Josh Giggey gets in the huddle and breaks down West Virginia University bound quarterback Jarrett Brown, who is among one of the best in the state of Florida.

Josh Giggey, who runs, a Palm Beach County-based website, has been following high school sports throughout Florida over the past five years.

His insight into the game is among the best around, and his ability to evaluate talent has become recognized by coaches and players alike. BR>
> Josh will be hosting this IN THE HUDDLE SEGMENT for throughout the summer and into the season, giving you a unique perspective of some of the top athletes in Florida. We hope that you will enjoy and make use of his perspective.

Name: Jarrett Brown
Position: Quarterback
School: Palm Beach Lakes
Height: 6-3
Weight: 195

STRENGTHS: The first thing that jumped out at me the first time I saw Jarrett play was his athleticism. At 6-3, Jarrett possesses the speed of any skill position player. Jarrett's success in playing for one of the top basketball teams in the state can also attest to his athleticism. Make no mistake however, Jarrett is more than just an athlete. He has good pocket presence, a smooth delivery, and a very live arm. He throws and beautiful deep ball and also does a great job outside of the pocket in roll-out and bootleg situations.

NEEDS TO WORK ON: Jarrett can definitely still use some fine tuning to his game. He needs to learn how to stay in the pocket longer and take the hit but still deliver the ball on target. His accuracy is sometimes inconsistent from game to game.

OVERALL: Jarrett is committed to West Virginia, and that is an excellent fit for his style of play. He can use his running ability to its full extent, but will still get plenty of opportunity to make plays with his arm. IMO, he has the most potential of any QB in the state this year. He may not be the best right now, but his upside is probably the highest.

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