As you travel across the state of Florida, espcially this time of year, you tend to uncover some impressive football players. Here is another one of those star-quality athletes.

As he has done all year, Charles Fishbein breaks down another senior Florida football player in a way only someone who has the experience of seeing more players live and in person, can.

Charles, also part of Derek Williams' budding powerhouse at, continues to travel the entire state to give you the fan a look at that you simply cannot get from looking at tapes and asking other players and coaches. is proud to have Charles on board with us this year, and appreciate his tremendous evaluation capabilities.

We hope that you enjoy this "up-close and personal" evaluations that you will NOT find anywhere else!

PLAYER: Gus Mustakas
POSITION: Tight End/Defensive End
SCHOOL: Hollywood Chaminade

Last year, one of the top tightends in the state of Florida was Hollywood Chaminade Octavius Darby. He ended up signing with North Caroline State.

This year, the Lions have another solid prospect from that position. While Mustakas is not as athletic as his former teammate, don't let that fool you for a second. This is a former optimist level running back who has played linebacker, running back, fullback and has been impressive on both sides of the line of scrimmage.

As a tightend prospect, he has great hands and runs solid routes. Rarely if ever will you see the big guy drop the football. On third and fourth down if the ball is thrown to him, his is almost a guaranteed a first down. He is a big, physical football player that is very difficult for opposing defenses to shut down. He is also a threat near the goal line as well. Not only is Mustakas a solid tight end prospect, but I see him playing on the line at the D1A level. Colleges are simply bowled over by what he brings to the table.

If there is one thing that scouts will look at when the step on campus is Mustakas does not have blazing speed. he has built his reputation through his power game, which has opened the way for many teammates to benefit. If you want a 10-15 yard gain and an occasional big play, Mustakas is the tight end to look at. If a coach is looking for a tight end that can stretch the field, they will look in another direction. But remember, his overall athletic ability gives a college an option.

Where he plays will be determined by which position Gus "The Bus" wants to play in college. My best bet is he will end up along the interior offensive or defensive line. He can play tight end at a MAC type school or even a possible Big East or Conference USA school. His lack of speed for a tight end will be one of the main drawbacks for the bigger schools.

Overall, Mustakas is a tough kid who is playing a role at the high school level based on the need of the team. At the next level, when he has the time to concentrate on one position, he will shine – in a major way!

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