Prospect Report: Lakeland vs. George Jenkins

George Jenkins football is back! That is what one might think after watching the Eagles pick on Lakeland's defense in a shoot out that ended with Lakeland winning 43-41. It was all offense and very little defense for either team. Lakeland's offense shined as usual, but the defense was embarrassed by George Jenkins and their young QB, Jadrian Clark.


2011 WR Javares McRoy

McRoy is back after a hiatus to nurse an ongoing turf toe and ankle injury. In true fashion he played the pain much like he has in past seasons, and turned in a 113 yard, 2 touchdown evening for the Dreadnaughts. Through it all he continues to show off his elite speed that punishes any team who allows him to get into space. His abilities after the catch, while still superb, are hampered by the injury. He remains committed to Florida after switching from Texas Tech earlier in the year.

2011 RB Steward Butler

Things should really heat up for Butler. He turned in another solid night, rushing for 233 yards and 2 touchdowns. Like many Lakeland running backs before him, he is not overly big at 5'9.5" 170lbs, but again, like those before him, he has elite speed, quick cuts, and great vision to make up for his size. He runs very well between the tackles and when he bounces it outside and gets in space that is all she wrote for opposing defenders. With one game left on the schedule, Butler is 235 yards shy of 2000 yards.

2011 WR Theodore Wright

The 5'11.5" 165lb Wright broke onto the scene this season due in part to both the presence and absence of Javares McRoy. He is turned into a quality receiver who has the speed to stretch the field. Despite his slender frame, he is not afraid to catch a ball and take a hit or even stretch out in traffic to make the catch. He could make a quality receiver at the next level if he improves his focus when it comes to catching and securing the ball. He has had a number of big drops this season, but seems to improve himself every week. Against Jenkins, Wright beat his defender and hauled in a nice 22 yard catch for a touchdown.

2011 OG Devin Goodman

Devin continues to shine next to his brother as the two linemen anchor the left side of the Lakeland offensive line. He is a dominating run blocker and pretty good in pass protection too. He also impresses everyone with how smart of a player he is at reading defenses and helping make adjustments in protection. Arizona State found a very good lineman with a tremendous upside and room to develop into solid college player.

2011 DE/LB Tedward Hamilton

At 6'0" 220lbs, I continue to believe that Hamilton could be a great linebacker at the next level. He has the speed and strength you want to go along with the voracious attitude and hard hitting that would make a mean linebacker. He is undersized to try and play defensive end, but continues to beat opposing offensive tackles around the end every week. He is also a valuable contributor on special teams where he excels at blocking punts.

2011 DB Perman Wilson

Wilson returned last week and had a big second half, but struggled a little bit against George Jenkins. He is the bright spot in a beat up secondary and a quality cornerback. He has tremendous speed and good hips, but needs to work on taking better angles to the ball carrier and improving his reaction time to break out of his back pedal. He can certainly stay with any receiver speed wise, but a late break allows defenders to get behind him.

2012 OT Evan Goodman

The 6'4" 270lb Goodman is going to be the prize recruit for Lakeland's 2012 class. He still has another year to develop, but is already impressing everyone who watches him. Evan is one of the best linemen around in pass protection with sound execution of a proper kick slide. He maintains great balance, keeps good pad height, and uses his hands very well. If he can add another 15lbs and continue to build on his already tremendous skill set, he will be one of top offensive linemen in the state for 2012.

2013 LB T.J. Simmons

The 6'0" 220lb sophomore is turning in a sold season so far. With two more years to grow both physically and mentally, he will be a big time recruit in 2013. He excels in run support and also has good lateral speed and decent instincts to contribute in pass coverage. Improving reaction time in making a decision will make him better as he sometimes has heavy feet or hesitates. He currently boasts 49 tackles, 10 of them for a loss, and 2 forced fumbles on the season.

**Others to Watch**

2013 DB D.J. Alexander

At 5'10" 165lbs, Alexander currently plays safety. He is very fast and has good hips. I predict he will transition to cornerback next year with the departure of DJ Barnes and Perman Wilson. He is young and is hesitant in his break on the ball, but had tremendous upside and time to develop.

George Jenkins

2011 ATH Jaucady Rutledge

Rutledge is a quality receiver who catches well and has good speed. He is the prime target for Clark, but is not a true deep threat receiver. Rutledge excels in his abilities after the catch. Quick cuts and the ability to stop on a dime make him hard for defenders to bring down, allowing him to turn a 5 yard catch into 15 yard gain. Rutledge also has good hands and can make tough catches in traffic. At 6'0" 180lbs he has good height and weight to go with his abilities. In addition to receiver, he also is George Jenkins' wildcat quarterback. With his skill set and athletic ability, he would be a perfect addition to some of the mid level D1A programs, especially those like UCF or USF. Rutledge hauled in a couple good catches on the night, including a touchdown to cut Lakeland's lead to 10 points going into halftime, but was knocked out of the game in the third quarter.

2012 QB Jadrian Clark

It has been a bumpy road with injuries forcing missed games, but the 6'1.5" 210lb Clark is turning in a phenomenal junior season as one of the top quarterbacks in the county. He had another phenomenal showing against Lakeland throwing for 275 yards and 3 touchdowns and avoiding any costly interceptions. Clark has great mechanics and a strong arm that allows him to make just about any throw on the field. Unlike many young quarterbacks, what is most impressive when watching Clark is his ability to execute a great touch pass. Clark is a gamer with a true, competitive attitude who leads his team very well under pressure. With another year left to play and a chance to attend some camps during the summer, Clark can build on his outstanding abilities already and I believe he will be the top quarterback in the county next year and one of the best in Central Florida.

2012 WR Michael Wheary

The 5'9" 155lb Wheary has turned into a big target for Clark this season. Wheary is small, but fast. If he could add weight going into next year where he will be the go-to receiver for Clark, he could generate some attention as a fast, slot type receiver. He has the ability to beat coverage and slip into the secondary, where Clark has found him eight times this season for touchdowns. Wheary's eighth touchdown was scored in this game against Lakeland off a reverse with a pitch back to Clark, who found Wheary all alone down field for 68 yards and the score. Unfortunately, Wheary was knocked out in the second half while attempting to field a punt and did not return.

2012 RB Keke Wilson

Wilson, the 5'6" 150lbs running back for Jenkins, turned in a 3 touchdown performance against Lakeland. He has been a dependable ball carrier for the Eagles all season, racking up over 700 yards and 9 touchdowns on the ground. Size will be a challenge to overcome for Wilson, but he is quick, has good moves, and good vision. If he can carry a little more weight and attends some camps during the summer, he could pull in some offers from some D1AA and DII schools.

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