the shoulder to shoulder packed Wolverine fans.

With the reprieve Mullen went to work on their second possession and set the tone for the remainder of the game by dropping the ball into WR Rayshon Williams for his first of two official touchdowns of the night; his would have been hat trick was washed out by a 15 yard chop block penalty. Williams has incredible hands, catching every ball thrown at him tonight. His breakaway speed after the catch is top-notch and his awareness by the sidelines is truly advanced; giving false impression to defenders that he is out of a position to make an inbounds catch. Williams got help all night from his Quarterback Cyler Miles who went 17-20 229 yards, 2 TDs to the aforementioned game MVP Williams, and one TD on the ground that he ran in through a hole you could park a Gulfstream Four in. Miles throws a rope. His height along with his high over the shoulder delivery allows Miles to zip bullets over the heads of linemen and into the breadbaskets of full-speed route running receivers. Also, throw in a full dose of power back Adonis Ameen-Moore's night of 123 yards on 14 attempts highlighted by one show stopping side stepping TD. Add in the constant explosion of blitzes from linebackers Brady Daigh and Connor Healy, this is really a team that cannot be beaten. Mullen had their 2's in before the 9:00 minute mark in the 4th quarter and strolled through their road opener 35-0.

From their chilling war cry pregame huddle ceremony to the way they ran every loop route crisp on point and to perfection, it was all business. The Mustangs look like they are ready to take on the winner of the Rocky Mountain Showdown tomorrow and you know what, I think they would give the Rams a dang good fight. Mullen takes their hardware and target back home next Friday night to face long time nemesis Grandview. Chaparral looks to quickly move on and recapture their powerhouse role as they travel next weekend to face Thomas Jefferson.