As we are on the verge of the state playoffs, here is Charles Fishbein's look at the top 100 players in the state of Florida.

1) Fred Rouse WR – (Tallahassee Lincoln) – Rouse is not only the top receiver in the state of Florida but may also hold that distinction in the entire nation. He has the size, speed and big plays ability you look for in a receiver. When you look at the success guys like Roy Williams, Mike Williams and Andre Johnson have had in college than its easy to see someone like Rouse just being a star at the next level. Even though Rouse has struggled somewhat this season he still has had touchdown grabs of over 60 and 70 yards a couple of times and has even returned kicks and run the ball into the end-zone.
2) Kenneth Phillips S- (Miami Carol City) –Phillips biggest problem this year has been opposing offenses have gone away from him. He has not gotten the opportunities to make the big plays like his sophomore and junior seasons. He still has all the physical tools to be a great safety in college. The one time he got the chance to play on offense this year Phillips scored a touchdown.
3) Demetrice Morley DB- (Miami Killian) (Committed to Tennessee) - Before the season started not too many recruiting gurus knew about Morley. He has quickly moved up the list and may be the top defensive back prospect in the country. He has great size and can Morley fly to the football. He not only is a star on the football field but Morley runs track as well. He is the best all around defensive back on the board.
4) Antone Smith RB- (Pahokee) - Smith first carry I saw him have this year he went 70+ yards for a touchdown against Delray Atlantic. On that carry you could see everything that makes Smith special. He is one of the fastest running backs I have ever seen in high school. Smith is very explosive and can take it the distance anytime he carries the football.
5) Eugene Hayes OLB- (Madison County) – Hayes is another prospect that when I got to see him live this year he came up big. In the first quarter alone of the game I witnessed Hayes already had two sacks and was wrecking havoc on the opposition. He has the speed to play linebacker in college and the frame to add some weight and become a pass rushing end. He rarely lets offensive lineman get to his body and what is most impressive is how well Hayes pursues the football. He has very good instincts for a defensive player.
6) Spencer Adkins OLB/DE- (Naples) - One thing that stands out about Adkins is how explosive he is off the football. He has one of the quickest first steps you will see from a defensive lineman. What I also like is how aggressive Adkins is on the football field. He plays with good leverage and does not allow offensive lineman to get their hands on in. If Adkins plays linebacker in college he may struggle until he learns how to play the position. I still feel his most natural position is defensive end.
7) Clarence Ward- (Pensacola Senior) - Ward transferred in mid-season to Pensacola. He was one of the top safeties in the county and the best that Texas had to offer. He is a big time safety prospect that is not too far down from Kenny Phillips. He has great closing speed and once Ward meets the ball carrier LIGHTS OUT. He had committed to LSU but has since been dropped because of character issues.
8) Elijah Hodge LB-(Fort Lauderdale Dillard) - Hodge is quickly becoming one of my favorite players. He plays with a hunger that you love to see from someone that plays linebacker. He has good instincts and when he gets to the ball carrier Hodge wants them to pay. Hodge is also even solid in pass coverage. He could end up as a strong safety in college in some defensive schemes.
9) Ricky-Jean Francois DE – (Miami Carol City)- On physical talent Francois is one of the most impressive prospects you will ever see. He uses his hands extremely well and Francois may be the strongest player in the state of Florida. At times though Francois will look lost out there. He needs to come and play hard on every down.
10) Avery Atkins CB- (Daytona Beach Mainland) (Committed to UF) - Atkins is another great athlete in the state of Florida this year. He has the speed to make plays on offense, defense and special teams. He is a bit raw for a cornerback prospect but Atkins has all the natural ability to be a start in college. His ability to make the big plays at the next level is what draws my attention.
11) Matt Hardrick OL-(Orlando Edgewater)-Hardrick is not only one of the top offensive line prospects in Florida he also is one of the best in the nation. He plays with very good technique and plays consistent throughout a game. He comes off the football low and just drives his guy down the field.
12) O.J. Murdock WR- (Tampa Middleton)-With Rouse being the top receiver on the board Murdoch has the number two spot locked down. He is probably the fastest receiver in the state of Florida and once in the open field the band starts to play. He needs to work on his route running and get off the jam better at the line of scrimmage. If he improves these two parts of his game Murdoch could end up a star in college.
13) Jon Demps - DE/OLB- (Pensacola Washington) - Whether it's at linebacker or defensive end Demps has the making of being a real good player in college. He has a good nose for the football and he finishes off his tackles. At the next level Demps is best suited to add some weight to his frame and be a down lineman. He has a ton of upside and that's what college coaches like best.
14) Ronnie Wilson DT- (Pompano Beach Ely) Wilson is another two way player that excels for his team. At times Wilson can take over a game and dominate on the offensive line. He runs real well and once he gets his motor going there is no slowing Wilson down. He is very aggressive at the point of attack and can take over a game. On the defensive line Wilson is stout against the run. He is almost impossible to move off the football with one guy. When he plays hard Wilson is a top ten talent. It's getting him to play hard on every down that is a concern.
15) Maurice Wells RB- (Jacksonville Sandalwood) - One thing that's stands out with Wells is his production. With over 3000 yards as a junior Wells is looking to duplicate that this year. He is not real big but Wells makes up for it with Speed and Quickness. He has shown to be durable but can he take the pounding of carrying the football that many times in college.
16) Carlton Hill WR- (Jefferson County) - I was not a big fan of Hill from watching him at summer camps but live he is the real deal. As a quarterback prospect he is real raw but as a receiver you're looking at a kid that can be a faster version of Mike Williams. Not too many players impress me but Hill is one that will impress anyone. If he decides to play receiver Hill could end up one of the premier players in this year's class.
17) Richard Gordon TE- (Miami Norland) - When it comes to physical specimens not many prospects is more impressive looking the Gordon. He has the ideal size you look for in a defensive end prospect. Long arms, great frame and that explosive first step that all defensive ends need to have success. His upside is as big as it gets for any prospect on the board. What he needs to do now is live up to that potential. Some teams are recruiting him as a tight end.
18) Gerald Williams DE- (Lauderdale Boyd Anderson) (Committed to UF) - All Gerald does is make tackles. In every game I have watched film of he was the leading tackler on his defense. He is another prospect that his best days ahead of him will be on the defensive line. At 6'5 225 pounds Williams has the frame to add another 30-40 pounds and be a monster at defensive end. He plays with passion that you don't see in every prospect. Williams wants to be the best player on the field and will do whatever it takes off it to fulfill that goal.
19) Jeffrey Owens DT- (Plantation) - Defensive tackles are hard to come by especially ones that run in the 4.8 range and move as well as Owens does. What impresses me about Owens is how well he pursues the football. He is extremely quick off the football and gets into the backfield in a hurry. If he can get bigger and stronger and work on his hands Owens could be a top flight DT in college. He struggles with double teams but with the proper coaching in college he will improve that part of his game. Non stop motor cant be overlooked with Owens.
20) Vladimir Richard- (Sunrise Piper) - (Committed to UF) - Vladimir is another prospect that physically is off the charts. He is versatile enough to play on the offensive or defensive line in college. With his footwork Vladimir could be a very good offensive lineman if he does not pan out along the defensive line. If there is one downside to Richard on the defensive side of the ball is he does not always play hard on every down. If he plays like he did in the playoffs last year against Northwestern he can be a star. If he plays like he did against Taravella this year he will get lost in the shuffle. He needs to come and play hard in every game and every down.
21) Kendrick Stewart DT- (Lakeland) - If you want to watch a kid that just knows how to play the game of football Stewart is it. He is another DT prospect that moves extremely well. He has a strong lower body and is able to disrupt opposing offenses running game. He also does very well at collapsing the pocket and getting the quarterback. He also never takes a down off. Stewart plays hard on every down. He keeps coming and will make the offensive lineman opposite him play hard for a full game. He also plays Guard for his team as well.
22) Chris Barney- OL (Miami Northwestern) - Before the season Barney looked like the top rated lineman in the state. He has slipped with his performance on the field not being up to the standard many set for him. Barney can dominate at times but the problem right now is he will take plays off. If he can work through that part of his game Barney could be a solid RT or G in college. He moves extremely well for someone his size. 23) A.J. Trump OL- (Clearwater Central Catholic) - When all is said and done Trump may end up the top offensive line prospect in this year's class. He has the best footwork of any of the lineman in the state of Florida this year. He has great feet and will run down the field to finish off blocks. Trump plays with that mean streak you look for in an offensive lineman.
24) Chris Chancellor CB- (Miami Edison) - At 5'9 _ Chancellor does not have the ideal size that colleges are looking for in a cornerback. What he does have is great football instincts. He locates the ball and once it's in the air he feels it's his. He makes plays and that is something that stands out when you watch Chancellor. If he was 5'11 you would be looking at the top CB prospect in the state. His size is his only drawback. Chancellor is a great football player and that's what stands out the most.
25) Dorian Munroe DB- (Miami Coral Reef) - Munroe is one of those football players that you watch on film and all he does is make the big play. He is not going to blow you away with his speed or physical skills but Munroe is a football player. He has very good ball skills and is able to force opposing offenses to throw the ball away from his side of the field. He is very similar to Kyle Jackson who was one of the best safety prospects in last year's class.
26) Mike Moore WR- (North Broward Prep) - When it comes to physical specimens at the receiver position Moore fits the bill. He has the physical talents to become a star in college. Now he needs to learn to play against top flight competition. At times Moore can be taken out of a game. With his size and speed Moore should be able to take games over. If he can improve that part of his game than the skies the limit with Moore. His route running and hands need to be worked on.
27) Kalvin Bailey FB- (Seffner Armwood) - When opposing teams face Armwood they know one thing the K-Train is coming. Bailey is like a locomotive and once he gets going the party is over for the opposition. He runs hard and once in the open field Bailey has the speed to take it the distance. His running style is similar to Jerome Bettis. Like Bettis, Bailey runs very well for someone his size.
28) Bryan Evans CB- (Jacksonville Ed White) - With Evans you get a football player that is a great athlete. He can line up as a receiver, running back, safety or cornerback. At the next level his best position will probably be receiver or safety. He has problems when his back is turned away from the football. He also does not have those hips you look for is a shut down corner. With some proper coaching he could improve and be a solid CB prospect. His best days though will most likely come at safety.
29) Bruce Johnson DB- (Live Oak Suwannee) - (Committed to UM) - Johnson has moved up the list as quickly as any prospect this year. He has been a star on the offensive side of the football but its as a defensive back that Johnson will make his impact at UM. If he was not such an early commit would be a well-known commodity. He has the ability to make the big plays and that's an important trait for a football player.
30) Eddie Haupt OL- (Merritt Island) - Haupt is not in the same class of lineman as Hardrick, Trump, Wilson or Barney but he is not too far behind. He is best suited to play in a run blocking scheme. His footwork causes him problems with defensive lineman that have a speed and quickness edge over him. He is best at just lining up and running right over you. His lateral quickness is also something he must work on.
31) Chris McClover WR- (Fort Lauderdale Dillard)- This summer one of the best looking prospects I saw at any camp was McClover. Once he fills out and learns the position McClover has as much upside as any receiver on the board. He has good size (6'3) and is close to 190 pounds. He has the frame to be close to 215 pounds once he hits a weight room. Inside the red zone and when your offense needs a first down McClover is money. His best days are ahead of him and some lucky team will get a star receiver in a couple of years.
32) Courtney Harris DE- (Jupiter)- Harris is another defensive line prospect that is moving up the top 100 list quickly. He can play defensive end and possibly even tackle on passing downs. He is not someone that is going to blow by you with his speed and quickness. Harris is more of a defensive end that will try and bull rush the offensive lineman opposite him. He lacks the great speed and quickness you like to see in a defensive end.
33) Dustin Forston LB- (Miami Northwestern)- Fortson is a bit undersized to play defensive end in college and too slow to play linebacker. If he can add some weight his ideal position is without a doubt defensive end. As a defensive end Fortson is one of the best pass rushers in the state of Florida this year. He is extremely quick off the football and almost impossible for most offensive tackles to block. If he can add the weight and not lose any of his speed and quickness Fortson can be one heck of a defensive end in college.
34) Conredge Collins RB- (Miami Monsignor Pace)- Collins is being recruited by some teams as a running back and others as a fullback. He has the versatility to play either position in college and excel. Very few big backs do see run as well as Collins. He runs with power and at times with finesse. His speed is deceptive for a big back and that's what's most impressive about Collins. Anytime you can rush for over 1600 yards in Dade County you have to take notice. One of his most impressive traits is how well he catches the ball out of the backfield. He has soft hands and can be a weapon out of the backfield as a receiver.
35) Randy Phillips S- (Glades Central)- (Committed to UM)- This year the consensus number one safety on everyone's board is Kenny Phillips. After Kenny there is drop off at the safety position and there are about 4-5 guys that can claim the second spot behind the Carol City star. Randy has made a name for himself as a running back for Belle Glades. It's as a safety prospect that Randy will play in college. He is a physical player that is always around the football. He is best suited to play close to the line and act as another linebacker on the field. He is the perfect strong safety prospect. If there is one part of his game he could work on its in pass coverage.
36) Harrison Beck QB- (Clearwater Countryside (Committed to Nebraska)- Beck was an early commitment this year and has been all but forgotten. He has a strong arm but needs to work on his accuracy. As far as his mobility is concerned he can move but Beck is best off as a pocket passer. He sometimes relies too much on his arm strength and forces some bad passes. He should excel in Nebraska west coast offense if Beck can improve his accuracy.
37) Quentin Taylor LB- (Apopka)- There was plenty of talk about Taylor early in the year but that has died down a bit now. He is a versatile athlete that can play FB, LB or even safety in college. His ability to lay the big hit is what stands out the most with Taylor. He is not afraid to get his nose dirty to bring down the ball carrier.
38) Eric Sledge S- (Apopka)- Sledge is another solid athlete that can play on both sides of the football. He can make an impact at receiver or safety at the next level. The only problem is he is not great at this time at either position. He is a very green prospect that needs to work hard to get the most out of his ability. As a receiver Sledge will go across the middle of the field and catch the tough passes. He is more of possession receiver than a deep threat. On defense Sledge can lay the wood but can he go back in coverage and excel. That is a question that needs to be answered.
39) Tommy Duhart DT- (Glades Central)- Duhart has played defensive end, tackle and tight end in high school. At 270 pounds he is already too big to play tight end in college but Duhart is a great athlete. He could also be a stud along the offensive line if that's where some team may want to play him. What's most impressive is his footwork. Duhart moves like someone that is half his size. He will most likely play defensive tackle in college.
40) Jarrett Brown QB- (Palm Beach Lakes) –(Committed to West Virginia)- If there is one quarterback that is quietly putting together a very good season its Jarrett Brown. He has the size (6'4) and the athletic ability to make plays on the run. His accuracy can not be questioned when he had one game his junior year where he was 25-25. He can make almost every thrown and has the touch to lead his receiver down the field. West Virginia got one of the least known quarterbacks in the country.
41) Louis Murphy WR- (St. Petersburg Lakewood) (Committed to UF)- Murphy is the ultimate competitor. It does not matter if it's a summer camp or a football game Murphy wants the football. He will line up and go one on one with any cornerback and he feels he can beat them. He is very confident in his ability to make plays. What is most impressive about Murphy is when the ball is in the air it's his. He has great hands and hardly ever drops the football. He also runs good routes and knows how to get open. His lack of break away speed is his only concern.
42) Jessie Hester WR- (Glades Central)- Before the season Hester was one of the most well known receivers in Florida. He transferred to Glades Central to see what he could do against better competition. His season has been a disappointment since he has not even come close to living up to his potential. In what looked like a promising senior season Hester will have to settle at a smaller division one school.
43) Antwaun Cox CB- (Miami Killian)- When it comes to cover skills Cox is one of the best in high school. He has solid technique and does not let receivers get by him. At 5'11 Cox has nice size to play the CB position. Now if he can add some weight Cox could be one of the few sleepers from this year's class. His ability to shut down his side of the field will draw the attention of college scouts.
44) Jarvis Hicks DB- (Deerfield Beach)- Hicks leads what could be the best linebacker corps in South Florida. His natural position in college will be strong safety. He is not the biggest linebacker but he makes up for that with his speed and quickness. Hicks finds the football and once he gets there is a heat seeking missile. He is someone that will need to red shirt and get bigger and stronger to have success in college.
45) Jamar Chaney LB- (Port St. Lucie Centennial) With so many top flight linebackers this year a guy like Chaney can go unnoticed. That's unless you're a college recruiter looking for a solid linebacker prospect. Chaney is not real flashy but he gets the job done. He is always around the football and seems to lead his team in tackles every game. He is similar to Brandon Siler who was not recruited very heavily last year. He is not real fast but Chaney makes up for it with a nose for the football.
46) Brian Ellis TE- (Daytona Beach Mainland)- In what could be one of the worst years for Tight end in Florida this year Ellis is the top of the list. He lacks great speed and quickness but Ellis seems to find the opening in opposing defenses. He is great at breaking a zone defense. He has good hands and can get the yards after the catch that teams look for in a tight end. He will be a solid weapon in the red-zone.
47) Demetrius Byrd- WR-(Miami Central)- Every year it seems like a wide receiver comes out of nowhere in Dade County to become one of the best in the state. A couple of years ago Dwayne Bowe of Norland had a great senior season and moved to the top of the list. This year that receiver will be Byrd. He has great size (6'2) and the speed to blow by defensive backs (4.4). What makes Byrd one of the best all around prospects at his position is his ability to play special teams, Byrd is one of the best punt and kick return man in the Florida. He is similar to Antonio Bryant who also had a breakthrough senior season and ended up in the NFL.
48) Walter McFadden CB- (Pompano Beach Ely)- With college coaches looking for shut down corners McFadden becomes a need for almost every recruiter. He has the size (6'2) and blazing speed (4.35). The only downside to McFadden at this time is his weight. Once he gets into a weight room he has too much talent to not shine at the next level. His game will only get better once he gets on a college campus.
49) Garrett White LB (Miami Norland)- When the season begun one name that was not mentioned much was Garrett White. With an impressive senior season White is starting to get noticed. He is one of the types of linebackers that gives it a 110% on every play. If you follow the football there is a good chance that White is right there to clean up the mess. He has the instincts to play MLB and that's where White will most likely end up in college. He has good but not great speed. He just has a nose for the football and once he gets to the ball carrier he will punish what ever gets in his way.
50) Chris Singleton DB- (Ft Myers Dunbar)- Singleton is one of those types of prospects that you see go away to college and most fans ask why did he not end up at UM, FSU or UF. Singleton has the size and speed to be a special defensive back in college. He makes plays for his Dunbar defense that puts his team in position to win. His size and speed is what will draw the attention of most college recruiters. He still has a lot to learn but Singleton upside is what makes him a must get prospect.
51) Avery Vogt LB- (Miami Coral Reef)- Vogt is another linebacker/defensive end prospect that has drawn some interest from some top colleges. He is another kid that just knows how to play the game of football. When the Barracudas need a big stop on defense its Vogt that they call on. He is a big time hitting machine. Once he sets his sites on the ball carrier there is bound to be a collision on the play. He also has very good pass rushing skills and may make a solid rush end in college.
52) Cedric McGee WR- (Plantation)- McGee is not the biggest, or fastest or most elusive receiver but it seems like he catches every ball thrown his way. He relies on his hands and ability to get open to beat a defense. If there is a better possession receiver in Florida this year I would like to see him. If McGee was able to run faster on a stop watch there is no doubt he would be more heavily recruited. As is he will draw a lot of attention as NSD is near.
53) Paul Ohara RB- (Cross City Dixie County)- O'Hara is another prospect that needs to find a position in college. He has excelled at running back most of his high school career but it's as a linebacker or safety where O'Hara looks to make his mark in college. He is one of those players that has a ton of upside and can be a star or someone that could end up just a solid prospect down the road. He has seen his stock slip a bit this year but O'Hara can still be a nice player for some team in college.
54) Roy Upchurch (Tallahassee Godby)- When you have over 2,000 yards and over 25 touchdowns in the state of Florida you must be doing something right. Upchurch has a straight ahead running style and is able to pick up the tough yards. Where Upchurch excels most is at getting the ball in end-zone. All season long he has been one of the top rushers in the Panhandle. If he can get his grades in order there will be some big time schools that start recruiting him.
55) Antonio Turner FB- (Orlando Edgewater)- When Edgewater needs the tough yards to move the chains it's a good bet that Turner gets the football. He is a solid all-around fullback that can also line up as a tailback in certain situations. When inside the red zone there is a good bet that Turner sees the football. He also can provide your offense with another option in the passing game. Turner is one of the best fullbacks in Florida this year.
56) Eddie Tabasky C- (Daytona Beach Mainland)- When it comes to pure center prospects Tobasky is one of the few players at his position that stand out. He is one of the strongest linemen in the state. He also excels in the classroom as Eddie is even being recruited by Ivy League Schools.
57) Johnny Holmes LB- (Rockledge) – Holmes is another forgotten prospect at the linebacker position. He has nice size and can he fly to the football. Holmes is another backer this year that can make some team very happy in a year or two. He is not as gifted as a Geno Hayes, Hodge or Adkins but there is no doubt this kid can make an impact in college. He is Rockledge heart and soul of their defense this year.
58) Antuan Lewis OL- (Tampa Jefferson)- One of the strongest positions this year in Florida is probably offensive line. With Tobasky at center, Wilson/Trump at Guards and Hardrick/Barney at tackle you could have one of the best Offensive lines in college within two years. Lewis is not going to be mentioned with the top tier offensive lineman in the state this year but he is pretty good himself. I also like that Lewis has made a name for himself on the defensive side of the football.
59) Marvin Sapp LB (Jacksonville Sandalwood)- When you think of the linebackers that are coming out this year its no wonder why college coaches are coming down to Florida this year to recruit the position hard. Sapp is just another name that seems to get lost in the shuffle when talking about linebackers this year. He is already been offered by some of the top teams in the ACC.
60) Quinton Andrews S/WR- (Miami Monsignor Pace)- Another prospect that is not going to blow you away with camp numbers is Andrews. When he lines up on the football field that's when he does his most damage. Andrews can line up as a safety or receiver in college. His lack of speed is the one main hang up for college coaches. If he ran in the 4.5 range Andrews would be one of the top rated players in Florida. He is a very good high school player but is there enough upside there to take a chance on him.
61) Ray Herring S- (Melbourne Holy Trinity Academy)- Herring is another solid defensive back that can play safety or cornerback in college. He has decent speed and is physical enough to help out in run support. Can he play with his back to the football that is a question that needs to be answered. He is best suited to play free safety in college.
62) Matt Lewis DT- (Daytona Beach Mainland)- Lewis is a versatile athlete that can play FB, LB DE or even DT in college. He is not extremely fast on a football field but Lewis does have nice quickness. As a defensive tackle he gets blocked to easily. He needs to work on being able to shed blocks easier. At the next level his best position may be fullback.
63) Kimbrick Baker WR (Miami Jackson)- Like with Cedric McGee of Plantation if Baker was a little bit faster he would be receiving offers from the Big Three in Florida. He has very good hands and runs solid routes. He makes the most difficult catches look routine. He is a solid prospect that will probably make a mid division 1 team very happy over the next few years.
64) Derrick Smith Ath.- (Fort Lauderdale Dillard)- At 6'0 Smith has the ideal size to play cornerback in college. At this time he is Dillard fastest receiver and their big play threat on offense. As a receiver he is very raw but with the right coaching you're looking at a big time sleeper prospect. He is the ideal cornerback prospect. Smith has long arms, has the frame to add on more weight without losing any speed or quickness.
65) Rod Owens WR- (Jacksonville Wolfson) When you look at the top receiver prospects like Rouse and OJ Murdock there is a big drop off at the receiver position this year. There are some real nice prospects but most of them have a lot of work to do. One prospect that is ready to play is Rod Owens. He is another receiver that does not have the blazing speed but he gets open. When a receiver is as productive as Owens is in High School, you have to take notice.
66) Chris DeArmas OL- (Southwest Miami)- committed early to USF. DeArmas was an early commitment to USF but there is a very good chance his recruitment can open up again. He is another solid looking athlete that just happens to play offensive line. He has quick feet and can be an effective player at Tackle, Guard or Center in college. He is versatile enough to play all three positions. If DeArmas sticks with his commitment to USF they would have gotten one of the best OL in the state this year.
67) Rodney Etienne SS- (Pompano Beach Ely)- If you want to see what a prototypical SS prospect looks like Etienne should be used as the model. One thing is when he is on the field the opposition must know where Etienne is at all times. Some of the biggest hits this year have come from the Ely star. He has a great frame and once you add in the speed factor Etienne is a solid prospect. He committed to UCF, but there is a good chance that some big time programs come calling by the end of the year.
68) Mike Greco Ath.- (Fort Lauderdale Cardinal Gibbons)- One thing you notice when watching Greco play football is most quarterbacks are not supposed to be that fast. Greco is one of the fastest prospects in the State of Florida this year. That alone will draw the interest of most college coach's nation wide. Greco play quarterback but his mechanics need a lot of retooling. He has the ability to play quarterback but there is much better chance for success if Greco play safety or even receiver in college. He has the frame to even possibly get big enough to play linebacker as well.
69) Gary Watts LB- (Miami Norland)- With Garrett White on one side and Watts on the other Norland has two very good linebackers on the field at all times. Watts is not as explosive as his teammate White but he is just as productive. Watts is another in a long line of linebacker prospects that could make an impact in college. He is not the fastest linebacker on the board but Watts does one thing and that is find the football.
70) Reggie St. Pierre DT- (Miami Central)- With the lack of quality defensive tackles there is always room for one more prospect to stand out. St. Pierre is not the biggest defensive tackle you will see but he can move. He is constantly in the opposition backfield and St. Pierre just makes plays. If double teamed St. Pierre will struggle at times, if he is blocked straight up there is a good chance your quarterback or running back will be tackled for a loss.
71) LB Albert McClellan (Lakeland Kathleen) – McClellan is a prospect that can play outside linebacker or be used as a rush end. He knows one thing and that is getting to the quarterback. McClellan has a good first step off the football and can make plays in the opposition backfield. There are not too many defensive ends that get up the field as quickly as Albert does.
72) Briceton Wilson RB- Wilson is a big runner with real nice speed. At 6'1 and sub 4.5 speed he could end up surprising some in college. He has been one of the top running back prospects the past few years in North Florida.
73) Andrew Atkins DB- (Tampa Leto) – When you hear the name Atkins the first two that come to mind are Avery and Spencer. Well this Atkins is not to shabby himself. Andrew is tall, lanky cornerback that has the ability to make plays. There are not too many 6'2 cornerbacks that can cover as well as he can.
74) Alex Suber RB- (Tampa Jefferson)- Suber has made his biggest impact as a running back in high school. Once he gets to college he most likely will play slot receiver or cornerback. He has the ability to stick at running back but most will be concerned by his lack of size. His home run speed makes him a threat every time he touches the football. Special teams is another area Suber can make an impact early on.
75) R.J. Anderson DB-. (Committed to USF)- An early commitment made Anderson a forgotten man among recruiting nuts. He is a solid all around prospect that could see the field early and often at USF. He is not real big and physical but Anderson makes up for it with his speed and quickness to the football. He has the ability to make a play every time he steps on the field.
76) Josh Walker DB- (Jefferson) – Walker has made an impact on both sides of the field. He has played both receiver and defensive back in high school. He is the jack of all trades. The question that needs to be answered is can Walker star at one position. He has the ability to be a nice prospect for a mid major team.
77) Simon Codrington –OL- (South Miami)- Codrington is a basket ball player that ended up on the gridiron. He is a very raw prospect that with the right coaching could end up a solid left tackle in college. At 6'6 _ he has the ideal size to line up on the left side of the offensive line. Now he just needs to improve his footwork and use his hands better. His technique must improve for Codrington to excel in college.
78) Brandon Williams CB (South Plantation)- With the lack of quality defensive backs there is always room for one more name. Williams plays for a team that has not gotten him much recognition. One thing he has done at South Plantation has been productive. He is a solid open field tackler and if you decide to pass his way Williams could take it back to the house.
79) Devin Giles DB (Tampa Jefferson)- Giles has the ideal size and speed to play cornerback in college. If not for some issues in the classroom Giles may be much higher on this list. He also makes an impact on special teams. There is always room for a prospect like Giles on your football team.
80) Richard Clark C (Daytona Beach Seabreeze)- Clark is one of two very good Center prospects from Daytona this year. He is a good athlete but a bit undersized for a center prospect. Right now Clark is closer to 260 than a preferred weight of 280. He is a solid prospect but at this time his lack of versatility could be hurting him as well. Clark is strictly a center at the next level.
81) Jonathan Garner QB- (Daytona Mainland) (Committed to UF)- Garner is another prospect that made and early commitment this spring. When it comes to winning not many more quarterbacks have been as successful as Garner has been. He is a winner and that is something every college coach looks for in a quarterback prospect. His leadership skills can't be questioned. What can be questioned is his lack of mobility and arm strength. Neither is strength of his game.
82) Gerrard Sinclair DB- Sinclair defensive teammate Tony Carter last was probably the fastest and most athletic cornerback in Florida. He lacks Carter speed and quickness but Sinclair makes plays. His best attribute is his open field tackler.
83) Jemalle Eugene RB- (Naples)- Eugene is not the biggest running back but he sure can get up the field in a hurry. He relies on his speed and quickness to beat a defense. He can also line up in the slot and be an effective receiver as well.
84) Carlton Jackson QB (Pompano Beach Ely)- Jackson is part of a quarterback class this year in Florida that is a bit down. While most of the quarterbacks this year in South Florida have struggled somewhat Jackson has thrived in his new passing attack that Ely coaches have installed this year. He has a good arm and can also make defenses pay with his legs. If he can improve his accuracy Jackson can play quarterback at the next level. He also can play WR or defensive back as well.
85) Damaso Munoz DB- (Southridge) (Committed to Rutgers)- Munoz is not one of more well known recruits but he should be. After an early commitment to Rutgers most recruiting fans basically brushed Munoz off. The one game that I went to this year where Munoz played against Jackson High School he was the leading tackler on his defense. He either made the play or was in the vicinity to make the tackle. He can also play SS in college and that could be his next destination on the football field.
86) Kevin Smith RB/S- (Miami Southridge) – Smith has played running back and safety for his high school football team. As a running back the only thing he is lacking from being a big time prospect is that breakaway speed. He is always one step away from making a big play as a running back. As a safety Smith comes to play. He wants to knock the head off of the opposition every time they come to his side of the field. He is best suited to helping out in run support. In pass coverage Smith sometimes gets lost.
87) Neefy Moffett DE/LB- (Palm Bay)- Moffett at the beginning of the year was one of the top prospects on the board. After watching more film of him there is no doubt the kid has the physical skills to play but the effort is not always there. For all of his ability Moffett just does not make enough plays. At 5'11 he is not big enough to play defensive end and his lack of speed and quickness most likely take linebacker out of the equation. I would not be surprised to see him play fullback in college.
88) Baxter Grisby LB- (Boynton Beach)- Grisby is a very intriguing prospect. He is not the biggest linebacker (6'0) and not the fastest (4.6) but he does make plays. He has good instincts and seems to be around the football a lot. He has a knack of making plays for his defense. There are a ton of linebackers this year that are in the same boat as Grisby. He has yet to make a name for himself but some Division one program will pick him up.
89) C.J. Francis RB- (Delray Beach Atlantic)- Francis is one of those running backs that you have to judge him on production. He is not going to go to a camp and blow you away with his numbers but get him on the football field and he makes plays. He is powerful runner that won't go down on first contact. If not for a lack of blazing speed Francis would crack the top 50.
90) Richard Goodman WR- (Fort Lauderdale St. Thomas)- Goodman is the ideal possession receiver. He runs good routes, has good hands and always seems to get open. He is very well coached and it shows when STA plays. If he was a bit faster Goodman would be a better known name this year.
91) Michael Holton TE- (Pompano Beach Ely)- When looking at Holton he sure looks the part of what a tight end should look like. He has good size and speed the problem is his lack of productivity. I also feel Holton could end up a defensive end in college.
92) Laron King LB (Miami Northwestern)- Along with Dustin Fortson King has been one of the best players on Northwestern defense. He constantly gets pressure on the opposing quarterbacks and also disrupt their running game. If Fortson name is not called for a tackle or sack you can bet King is. His lack of size will force him to play linebacker in college.
93) T.J. Williams Ath. (Tallahassee Leon)- Williams is not the fastest receiver on the board but his size and ability to make big plays is what will draw the interest on college recruiters. He is one of the best athletes in North Florida this year. If not for a lack of speed all the big time programs would be all over him. He has the ability to be a very successful college football player.
94) Sanchez Anderson WR- (Hollywood Hills) Anderson is another receiver that has quickly moved up the ranks. Along with Byrd from Miami Central High School, Anderson has seen his stock rise of late. Not only is Anderson one of the best receivers in South Florida there may not be a better return man down south. He has the speed to take it the distance anywhere on the field.
95) Tyrone Witherspoon Ath.- (Madison County)- Witherspoon is without a doubt one of the most fun prospects to watch this year. He is lightning quick and can turn a two yard loss into a touchdown run. He can make plays anywhere on the field. The only question for college recruiters is where to play him. He can make an impact at receiver, running back and defensive back. That versatility will draw the eyes of many scouts.
96) Mike Ford RB- (Sarasota)- Ford is another running back in Florida that is putting up impressive numbers. He has been one of the top back all season long. Production is very important and Ford has more than excelled in that area of his game.
97) Daniel Duffrene RB/Ath. (Fort Lauderdale Stranahan)- Duffrene is one of the best backs that no one has heard of. He runs hard and when Duffrene gets enough touches he will wear a defense down and take it long distance. He is not the type of back that goes down on first contact. What's even more impressive is Daniel has put up big numbers against even the good teams in Broward County.
98) Javares Knight WR (Tallahassee FAMU)- Knight is just another good looking receiver prospect in North Florida this year. With guys like Rouse and Murdock getting all the attention Knight could end up being a surprise to many in college football. He has good size and decent speed.
99) Quentez Ruffin OL (Tallahassee Leon)- Ruffin was an early commitment that is still drawing interest from colleges across the country. He is not in the top tier of offensive lineman but that does not mean Ruffin is not a good lineman himself. He needs to get bigger and stronger and work on his footwork. At times Ruffin can be overpowered.
100) Donovan Baldwin –(Plantation American Heritage)- Committed to Georgia Baldwin is a great athlete that needs to become a great football player. He has the size and speed to make a difference in college. If he can improve his football skills watch out.

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