IN THE HUDDLE WITH: Ulysses Alexander

While the playoffs are in full swing, there are going to be more athletes who will emerge as players to watch for. Here is yet another quality receiver who is making his mark.

Unlike most analysts, Charles Fishbein watches our Florida Kids live. After traveling thousands of miles each football season, he sits down with athletes and coaches and finds out information that is impossible to acquire by talking on the telephone or watching film.
Fishbein has been singled out by high school and collegiate coaches and players for his ability to judge talent and push the athlete on to schools at the next level.

Here is another UP CLOSE evaluation and profile on yet another star-quality Florida athlete:

Player: Ulysses Alexander
Position: Wide Receiver
School: Miami Northwestern
Height: 6'5
Weight: 185

STRENGTHS: When Alexander lines up at receiver, the first thing you notice is the mismatch he presents for almost every defense he goes against. At close to 6-foot-6 he completely dwarfs any cornerback he faces at the high school level, and perhaps in college.
He is a big target that makes it easy for any quarterback to find. He is a zone-buster, who will run toward a spot (soft zone) and set himself there, ready to catch the ball.
Not only is Alexander a big target, but he is a threat after the catch. Inside the "red-zone", he is money - all the time. His size allows him to be physical at the line of scrimmage and get off the line. He is also a solid down field blocker on running plays.

WEAKNESS: If Alexander has a weakness, he lacks breakaway speed. He does, however, make up for his lack of speed with quickness off the line. He does struggle at times to get separation, but as we have watched with other successful wideouts at the collegiate level, you can trade one for the other.
One other thing he could improve on his overall strength, which will be remedied when he moves on to the next level.

OVERALL: Alexander is certainly a player on the rise. With his size, I have to believe that some "mid-D1A" program will give him a scholarship offer. I also believe he is one of the true sleeper prospects in an always talented South Florida this year.
With this new breed of receiver being bigger, Ulysses fits the mold. He is one player to keep and eye on over the next few years.

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