Pre-Season Top 100 – Class of 2005

There is little doubt that for over the past three months, Charles Fishbein saw more Florida high school football players live at camps, clinics and at practices than anyone in the nation. While it doesn't make his list the only one to go by, it certainly gives him an edge!

As he went around the state this summer, seeing as many players as anyone, Florida Kids columnist Charles Fishbein puts his Class of 2005 Pre-Season List out as just another sampling of the top players in the state of Florida.

But before you care to rip into Charles, remind yourself that NOBODY went to more camps and practices over the past three months than he did.

As we have said before, if sitting home watching film and making calls qualified you to be an expert, we would have hundreds of them walking around the country.

As an ongoing service, brings you several of Florida-based writers and analysts who will give you ongoing lists, based on what they have watched and how they evaluated the players.

Once again, we thank Charles for giving us all this information to better help us follow the impressive Class of 2005!

We hope our many readers enjoy the hard work and dedication to covering recruiting in the state that we all put in – year round!

1) Fred Rouse WR – (Tallahassee Lincoln) The top prospect in the state of Florida this year will be debated back and forth among Rouse and Kenny Phillips. Some could even say Antone Smith is the top rated player in Florida. Rouse has great size, speed and can make the most difficult catch look routine. Very similar to Andre Johnson and Roy Williams.

2) Kenneth Phillips S- (Miami Carol City) Phillips makes it in the top spot on most list. I have Rouse slightly ahead but not by much. Phillips has the ideal size and speed to play the safety position in college. He is the top prospect in South Florida in 2004.

3) Antone Smith, RB – (Pahokee) Smith is not the biggest running back but there may not be a faster player in Florida this year. His ability to make something out of nothing makes Smith the most dangerous back in the nation. Not only does Smith have great speed he has the vision and balance that all the great backs seem to have.

4) Demetrius Morley DB- (Killian) Morley was not highly ranked in Jan-Feb of this year but that has all changed in a couple of months. Morley is a 6'1 185 pound defensive back that could be one of the best in the nation by seasons end. His versatility makes him a higher priority on some boards than Kenny Phillips. Morley will most likely play free safety in college but his ability to line up at cornerback as well makes his stock go through the roof. (Committed to UF)

5) Matt Hardrick OL-(Orlando Edgewater) Hardrick is one of three blue chip offensive lineman in the state of Florida this year. When it comes to technique there are not many better than Hardrick. For his size he moves extremely well and can dominate at anytime.

6) Avery Atkins CB- (Daytona Mainland) Atkins is a special athlete that can play running back, receiver or defensive back in college. He has the size/speed combo that make him a must get for college coaches. Atkins ability to make big plays on offense, defense and special teams is what makes him such a priority this year. He has great feet and has swivel hips. His best position in college will most likely be cornerback. (Committed to UF)

7) Eugene Hayes OLB- (Madison County) Hayes is one of the few linebackers in Florida this year that can change to momentum of the game on one play. In his jamboree this spring Hayes had a dominating performance by registering two sacks, 6-7 solo tackles and a 40+yard interception for a touchdown. As a weak side linebacker Hayes would be a difference maker at the next level. He is one of the premier players in Florida this year.

8) Ricky Jean Francois DE – (Miami Carol City) Francois may be the quickest defensive lineman off the ball you will see. Not only does he have great quickness off the ball Francois uses his hands real well. He is also one of the strongest players on the recruiting board this year. He will have to make a transition from defensive tackle to end in college football.

9) Ronnie Wilson OL-(Pompano Ely) In Wilson's jamboree against Booker T Washington he was a one man wrecking crew. He is a physical lineman that does not stop until the echo of the whistle. He will most likely play guard in college but is versatile enough as well to play tackle.

10) Spencer Adkins OLB/DE- (Naples) Atkins was a dominating defensive end for his Naples defense last year but will move to linebacker this fall to showcase his skills to college recruiters. As a defensive end he has a great first step off the football and stays low. He just blows by slow footed offensive tackles. He also has real good speed which allows him to chase the ball carrier down from behind.

11) Vladimir Richard-DL- (Sunrise Piper) Vladimir is one of the few players you meet and passes the look test. He has great size 6'5 and is over 260 pounds. What's impressive is Richard has feet like a running back. He has a good burst off the football and can overpower the opposition. He needs to play hard on every down. That is one of the few issues that college coaches will have when they see his film. (Committed to UF)

12) Jon Demps, OLB/DB – (Pensacola Washington) Demps is one of the few players that play linebacker who does not need to get bigger and stronger. He has very good size and few linebackers this year are quicker to the football. At 6'4 225+ pounds Demps could end up moving to defensive end in college.

13) O.J. Murdock WR- (Middleton) - Murdock came out of nowhere recently to sky rocket up the charts. He has blazing speed and his ability to beat a defense deep makes him one of the premier receivers in Florida. He needs to work on his route running and concentrate more when the ball is coming his way. He makes the tough catches look easy and easy ones look tough.

14) Chris Barney, OL – (Miami Northwestern) Barney, Wilson and Hardrick are the top three offensive linemen in Florida this year. With impressive springs by Hardrick and Wilson they moves slightly ahead of Barney going into the fall. Barney must keep his weight under control to be most effective. When he is on Barney can take over a game and dominate the opposition. He is best suited to opening running lanes for running backs. As a pass blocker Barney can have a difficult time with speed rushers. He is very strong and Barney moves exceptionally well for someone his size.

15) Gerald Williams DE- (Boyd Anderson) Williams plays MLB for the Boyd Anderson defense but at 6'5 230 pounds a move to defensive end in college is inevitable. He moves like a defensive back and hits liked a linebacker. Williams has the frame to weigh more than 265- pounds. He is the type of player that has great upside and has not even come close to reaching his potential. (Committed to UF)

16) Elijah Hodge LB-(Dillard High) What makes Hodge such a good linebacker is his nose for the football. He has very good instincts and Hodge is always around the football. If there is a knock against Hodge is he is only 6'0 195 pounds. He can play at or around 220 pounds at the next level and still be very effective. Hodge has the ability to move inside the top ten with a great senior season.

17) Maurice Wells RB- (Jacksonville Sandalwood) On some recruiting boards Wells may have a slight edge on Antone Smith. Wells has great speed, vision balance and can cut on a dime. He also is able to take it the distance anywhere on the field. He is more of a scat back and his lack of size is a concern. Some will question whether or not Wells can carry the football 20-25 times a game. He is also a threat in the passing game as well.

18) Bryan Evans CB- (Ed White) Evans is another great athlete that can play multiple position. He has lined up at running back and can also play receiver or defensive back in college football. He needs to work on his technique somewhat if he is going to play cornerback in college. Right now he is more comfortable on the offensive side of the football.

19) Dorian Munroe DB- (Coral Reef) Munroe may not be the biggest or fastest player on the recruiting board but very few make more big plays than he does. He has a great nose for the football and can change the momentum of a game on one play. Munroe played receiver and safety last year. This year he will try his hand at Running back. He has shown well at recent camps and his stock is on the rise.

20) Neefy Moffett DE/LB- (Palm Bay) Moffett is another defensive end that is going to make the move to linebacker this fall. With his size and frame Moffett would be a more natural fit at defensive end. He has sub 4.7 speed and can get to the quarterback. He struggles in space and that could be a problem if Neefy wants to play linebacker in college. Can he cover receivers and backs that's a question that needs to be answered.

21) Jessie Hester WR- (Glades Central) With a big senior season Hester could move back into the top 20. He was injured last year and did not attend many camps this year. If he can stand out at Belle Glades this fall than Hester stock will be on the rise again. He runs great routes, has good speed and does not drop many passes. He needs to get bigger and stronger and improve at getting off the jam.

22) Chris Chancellor CB- (Edison) When it comes to shut down cornerbacks very few are as good as Chancellor. He came up big in the jamboree this spring with two interceptions. He made such a big impact that Northwestern did not challenge him more after his second interception. Chancellor is also a solid open field tackler as well.

23) Quintin Taylor LB- (Apopka) Taylor has made an impact as a running back, fullback and linebacker for Apopka. With his ability to lay the big hit and move well in space Taylor seems like a natural fit at weak side linebacker. He is a good athlete that can make an impact where ever he plays in college.

24) Jeffrey Owens DT- (Plantation) By the end of last season Owens was a dominating force in the middle of Plantation defensive line. He has the ideal size to play defensive tackle and the quickness to give interior offensive lineman problems all game long.

25) Paul Ohara RB- (Cross City Dixie County) O'Hara plays running back in high school but a move to defense will most likely happen. If he does play running back O'Hara is one of the few backs in the state that has nice size and speed. He is more of a straight line runner but O'Hara can be elusive when he has to be. If he makes a move to safety in college O'Hara could make an impact there as well.

26) Kalvin Bailey FB- (Seffner Armwood ) At 6'1 250 pounds Bailey is a power back that has the elusiveness of a scat back. He can run through or around the defensive player that gets in his way. Bailey also has the speed to take it the distance once in the open field. If he wants to play running back Bailey would be best suited to playing the Big Ten. His running style is similar to former Wisconsin running back Ron Dayne. If he does not play running back in college Bailey would be the ideal fullback.

27) Richard Gordon TE- (Miami Norland)- When you look at Gordon is person he looks like he physically ready to step right in and play at the college football level. He is a great athlete that can make an impact at Tight end or defensive end in college. The best part of Gordon game is he has not even come close to reaching his potential.

28) Mike Moore WR- (North Broward Prep)- Moore is another physically impressive looking prospect. At 6'2 200+ pounds and a sub 4.6 forty yard dash time and Moore fits the bill for the ideal receiver prospect. If he can improve his route running and concentrate better at catching the football Moore can end up a solid College football receiver.

29) Kendrick Stewart DT- (Lakeland Kathleen)- Stewart is one defensive tackle to keep an eye on. He has a nice first step off the ball and once he gets into the backfield Stewart can disrupt what an opposing offense is trying to do. Against the run Stewart is at his best. He is not going to lead a defense in sacks but Stewart can get pressure on the quarterback and force him into a bad throw.

30) A.J. Trump OL- (Clearwater Central Catholic) With Hardrick, Wilson and Barney make up the top three players along the offensive line in Florida. The next best offensive line prospect is Trump. He does not have the size of Hardrick, Wilson and Barney but he may be a better athlete. He has good footwork and very few lineman are as light on their feet as Trump. He can drive block, pass block and pull block as equally well. Trump could improve on his upper body strength but once in a college football weight room AJ will excel even more.

31) Carlton Hill WR- (Jefferson County) As a quarterback prospect Hill is in the lower half of the top 100. As a receiver he is just a step below Rouse, Murdock and Hester. At 6'4 Hill has the ideal size to play receiver at the next level. If he can red shirt and learn the new position Hill could be a star at wide receiver.

32) Dustin Forston LB- (Miami Northwestern)- It's the year of the defensive end converting to linebacker. Fortson is one of about 4-5 defensive ends in Florida that will look to make the transition to linebacker in college. He has a great initial burst off the football and Fortson has a knack for getting to the quarterback. Last year he led Dade County in sacks.

33) Eddie Haupt OL- (Merritt Island) When it comes to run blocking Haupt is one of the best. He is a road grader and can dominate at the point of attack. As a drive blocker Haupt can drive his man ten yards down the field. If there is a part of his game that Haupt needs to improve it's as a pass blocker.

34) Eric Sledge S- (Apopka)- Sledge is one of the few players that can make an impact on either side of the football. As a safety prospect Sledge could be a productive starter. As a receiver Sledge has the most upside. He could improve on his route running and hand placement when trying to catch the football. If he gets some good coaching in college football Sledge could be a solid receiver. He is a raw prospect that has nice upside on either side of the football.

35) Conredge Collins RB- (Pace)- As a junior Collins rushed for over 1500 yards and had double digit touchdowns. He is a threat out of the backfield as a receiver or runner. He is a straight line runner that would be most effective running out of the I-formation. In some offenses Collins could also line up as a fullback.

36) Bruce Johnson DB- (Live Oak Suwannee)- Johnson has the ability to be a solid receiver or defensive back in college. As a receiver he is the type of player that is best after the catch. He can take a 5 yard reception and turn it into a big play that could jump start an offense. On defense Johnson can play cornerback. He does not have great hips and struggles when his back is turned to the ball. Johnson could also improve as a open field tackler.(Committed to UM).

37) Antwaun Cox CB- (Killian) With Morley at one cornerback position and Cox on the other side most passing offenses in Dade County will really struggle to pass the football. Cox relies on great technique and is nearly impossible to get open on. For his side Cox is also not afraid to mix it up with bigger and more physical receivers. At 5'11 Cox has more than enough size to play college football. Now he just needs to add weight since he barely weighs 140 pounds.

38) Chris McClover WR- (Dillard) McClover is not a household name but that will change by the end of the 2004 season. At 6'4 185 pounds McClover has the ideal size to give any defense he faces problems. He is not only a physical receiver that does not mind going across the middle of the field to catch the football, McClover has the speed as well to stretch a defense. He is very confident in his ability and now he just needs his quarterback to get him the ball.

39) Courtney Harris DE- (Jupiter)- Harris is one of the few defensive ends that has the size and speed to play defensive end his freshman year. He has good size and enough speed to make opposing offenses scheme away from his side. Harris has the size to match up against teams that like to run the football right at him. As a pass rusher it would be nicer if Harris has a more explosive first step off the football.

40) Harrison Beck QB- (Clearwater Countryside) In a year that there are not many talented quarterbacks in Florida Beck is probably the best. He has a good arm and an make almost any throw. If he can improve on his accuracy Beck could end up a solid college quarterback. The Huskers got an early commitment from Beck and he should excel in their west coast offense they just installed this year. (Committed to Nebraska)

41) Jarvis Hicks DB- (Deerfield Beach) The first thing you notice when watching Hicks on film is he is always near the football. He plays LB for the Deerfield Beach defense but Hicks will most likely play defensive back in college. He has a knack for finding the football and that is what makes Hicks such a solid prospect. Jarvis won't blow you away with his speed and quickness but he is usually the first one to the football.

42) Antonio Turner FB- (Orlando Edgewater)- Turner is another big back that will most likely make the move to fullback in college. He is at his best as a short yardage runner. Turner is a move the chains type back that you get the football in 3rd and 1. His running style is very similar to Oakland Raider fullback Zack Crokett.

43) Chris Singleton DB- (Ft Myers Dunbar)- One thing that stands out about Singleton is his speed. He may be one of the fastest football players in the state of Florida. That is impressive feat considering how many good football players come from Florida. He is someone that needs to continue to work hard because Singleton is not a finished product. With his size and speed Singleton is a solid cornerback prospect that could also play safety in some defenses.

44) LaGarrett Blount RB- (Perry Taylor County) Blount is a big, punishing running back that's wants to run through a defender. He is not afraid of contact and actually looks for someone to hit when he is running the football. Blount has great size for a running back and may even make the move to fullback in some offenses. Blount could also play linebacker or strong safety in college.

45) Brian Ellis TE- (Daytona Mainland)- Ellis is one of the few tight ends in Florida this year that could actually make an impact in college right away. He has soft hands and is able to find the soft spots in a defense. He does not have great downfield speed but Ellis can stretch a defense. On third down he is the perfect option for his quarterback.

46) Randy Phillips S- (Glades Central)- With Morley, Phillips and Munroe the top three safety prospects the next one on board is Randy Phillips. He has made his mark up to this point of his career as a running back. This year he makes the full time move the defensive side of the football. He is best at stopping the run. Once he improves on his pass coverage skills Phillips will be a solid all around player. (Committed to UM)

47) Tommy Duhart DT- (Glades Central)- Duhart has played tight end and defensive end for Glades football team. At close to 260 pounds and a sub 4.9 forty yard dash Duhart will move to the interior of the defensive line. He is an active pass rusher that can put pressure on opposing quarterbacks. Recently he had a broken football and that hinder his ability at recent camps.

48) Avery Vogt, LB – (Coral Reef) Vogt is part of Barracuda defense that has at least three division one prospects this fall. Last year Vogt terrorized opposing offense by lining up at defensive rush end. This year he could move to MLB so the Coral Reef coaches can utilize his nose for the football and let him roam from sideline to sideline. He has a good combination of size and speed and with a solid senior year should draw attention from the Big Three in Florida.

49) Antuan Lewis OL- (Tampa Jefferson) One of the strongest areas in recruiting this year in Florida has to be the oline. Give me Tobasky at Center, Wilson + Trump at guard and Barney and Hardrick at Guard and you have a future line that could compete with the best in the nation. Add Lewis to that group and you get another versatile lineman that can play multiple positions. With a solid senior year Lewis stock will continue to rise.

50) Walter McFadden CB- (Pompano Ely)- At 6'1 McFadden has the ideal size to play cornerback. Its lack of weight that is a concern. McFadden weighs slightly above 150 pounds. What makes McFadden really special is sub 4.4 speed in the 40 yard dash. If he can add some weight McFadden is a cornerback prospect that will red shirt and make an impact in his 3rd or 4th year on campus.

51) Louis Murphy WR- (St. Pete Lakewood) At 6'3 Murphy has the ideal size to play receiver in college football. He has as well as hands as you will see on a high school receiver. Murphy also runs real solid routes and knows how to get open. He won't blow by a defense with blazing speed but Murphy knows how to get open. (Committed to UF)

52) Jarrett Brown QB- (Palm Beach Lakes) – Last year Jarrett had a game where he did not have a single incompletion. He is the forgotten quarterback in a year where there are no stars at this position in Florida. Brown has a good arm and can make almost any throw. He has an effortless throwing motion and will excel in Rich Rodriguez defense in college. Brown made an early selection for West Virginia. (Committed to West Virginia)

53) Devin Giles DB- Giles has the ideal size and speed to play defensive back in college. If not for an issue with grades Giles would probably be even higher on the list. He not only makes an impact on defense Giles has the speed and quickness to make plays on special teams. He is a solid all-around talent that will draw more attention as the season goes on.

54) Gerard Sinclair DB- Sinclair defensive teammate Tony Carter last year was probably the fastest and most athletic cornerback in Florida. Sinclair is trying to follow in his footsteps and have an All-American like season. He does not have Carter speed and quickness but Sinclair is not to shabby himself. He is probably a better open field tackler than his former teammate but Sinclair is not real great in coverage.

55) R.J. Anderson DB- Anderson made his decision on college and South Florida got them one heck of talent. He can play cornerback or safety in college. That versatility is just too hard to pass up. He may be one of the most underrated prospects in Florida this year. (Committed to USF)

56) Ray Herring S- (Melbourne Holy Trinity Academy) Herring is another solid defensive back that could play S as well as CB at the next level. He has decent speed and is solid in run support. Can he play with his back to the ball that is a question that needs to be answered? If not he will play safety in college.

57) Jamar Chaney LB- (Port St. Lucie Centennial West) Chaney is one of the few linebackers on film that is a sideline to sideline tackling machine. He could play all three positions in college and do well at each one. He has good but not great speed. Jamar does run through the ball carrier which is what I like most about his game.

58) Marvin Sapp LB- (Jacksonville Sandalwood) Sapp joins Chaney and Holmes as part of the second tier linebackers in Florida this year. He is not in the Geno Hayes, Demps, Atkins group but Sapp is not too far behind. He is a solid all around linebacker that does not have many weaknesses to his game.

59 Johnny Holmes LB- (Rockledge) - Holmes joins a group of linebackers this year in Florida that is among the best in the nation. Holmes has good size (6'1 210) and runs real well (4.7). On film he shows a nose for the football. He is not a punishing tackler but Holmes knows what to do once he finds the ball carrier. He could use some work in pass coverage. At a camp this summer that I saw Holmes at he showed that he needed improvement in that area of his game.

60) Eddie Tabasky, OL, (Daytona Mainland) Tabasky is one of many division one prospects on Mainland squad. Tobasky is a solid center prospect that can also play guard if called upon. Not only is a star on the field Eddie is a star in the classroom. He is one of the few top division 1 prospects in Florida that is looking at an Ivy League school.

61) Demetri Stewart LB- (Northeast)- On some boards Stewart is consider one of the top prospects in Florida. Stewart is a solid athlete but he just does not make enough plays. For him to come close to his potential he needs to make more plays. Right now Stewart is a lot of hype and needs to live up to expectations that not many could live up to.

62) Quinton Andrews S/WR- (Miami Pace)- One thing Andrews is a good high school football player. On a team that has sent some real solid prospects to college he is one of the best this year from Pace. As a receiver Andrews does not have blazing speed but he gets open and is a productive possession receiver. On defense Andrews is not afraid of contact. He is willing to stick his nose into the action and make a big hit. Overall he does not have a ton of upside but with Andrews on the field he won't hurt your team.

63) Matt Lewis DT- (Daytona Mainland)- Lewis played defensive tackle last year but in 2004 he will play linebacker and possibly some at fullback. As a defensive tackle Lewis will make one great play and than take the next play off. He could keep his intensity from one play to the next he could end up a real solid defensive tackle in college. At 6'2 245 pounds he may not get big enough to play defensive tackle. His lack of speed and quickness will make it difficult for him to play defensive end or linebacker. The only other position he may find a home at is fullback.

64) Kimbrick Baker WR (Miami Jackson)- When it comes to route running and having real good hands not too many are better than Baker. A move to Jackson this fall gives the Generals one of the best receivers in Dade County. He can make some amazing catches. He is not one of the fastest receivers and that is why he is not in the top 50 at this time.

65) Garrett White LB (Miami Norland)- White will team with his teammate Gary Watts to give Norland one of the best pair of linebackers in Florida. White can line up at defensive end and rush the passer or drop back into coverage and cover a receiver or running back. White plays with bad intentions and punishes the ball carrier once he gets there.

66) Simon Codrington, OL, (South Miami) At 6'6 265 pounds Codrington has the ideal body to play left tackle. He is a good athlete as Codrington also plays on South Miami basketball team as well. He is not a finished product but Simon has enough upside to draw the attention of some solid college football teams. He is real raw at this time but his upside may be too good to pass up.

67) Reggie St Pierre DT- (Central) - In his jamboree Pierre was practically unblock able. He was singled and double teamed and still made an impact on the defensive side of the football. If he was not making the play in the game Pierre was forcing the ball carrier into one of his teammate's arms. He is not the biggest defensive tackle on the board but St Pierre makes enough plays that you overlook his lack of size.

68) Kevin Smith RB/S- (Southridge) - Smith is one of the top running backs returning this year in Dade County. He is a big, powerful runner that can run over a defender that gets in his way. What he lacks is the explosiveness to take it the distance anywhere on the field. He has good but not great speed. Smith can also end up a strong safety in college.

69) Gary Watts LB- (Norland) Watts is another one of those outside rush ends/linebackers that just flies to the football. He and White make a nice 1-2 combo for the Norland defense. He should be one of the leaders in Dade County this year in tackles.

70) Terrell Hampton DE/OLB- (Killian) As far as physical talent Hampton has the chance to be a star. It's his attitude on and off the field that may cause him not to live up to his potential. He has a ton of upside but it's up to Hampton to realize whether or not he wants to fulfill that potential. With some added weight Hampton could be a out side pass rusher from the linebacker position. Terrell would need to red shirt if he were going to play defensive end in college.

71) Mike Greco Ath.- (Cardinal Gibbons) Greco plays quarterback in high school but with his speed and quickness he probably will make a better receiver or defensive back in college. He is 6'2 and runs the forty is less than 4.4 seconds. Though he plays quarterback in high school, Greco is a real raw prospect that has to improve his throwing mechanics if he is going to play that position in college. He is an intringing prospect that will draw the attention of many college recruiters come this fall.

72)Josh Walker, DB, (Jefferson) - Walker is one of the sleeper prospects to keep and eye on. He has good coverage skills and can also play close to the line of scrimmage and help in run support. He is a solid all around athlete that will make plays all around the field. He is a solid mid-level D1 talent.

73) Andrew Atkins DB- (Tampa Leto) - When you hear the name Atkins the first two that come to mind are Avery or Spencer. Well this Atkins is not to shabby himself. Andrew is a tall, lanky cornerback that has the ability to make plays. Whether it's in pass coverage or in run support Atkins gets to the football. His size (6'1) and sub 4.6 speed will draw the attention to college recruiters this fall.

74) Alex Suber, RB, (Tampa Jefferson)- Suber has made his biggest impact as a running back in high school but it's a move to slot receiver where he could be most effective at the next level. Suber has good speed and quickness and there are very few linebackers or defensive backs that could stay with him. In the open field Suber is as good as gone. He can be a home run threat in some offenses.

75) Briceton Wilson RB- Crawfordville Wakulla Wilson is a big runner with real nice speed. At 6'1 and sub 4.5 speed he could end up sky rocketing up the charts by the end of the season. Wilson will be one of the top running backs in North Florida this year. He has some nice mid-level offers which could change into some big time programs getting involved this fall.

Rest of the top 100
76) Derrick Smith Ath.- (Dillard)
77) Jonathan Garnner QB- (Daytona Mainland) (Committed to UF)
78) Brandon Williams CB (South Plantation)
79) Chris DeArmas OL- (Southwest Miami)
80) Richard Clark C (Seabreeze)
81) CJ Francis RB- (Delray Atlantic)
82) Cedric McGee WR- (Plantation)
83) Jemalle Eugene RB- (Naples)
84) Ty Witherspoon Ath.- (Madison County)
85) Demaso Munoz DB- (Southridge) (Committed to Rutgers)
86) Adam Coffee Ath. (Miami Northwestern)
87) Laron King LB (Miami Northwestern)
88) Baxter Grisby LB- (Boynton Beach)
89) Jeff Griffin OL – (Jacksonville Bartram Trail)
90) Neal Jones DT – Orlando Dr. Phillips)
91) Michael Holton TE- (Pompano Ely)
92) Oscar Gonzalez OL- (Hialeah)
93) Rod Owens WR – (Jacksonville Wolfson)
94) Carlton Jackson Ath. (Pompano Ely)
95) Artis Warthen LB- (Miramar)
96) Lavonte Jackson DE- (Chaminade)
97) Richard Goodman WR- (Saint Thomas)
98) Robin Lindor OL - (Miami Edison)
99) Quentez Ruffin OL - (Tallahassee Leon)
100) T.J. Williams Ath. – (Tallahassee Leon)

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