Prospect Report: G Jenkins vs. Auburndale

Auburndale traveled to Lakeland to face George Jenkins in a QB Throwdown Showdown between junior Jadrian Clark and senior Collin O'Neal. George Jenkins would run away with the game 35-7 before it was postponed at the half due to heavy lightning. The final score of the game after resuming Saturday morning was 55-15.


Collin O'Neal 2011

O'Neal is the senior QB and leader of the Bloodhounds and is one of the top QBs in Polk County. After struggling last week in a loss to Ridge Community where he threw 2 INTs, O'Neal would struggle again to have any success through the air. It was a rough night for O'Neal on punting duty as he had several near blocks and one catastrophic blocked punt that happened in the end zone and was recovered by George Jenkins for a TD. Overall, Collin O'Neal, who stands at about 6'1", has good arm strength and can make a variety of throws. He possesses great mobility and displayed that, eluding defenders to buy time and make plays, but the plays were just not there Auburndale. He has a bit of a side arm delivery, but overall his accuracy is good. O'Neal would make an attractive option and quality player at a lower D1 school where he can develop more as a complete passer and use his mobility as an advantage.

Devante London 2012

London is an impressive running back and the highlight of the evening for Auburndale. Measuring in at 5'8" and about 180lbs, the junior running back possesses enough speed to break some long runs, but it is his power that makes him a dangerous running threat. He is on the shorter side, but he makes up for that by being difficult to tackle. He is tough to bring down and fights off defenders well for extra yards. London is surprisingly agile too and able to make cuts and maintain balance after being hit.

George Jenkins

Jadrian Clark 2012

The rising junior talent, who sat last year behind Billy Muscatello, is making a name for himself with impressive performances. Clark has the necessary height to succeed at the next level measuring in at about 6'2", but is still pretty lean at only about 210lbs. That is nothing to worry about as he can easily support an additional 20lbs of good weight and any college program will be able to add that. Clark has a great arm which enables him to make just about any throw. He would benefit by using his arm strength more effectively on short to intermediate routes to get the ball in faster and cleaner instead of floating them as much. What is most impressive however is his ability to execute the touch pass. As a result, he is great at throwing deep and throwing fades. Accuracy is one of the only areas of concern as Clark continues to grow and focus in on his targets. Clark has a tendency to overthrow his target or deliver the ball too high, but he gets better as the game goes along. As a first year starter, Clark's mechanics are very impressive. He has good form and is smooth through his drop back, holding the ball tight to himself at about shoulder level. His throwing motion is also excellent and he does not possess any weird type of delivery. All of this results in nice, tight spirals almost every time, even under pressure.

Jaucady Rutledge 2011

Rutledge, who measures in at about 6'0" and 180lbs, is a senior WR for the George Jenkins Eagles and their top target for QB Jadrian Clark. He is a tremendous playmaker with good speed, making him their prime deep threat, but where he excels is in his abilities after the catch. He has quick feet and can make quick cuts, often stopping on a dime and changing direction. He excels at making defenders miss and turning short, 5 yard passes into gains of 15 yards or more. While he does have pretty good hands, there were a couple occasions on the night where he jumped unnecessarily when making the catch and used his body to make the catch instead of his hands. That will be an area to improve on as well as being more aggressive on fades instead of relying on it to drop into his hands and also going up and fighting for jump balls. He is not a guy that you will count on to burn a defender deep all the time, but he does have the speed to separate and get down field. Combine that with a good, quick first step and his after the catch abilities and he can take catches to the house.

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