Prospect Report: Kathleen vs. Bartow

It was a sloppy, penalty filled, field position war between Kathleen and Bartow. The big 4A-8 match up featured two very good defenses, but really was disrupted by massive amounts of penalties. Kathleen would take advantage of a huge penalty on a Bartow punt in the fourth quarter to give them great field position.

From there, the Kathleen offense was able to execute just enough to drive into field goal range where Omar Carvajal kicked a 32 yard field goal and Kathleen won 10-7.


2011 S/LB Terrick Colston

Colston was all over the field on defense. He is fast and has very good instincts which allow him to play both safety and linebacker very well. At 6'0" 185lbs, he is tall enough to play safety, but will need to add some weight to play linebacker at the next level. He had a number of tackles on the night including some very good open field tackles. His ability to fly to the ball and stop the run is impressive.

2011 LB Gionni Paul

Paul is having another strong year. He continues to show his speed and range on the field. At 6'0" 220 he is built well to play linebacker. Paul is the type of player that can do it all. He can cover sideline to sideline, play the run, or even blitz to put pressure on the quarterback. He was instrumental in trying to corrall Rod Smith and the Bartow running game as much as possible.

2011 QB Isaac O'Neal

It was not O'Neal's best night. He struggled to make things happen in the passing game, but he often was running for his life due to protection break downs. At 6'0" 175lbs, O'Neal is a great runner as he is fast, but he does not have polished mechanics or an elite type arm. He does show good ability to throw with touch and is often pretty accurate. Against pressure and good defensive backs, running is his where he excels.

2011 DE/LB Otis Buford

Buford still seems like he would be a perfect linebacker, but continues to help out and provide a pass rush off the end as a defensive end for Kathleen. At 6'2" 190lbs he is even built as a linebacker and has the speed to play that position too. He is great at beating opposing offensive lines around the end with his speed and quick first step, but does not have the size to really match up effectively. Buford is also a big hitter as he laid a few crushing hits on Bartow running backs.

2011 WR Jacques Mackeroy

Mackeroy, a 6'0"200lb UCF commit, did his best to shine on a night where passing was not successful. O'Neal was scrambling from pressure all night, but still managed to connect with Mackeroy a few times. He continues to use his big body well and several times he beat his man deep, but O'Neal was not able to connect with him. He is a quick player with enough speed to still be a deep threat. Against some decent coverage by Bartow he played very physical, going up and fighting for every ball thrown his way.

2012 RB Terry Bentley

Bentley had a great night. The 5'10" 180lb running back showed very good speed, running with a blend of speed and some power. He really sees the holes well, hitting them hard and making the most out of every carry. Running behind a lead blocker on the night he was dangerous, but Kathleen did not utilize that option enough. Bentley had two touchdowns on the night, unfortunately the 50yd one was called back due to a penalty. He still finished with 119 yards rushing.

2012 TE Kerwin Harrison

Harrison played both ways, but really showed some flashes at tight end. He has good hands and is pretty athletic. He also blocks pretty well. At about 6'3" 210lbs, he appears to have the height and frame for more weight, which is a must in order to play tight end at the next level. He is certainly a junior player to keep an eye on.


2011 RB Rod Smith

The 5'8" 180lb Smith continues to impress as he is the main weapon for the Bartow offense. He is a great balance of speed and power, which makes him a tough, but quick runner to bring down. Smith showed good hands too out of the backfield. Size is the biggest issue for him, but he has enough talents to make up for it. He finished strong with a 108 yard rushing night against a very talented Kathleen defense.

2011 LB/DL Daniel Jackson

Jackson was the highlight of the Bartow defense. He rotated between playing up as a linebacker and putting his hand down as a defensive lineman. The pressure he put on O'Neal coming off the right side of the defensive line was instrumental in limiting the Kathleen passing attack and the array of receivers they put on the field. He had a big sack in the first quarter and several other big hits on Bentley. At 6'2" 220lbs he is the perfect size to play linebacker at the next level.

2012 WR/DB Jeremy Manning

Manning is a lanky receiver and defensive back, measuring in at 6'1" 175lbs. He is fast and covered well on the night while often being assigned to cover Mackeroy. He had a big interception in the second quarter to end a Kathleen drive and keep the score 7-0 going into the half.

2013 ATH Jordan White

White is a fast and versatile player for Bartow. He played mostly at receiver on the night and was a popular target for quarterback Buddy Putnam. Coincidentally, the highlight of the evening for the Bartow offense came on a tremendous 69 yard catch and run by White. After catching the ball, White broke at least two tackles and was able to juke two more Kathleen players before throwing a final defensive back off his back, turn on the speed, and race for a touchdown. At 5'9" 160lbs he is small, but makes up for it with speed and quick cutting ability. White will be a player to watch develop over the next two years.

***Others to watch***

2014 OL/DL Raymond Morgan

Morgan played off and on throughout the night on both sides of the ball. He showed flashes as an offensive linemen and will be a player to watch. He will need to put on some weight, but at this stage he showed some good athleticism and footwork. Morgan is a decent run blocker, but is raw in pass protection at this time.

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