Prospect Report: Plantation vs. Lakeland

It was a one sided contest Friday night between Plantation and Lakeland. The Plantation Colonels just had no answer for the offensive firepower of the Dreadnaughts, and that was without playmaker Javares McRoy. In all fairness, the Plantation defense was also without some of their playmakers as both Jeremy Cash and Ryan Shazier did not play.


2011 RB Steward Butler

With Javares McRoy sitting out, Butler was Lakeland's focal point on offense. They turned the speedster loose, as he racked up 150 yards in the first half before taking the second half off. Butler is a phenomenal talent and a yardage machine. He has elite speed, but is not over big at just about 170lbs. He doesn't have to worry about power as he can flat out run by anyone or use his quick cuts and agility to make them miss.

2011 WR Theodore Wright

It is no surprise that teams are making sure they have McRoy accounted for at all times, but it is their mistake because they don't seem to be able to account for Wright who is busting on the scene with some great play this season. The 6'0" 165lb wide receiver is one of the best in the county, averaging 25 yards per catch and has 300 yards or more in four games. He had a good night against Plantation, hauling in several impressive catches, one of them a 25 yard touchdown catch. While he is pretty thin, Wright is fast and possesses good hands which he uses instead of making body catches. At this pace he could make a name for himself this season and pull in a Division 1A offer or two.

2011 DB D.J. Barnes

Barnes, a transfer to Lakeland, is doing a great job bringing some physicality to the Lakeland defense, which is strange as he is transitioning from playing quarterback to defensive back. He plays like a hybrid between a linebacker and a corner, excelling in run support. Barnes tackles well and can really bring the wood sometimes. In pass protection he does a good job jamming receivers, but is not a top cover corner. At 5'10" 180lbs he has good size to play at the next level, but will need to continue to develop in coverage.

2011 DB Kareem Givens

The 5'9" 170lb Givens has developed into a pretty good cover corner for the Dreadnaughts. He has the speed to play corner, but needs to improve his hips and break out of his backpedal. He has a knack for the ball and does a good job jumping routes to either breakup the pass or come away with an interception.

2011 DE/LB Tedward Hamilton

I am still convinced that with his speed and at 6'0" 220lbs, Hamilton will need to switch to linebacker at the next level if he wants to play. He is fast off the end and strong, but he just does not have the size to continue at defensive end. Against Plantation, Hamilton was in the backfield constantly, disrupting plays. On special teams, Hamilton came through big by blocking a punt in the end zone in a most unusual way. He did not just block it; he was in so fast he actually caught it right off the punter's foot for a Lakeland touchdown. Hamilton is fast, physical, and smart; three things you want to see in a linebacker.

2011 OG Devin Goodman

The 6'2" 270lb older brother on the offensive line recently committed to Arizona State. Devin is a tremendous run blocker and plays next to his brother on the line. Watching them play is reminiscent of watching the Pouncey brothers play, although the Goodmans are a year apart. He is not overly big, but he has enough height to where he will make a good guard at the next level. He has good footwork, but where he excels is that he is a smart player. He reads defensive alignments well and can make the proper adjustments to help call protection shifts. Maybe there is a future for him at center.

2012 OT Evan Goodman

Evan is the younger, but bigger of the two brothers. At 6'4" 270lbs, he is on his way to being a top notch offensive tackle. He has great footwork and executes one of the better kick slides I have seen in offensive linemen this year. He maintains balance and establishes a good base with his feet to block from, but needs to work on keeping his hands up. Like his brother, he is also a tremendous run blocker. It is really unfair to opposing defenses to have to face his brother and him together, which Plantation learned Friday night. Evan plows through players and moves right on to the next player, clearing the way for Butler to pick up huge gains. Look for Evan to be one of the top offensive linemen in Florida next year if not the top.

2013 LB T.J. Simmons

Watching Simmons play, I am excited for the future of this prospect. Against Plantation he was all over the field. At 6'0" 220lbs he has the size already that you would like to see in an outside linebacker and has good speed too. His good lateral speed allows him to cover and move well side to side and he does a good job flying to the ball. He was very disruptive against Plantation, getting into the backfield and making open field tackles. To make an early comparison, he plays a little like top Polk County linebacker Gionni Paul, but from the inside position. As he matures over his junior and senior years, he will develop more confidence and decision making. Look for Simmons to be a top linebacker prospect by his senior year.

**Others to watch**

2012 WR Ricquan Southward

The 5'11" 160lb receiver played well in mop up duty, showing off his speed. He had several catches and made several defenders miss. It will be hard for him to get noticed in a run heavy offense like Lakeland runs, but if he continues to develop his route running, he could be the go to receiver next year with McRoy and Wright graduating.

2012 DT Hayward Summerall

Super big prospect, but he does not play a lot. The 6'3" 350lb transfer gives the Dreadnaughts size on the defensive line, but he rotates out a lot. When he is in, he is tough to block, using his size and strength very well. At this point he is mostly a bull rush tackle and will need to condition his self to be an every down linemen in the future.


2011 QB Imonni Carswell

It was not a great night for the talented athlete. Carswell is an athletic quarterback who measures in at 6'2" 180lbs. He is a great runner and has a pretty good arm. He throws a nice ball, but will need to improve accuracy and delivery to become a more efficient passer. His decision making is good, but he is too quick to go to his feet sometimes instead of letting the play develop. Both he and the Plantation offense struggled to get anything going verse the first string defense of Lakeland.

2011 LB Jerome Howard

The 6'1" 200lb Howard, who is committed to Western Kentucky, was one of the highlights of the night. Playing without Ryan Shazier, Howard stepped up and tried to lead the defense. Howard is a smart player and a leader. He made the defensive play calls for Plantation on the field. Howard really excels at shifting with the ball and sifting through blockers to find the ball carrier and bring him down. He has good size and speed to go with his smarts and leadership abilities.

2011 RB/DB Terrence Mitchell

I was hoping to watch either Mitchell or Cash match up against Javares McRoy throughout the night, but McRoy did not play. Mitchell played well both ways, but was most effective at running back. He was one of two pretty successful players for the Plantation offense. At 5'10" 180lbs, Mitchell has the speed to break long runs, but also runs with a decent amount of power, making him able to break tackles. He keeps his legs churning through contact and showed off his hands, catching passes out of the backfield and on screens.

2011 OL Daniel Stewart

Stewart is a big, physical offensive linemen who measures in at 6'3" 285. He played tackle and guard some on the evening, trading places with Barrett. Stewart has decent footwork and excels at run blocking using his size and strength well. He held up well against the smaller athletic defensive linemen of Lakeland and in his occasional match-ups with Summerall. He is good in pass protection to, but with his size, the 5'10" Gandy for Lakeland was not much of a challenger.

2011 OL Lebert Barrett

Barrett, who is 6'3" 255lbs, is also a big, physical offensive lineman. He rotated to tackle a few times on the night, mainly to allow Stewart to match up against Summerall when he entered the game. Barrett excels at run blocking and plays well as a guard, which seems like it will be his fit at the next level. His pass protection skills are good too. He gets his hands up quick from the snap and establishes a good base to block from with pretty good footwork.

2013 WR Solomon Loud

Loud was the other successful player for the Plantation offense. The 6'1" 175lb receiver has the height you want, but needs to add some weight to his slender frame. At this stage he already shows good hands and is not afraid to fight for the ball or make catches where he will get hit hard after. Several times throughout the night Loud took a beating after making a catch, but always held on. He is tough for only 175lbs. Add that to his deep threat type speed and it was easy to see why he was the go to receiver on the night.

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