Hamilton's Recruitment and Recovery

2014 OLB Brice Hamilton is making an impression among the majors in the southeast. Hamilton discusses his recruitment, along with the injury that's kept him sidelined during the playoffs.

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Brice Hamilton, a FOX Sports NEXT favorite in the junior class, is gaining collegiate momentum...from the sidelines.

"I'm doing good. I've been out because of my fibula bone injury," Hamilton explained of his broken leg. "I'll be lifting again in March and will start my rehab [the first week of] December with a boot on my foot."

Hamilton broke the fibula in his left leg while in the heat of his junior season at Madison County High School (FL). Although Hamilton hasn't seen an "official" offer, his recruitment has gained momentum as quickly as he's gained muscle.

"Right now, I don't have any offers, but my leading schools are Florida State, Alabama and Miami," Hamilton said.

Madison County has boasted several stars on the 'Nole roster in recent seasons, including running back Chris Thompson. Thompson was sidelined due to a torn left ACL at Miami in October.

"I just like Doak Campbell Stadium," Hamilton said of his interest in FSU. "I love how loud the stadium gets. At Florida State, that's just a good place where I fit in."

Further south, the 'Canes continue to rebuild a program that's seen its share of controversy in the recent years. "But I like the way Al Golden is recruiting the athletes in my class," Hamilton said of his interest in Miami. "I feel like he's getting the team back to the old Miami. I could play a role there."

As for Hamilton's interest in the Tide, his reasoning is simple. "They're winning championships," he said with a smile. "That's my kind of football."

Amidst coaching transitions across the NCAA, which coaching staff has made the biggest impact on Hamilton?

"Florida State," he answered. "I know the coaching staff more because I used to make visits to [Tallahassee Orthopedic Center] and stop by the coaches' offices at FSU on the way. I like talking to Coach Jimbo Fisher and Coach Odell [Haggins]."

Hamilton's teammates at Madison County continue their run in the Florida High School Playoffs this Saturday against Fort Lauderdale's University High School.

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