Prospect Report: Charlotte at Armwood

In a showdown Friday night between the Armwood Hawks and Charlotte Tarpons, offense was thought to be the big deal. The game featured the explosive play makers on both sides, but it was defense, not offense that stole the show. Armwood's defense would help the Hawks walk away with a 28-12 victory after locking down Charlotte.


2011 RB Mike Bellamy

There is not much left to be said about this kid that has not been said. The Clemson commit is the complete package and no doubt the best running back in the state. He struggled to get anything going Friday against a vicious, swarming Hawks defense that by game's end had held Bellamy to just 49 yards rushing. Bellamy did his best, dipping and dodging Armwood's defenders, showing off the speed and athleticism that makes him so dominant, but Armwood was too much. He still made an impact in the passing game on screens and had a couple of good kick returns, but coming into a game with bullseye on you is never easy.

2011 WR, S Alex Mut

Mut has terrific size at 6'3" 195lbs and has accounted for nearly all of Charlotte's receiving yards this season with around 700 yards and 7 touchdowns. While Mut is not the fastest or quickest off the line, he has good speed which allows him to play both receiver and defensive back effectively. However, Mut has tremendous hands and runs crisp routes. He is committed to USF.

2011 LB Robert Haynes

Haynes, at 5'11" 225lbs, was the player of the game for Charlotte. He did everything in his power to disrupt Armwood on Friday night. Haynes is a solid playmaker with a tremendous ability to get in the backfield. He does not have super, ideal size or great speed, but in a game like Friday's, you can count on him to be all over the ball. Along with 2012 LB Davion Stuarts, they did a tremendous job corralling the Armwood rushing attack of Matt Jones and Kyle Wilcox.

2011 S Courtland Waters

Waters is a physical, fast defensive back who measures in at 5'11" 180lbs. He plays safety, but his size would be great for playing cornerback at the next level. Waters attacks the ball well and plays physical. He is not afraid to come up in run support and really lay the wood on opposing players. He currently holds an offer from Iowa State, who is recruiting him to play corner or safety.

2012 OL Cody Waldrop

The 6'3" 260lb Waldrop is the top offensive linemen for the Tarpons. He is a leader on offense due to his ability to manage the game and make adjustments. He has pretty good technique, but will need to get stronger in order to survive on the interior of the line against big defensive tackles and nose guards.


2011 DB Jermaine McKinney

McKinney was a nightmare for the Charlotte offense. From the safety position, the 6'0" 200lb McKinney played superb against the run and limited any chances Charlotte had at going deep. He is fast, smart, and reacts well. McKinney has played both linebacker and safety for Armwood, so it will be interesting to see where he ends up because he can certainly play both at the next level.

2011 QB Josh Grady

The 6'0" 185lb dual threat will be making some school very happy when he commits. Grady currently boasts a number of offers, with West Virginia, Iowa, Iowa State, USF, Syracuse, and Wake Forest in his top. Friday he had an impressive performance throwing for 187 yards and 2 touchdowns to go with his 60 rushing yards and 1 touchdown. Grady is being recruited at multiple positions at the next level and some project him as anything from a quarterback to defensive back. Watching him Friday night you can see how much he has progressed as a passer, making better decisions and showing the ability to throw an accurate deep ball. His ability to throw on the run is excellent and he makes less of the mistakes he made before like throwing off his back foot.

2012 RB Matt Jones

Matt Jones is an athletic specimen at 6'2" 215bs. I am not sure how great of a running back he truly is because he does not seem to fit or thrive in Armwood's offense. He has great hands, making him a big target out of the backfield and he accelerates very quickly, reaching top end speed in a few steps. The big issue is he is not overly physical for his size. Fellow teammate, 2011 RB/FB Kyle Wilcox, who is 5'10.5" 210lbs, was much more effective running the ball as a power back. Wilcox also some speed also, which he showcased by getting loose on a wheel route down the sideline for a 75 yard catch and run touchdown.

2012 LB Eric Striker

Striker was super impressive Friday night. From his position as a pass rushing, blitz focused linebacker, he wreaked havoc on Charlotte's quarterback, especially in the second half. If he did not make the tackle, he was in for the assist. His relentless pressure and ability to swarm upon the quarterback with lightning quickness was a key in forcing Charlotte's QB to flee right into his fellow defenders who came up with 6 second half sacks. Striker and fellow 2011 teammate, Harvellio Buie, make a truly dominating duo at the linebacker position. Buie is destined to play linebacker at the next level, but judging from speed and reactionary abilities, Striker, at 6'0" 190lbs, could play either linebacker or safety. He would be excellent in the hybrid spur/bandit positions too.

2012 OG Cody Waldrop

The 6'3" 295lb offensive guard played well against a very determined Charlotte defense that blitzed fairly heavy all night. Waldrop has good fundamentals at this stage with another year to develop. He uses his hands well with a powerful push/jab that is able to disrupt the angle of opposing defensive linemen. He drives well, using his powerful lower body to run players over and is able to get down field to block.

2012 DE Brandon Teeling

Teeling is one of the guys you love to have on a defensive line. At 6'3" 230lbs, he does not have the height right now that people drool over, but he is a powerful player with tremendous motor. He is quick off the end and tough to block. He accounted for two second half sacks against Charlotte Friday night.

**Other Players to Watch**

2012 OT Sean Gavitt is a 6'6" 300lb specimen with a lot of upside. He has very good footwork in pass protection, but needs to work on keeping his hands up. You can't argue with his tremendous size though.

2012 DB Jarvis McCall is going to be special. He is a very tall player to be playing corner at 6'2" 185lbs, but he has good hips and jams well at the line of scrimmage, showing his ability to play physical. He also possesses good instincts and timing, jumping routes to create vital turnovers. He jumped in front of two passes Friday night that would have been easily returned for touchdowns before finally intercepting one in the fourth quarter.

2013 WR Ronnie Thomas is fast and has good hands to go along with good size at 6'1" 175lbs. He is only a sophomore with time to build on things like route running and also possibly grow more. If he can add some more weight and maintain his speed, Thomas will be one of the top deep threat receivers in the state by his senior year. He showed off a bit of that Friday night, getting open deep on a post route where Grady connected to him for an 80 yard touchdown.

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