Prospect Report: Winter Haven vs. Lake Wales

It was absolute bedlam when the final whistle blew Friday night at Legion Field. The Winter Haven Blue Devils had pulled off an upset that no one predicted by playing a game that no one had seen them play yet. Fierce defense and the right amount of plays brought the potent Lake Wales offense to a halt, and Winter Haven danced off the field with a 14-7 victory, most likely as 3A-9 champions.

Winter Haven

2011 ATH Mike Easton

The UCF commit played like a star on Friday night. The 6'0" 180lb Easton was instrumental in shutting down the passing attack of Lake Wales. Easton has the speed to cover the field well as a safety and to match up well as a cornerback. He has a nose for the ball and great instincts that enable him to jump routes. On the offensive side, Easton is a great outside running threat. He shows why speed in space is lethal.

2011 WR/DB Donald Celiscar

The 6'1" Celiscar was probably the most impressive player for Winter Haven. His contributions on both sides of the ball were a big reason why Winter Haven won. As a wide receiver, he is fast and catches well in traffic. He does still use his body to catch the deep ball which he will need to eliminate. On the defensive side, Celiscar showed his elite speed from the safety spot. He flies all over the field and delivers punishing hits. He has great tackling fundamentals, wrapping up well on open field tackles. In the 4th quarter, with Winter Haven tied 7-7, Celiscar intercepted a pass and took it 30 yards to the Lake Wales 3 yard line, setting up the go ahead touchdown.

2011 WR Chris McGriff

The 6'1" 180lb speedy receiver for Winter Haven is a quality receiver. He has good height and possesses the speed to make him a quality deep threat. McGriff only had a few options to showcase his abilities in game that was a defensive struggle, but he showed good hands and route running. McGriff is under the radar right now and could make a good receiver at the next level.

2011 ILB Johnathan Harris

Harris, at 6'0" 205lbs is a pretty complete inside linebacker. He is a little on the short side to play inside, but you can see he has great fundamentals. He has good speed and is a physical, sound tackler who can fight through blocks to find the ball carrier. Harris also is a smart player, reading the play well and not getting sucked into the play action.

2012 OLB Odain Harvey

Odain Harvey is about 6'2" and 190 to 200lbs. He is the prime blitzing linebacker for the Winter Haven defense. Coming off the edge, he has the speed to quickly get into the backfield to disrupt the run and pressure the quarterback. Harvey has good form in his tackles. He is a player to watch develop his coverage skills and become a more complete linebacker. He and the rest of the Winter Haven front seven shut down the running of Shafer and Redding for Lake Wales.

2013 RB Adam Lane

Is there any doubt that by the time Lane is a senior, he will be the most dominant running back in the state? Well, there should not be. Lane is pegged with the usual negative of being too short, but when you put the ball in his hands, you quickly forget about that. He is tremendous blend of speed and power. Lane has quick feet that churn through contact making the 5'8" 190lb runner very tough to bring down. He has great vision. hits the hole hard, and has cutback ability to get his self into space where he can take it the distance. Lane accounted one of the Blue Devils's touchdowns and helped keep some important drives alive.

**Other Player to Watch**

2013 QB Luke Borders

Luke Borders was thrown into an unexpected situation. The younger brother of Winter Haven's first starting quarterback, Levi Borders, was thrust into action in the second game of the season when Levi went out with an injury. Luke stepped in and on Friday night showed great poise for a young sophomore. The 6'1" quarterback already shows nice mechanics and a good delivery. He has great arm strength, but will need to learn how to incorporate touch into his passes as not everything can be a bullet pass. Even though he has some mobility, Luke is a much better passer from the pocket than on the run.

Lake Wales

2011 QB Justin Shafer

Shafer struggled on the night as Winter Haven dialed up enough pressure to get him out of his comfort zone and then relied on excellent coverage from Celiscar and Easton. He missed a lot of open receivers as he tried to force throws and use his powerful arm to beat opposing coverage. Shafer is a tremendous mobile quarterback all the same. His arm is one of the strongest in Central Florida and he is usually accurate except when he throws off his back foot when he feels any pressure.

2011 WR Colton Davis

Davis is a great athlete. He has great hands and showed it as the go to receiver for Justin Shafer, hauling in four catches for about 50 yards. Davis has good height at 6'2" 180lbs. Even though he is a slender receiver, he is able to make tough catches in traffic and fights for the ball at its highest point. Davis is also a good route runner. He is fast, but is probably somewhere between a possession receiver and a deep threat. He can go deep, but against elite speed corners he will not burn them often.

2011 WR/CB Javess Blue

Blue, who is an explosive athlete, missed much of the game after suffering an ankle injury. At 5'11" 185lbs he has the size to play either cornerback or receiver, but is being looked at more as a receiver. He has deep threat speed and runs routes well. He does well against jams by opposing defenders. On the defensive side of the ball he plays with physicality in coverage. Blue has good hips and footwork in his back pedal. He has several offers from Big East and Big 12 schools, but I still think he is a little underrated.

2011 WR Oshey Washington

The 6'4" 180lb lanky receiver for the Highlanders is a deceptively fast WR. When you watch him, you know he is fast, but due to his size and long stride, it is still difficult to tell. He seems to be getting better at using his hands from when I saw him last verse Lake Gibson. He still needs to grow into his body, but the there is a lot of potential for a specimen like Washington.

2011 OG/OT Josh Hopkins

After seeing Hopkins play again, I can see some improvements in his play. He is doing a better job at not playing too high in pass protection and he is maintaining better balance. At 6'4" and easily 325lbs or more, he could play tackle or guard, but will need to continue to work on foot speed and pad level in protection. There is no doubt that he is a powerful run blocker. Hopkins got better throughout the season, but I still think shedding some weight will help increase his foot speed.2012 OG/DT Marvin Wright

Wright played very well on both sides of the ball. He blocked well on the run and did ok in pass protection for Shafer who struggled to hit his targets. On defense, he was tough to block for the smaller Winter Haven offensive line. Wright is somewhere between 6'1" and 6'2" and weighs 280lbs. His height may make him better suited to play defensive tackle and it would work with his strong lower body. He has a powerful bull rush to push linemen into the backfield and disrupt plays and is showing better use of some moves to shed blocks and get at the ball carrier.

2012 LB Ladaran Wilson

Wilson measures in at 6'0" 170lbs. Although he is pretty light, he is still a big hitter and playmaker. Just like in the Lake Gibson game earlier in the year, Wilson was one of the most impressive players on the field Friday night. His speed makes him dangerous as it allows him to play well in coverage and keep up with opposing receivers. He flies to the ball, helping shutdown the perimeter running game and passes over the middle. Wilson had two big interceptions Friday night, but one was negated do to a roughing the passer penalty. If he can add twenty to thirty pounds and maintain his speed and agility, he will make a very good linebacker prospect in the 2012 class.

**Player to Watch**

2012 WR/DB Daquand Marion

He is a very talented return man. He played some receiver on the night as well, but really showed off his blazing speed on special teams returning kicks. He took the opening kickoff 50 yards or more, but got caught up on his own blockers and Winter Haven was able to catch him. If he can crack the crowded receiving rotation more, his speed will make him a player to watch.

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