Daz Patterson: Two Offers and Interest Rising

Two offers in and interest is rising in the talented running back from Plant City. SunStateFootball.com caught up with Dazmond Patterson after the Miami camp to talk recruiting and his offers.

Recruiting has definitely picked up over the past month for running back Dazmond Patterson out of Plant City. His first offer finally came in from Jacksonville University and that has opened up the gates. Shortly after, Ohio University offered the small yet powerful Patterson. In addition to his offers, many schools have started showing a good deal of interest in him including Cincinnati, Duke, North Carolina, North Carolina State, and Miami, where he recently camped.

The Miami camp went really well for Patterson, who has showed off his abilities well at camps and combines.

"I just won my third MVP award this off-season, this time at the Miami camp," Patterson said. "I was up against some good competition and had fun competing with some great guys like Jamie Gilmore. I have been working on fixing my short stride and got to show off my work in that area at the camp as well. It has added more top end speed to my game."

Patterson continues to battle the height stereotype, measuring in at 5'7" 185. He never lets it get the best of him and continues to win MVP awards, impressing onlookers with his speed and agility while blending in toughness and power. He excels greatly at fundamentals and understanding of the game, has great hands out of the backfield, and is a dangerous punt returner. Patterson is a complete package guy that makes plays.

"A lot of the schools out there really like my footwork and top end speed," Patterson shared. "Miami was one of those schools. At the camp, Jamie and I dominated and when I talked to Coach Richardson, he said they loved my footwork and abilities. They don't have a lot of scholarships left, but they said if I keep working hard and doing what I am doing, I would be a player they would like to have."

One school that has shown interest in Patterson so far presents an exciting opportunity. That school is Cincinnati, who is also recruiting his fellow teammate, star quarterback Bennie Coney, very hard.

Geoff Vogt, Scout.com

"It would be exciting to get an offer from Cincinnati and for us both wind up there," Dazmond said. "It is always nice to have that comfort zone of someone you know being there, and we already have great chemistry here at Plant City, so that would allow us to be able to go in and make plays together right away."

As for the offers he has received so far, Dazmond shared his thoughts on what he sees in each.

"Jacksonville was the first to offer, but I did not get to talk to them much. They came down to check me out during spring and then offered right after. I like everything about the school, especially the offense, which is a great fit for me and my skill set. The only downside is I would not get to play on TV and there have not been a lot of NFL guys from there."

"Ohio is also a great school. I talked to their coaches during spring. They sent a bunch of letters and shortly after JU offered, they called my coach and extended an offer. I like what have read about the school and that I would get to play on TV and against some big time programs. I definitely want to get up there and check it out."

While speaking about the Ohio offer, Dazmond elaborated on the distance factor that often is a big determining factor in some players' recruiting.

"It is farther away, but I am not overly worried about the distance. I would like to be close to my family so they could come watch me play often, but if the chance is better, than I will take the opportunity and make the best of it."

With summer officially underway, Patterson shared his plans, which include more camps and visits, as well as a big 7on7 tournament coming up.

"I am going to go to a camp at Duke on Thursday. I talked to Coach Collins and he wanted me to come up for a camp. After that, we have the Mel Kiper 7on7 at my high school and then I will be looking to go on a big visit and camp tour."

Keep checking back for updates with SunStateFootball.com as we follow Patterson's recruitment and camp performances.

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