When you are talking about the total package when looking at an offensive line prospect, this could be the blueprint college coaches draw up. Jim Tartt has everything you are looking for. CLASS OF 2004 RECRUITING EVALUATION:

While you can find out just so much about watching film on an athlete or talking to him on the phone, there is a major advantage to seeing the athlete live. I have been fortunate to see more high school football players in person in the state of Florida than any other source.
What I will do is use my 30 plus years of evaluating talent on the football field to give you a complete opinion on the top football players in the Class of 2004.
I hope you enjoy this rare look into the football players in the state from a first-hand, LIVE vantage point:
PLAYER: Jim Tartt
SCHOOL: Crawfordville Wakulla.
THE SCOOP ON THIS FLORIDA KID: At the end of his sophomore year, I ran into head coach J.D. Jones at a camp. When I asked where Jim was, he told me that he was off at the University of Tennessee. He said that this young man had the potential to be one of the best he had not only coached in his four decades, but had ever been around!
I had long been high on this big, strong and agile athlete who could push around the biggest linemen because of the way he handled himself on the field, so I wasn't surprised by his success.
EVALUATION: Again, there is a checklist for linemen. The position is usually the toughest to predict success for at the next level, but when we are talking about quality like this, it's purely automatic!
THE INSIDE STORY: While the state of Florida is not known for its imposing top-flight line prospects, here is another who throws that rumor out the window!

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