When the 2005 football season unfolds, you may be surprised how many major college linemen - on both sides of the ball - the southern Florida region of the state produces. Here is the final installment of that series.

In the first two parts of this series, I brought you a number of quality linemen, who were bred in the South Florida area, that are part of this impressive Class of 2006.

Now, while I realize that the entire state of Florida is stacked with tremendous linemen - from Pensacola to Orlando, Jacksonville, Merritt Island and the rest of the state, it struck me that the southern region of the state had more than its share of star-quality, major college talent.

As you know, as a recruiting analyst for, I will bring you up close and personal throughout the spring and summer as I personally visit players, schools and coaches all over Florida, and along with Larry Blustein, the Publisher of, who travels the state like nobody else, we will analyze and break down as many football players as possible.

I hope you enjoy the final installment of this series that we've had plenty of positive feedback from fans and coaches alike!

MIAMI KILLIAN: In years past, Killian has been known for its skilled positions players. When it comes to producing defensive backs not too many schools can compete with the Cougars. Names like Derrick Gibson, Miguel Scott, J.R. Bryant and this past year Dee Morley and Antwane Cox.


This year, the best prospect at the school is offensive tackle Kevin Perez. Not only is Perez physically talented, he will be one of the leaders on the offensive side of the football.

"I have watched Kevin the past two years and this is someone who is on the verge of being the total package," said Blustein. "From his last game, when the Cougars beat Orlando Edgewater, you'll be amazed at his size and strength. He is a worker - all the way!"

Perez recently spoke about the upcoming season and what he would like to accomplish this year on and off the field. He also mentioned what college football team he followed growing up.

"We won state again last year and that is the goal again this year," he said. "With the game in Miami it will be that much more of a motivating factor to play even harder than a year ago."

When it comes to which team he followed closely growing up that was not a hard question for Perez to answer: "UM," he said with a big smile. "That was the team I followed growing up. They are one school I really want to get a scholarship offer from."

This week, we also found out, throughout our vast network of resources, that Duke University offered Perez.

SOUTH MIAMI: Last year, the Cobras had Simon Codrington, who ended up signing with the University of Florida.

This year, coach Joe Mira brings back two quality line prospects in offensive linemen Brandon Davis and Marsee Amajwon. Both will most likely get recruited heavily once the season starts.

Brandon Davis, SOUTH MIAMI

Though Codrington was a better known prospect heading into his senior season, these two can get the same attention if they continue to work hard in the weight room and once on the practice field. "Davis is a real nice prospect and has the chance to be recruited as heavily as Codrington was last year if he continues to work hard," said Mira. "Amajwon is 6-foot-5, 300 pounds, and moves real well. He will get the chance to shine this year with more playing time."

BOCA RATON: While they are not household names to most of you around the state, Kendal Mason, Robert Balkunas, John Lubischer make up one of the better defensive lines in Palm Beach County this year.

Robert Balkunas, BOCA RATON

Balkunas is a big, powerful defensive tackle that can just over power the opposition. He gets most of his power from his lower body. What is most impressive about Balkunas is how tough he is to move off the football. Mason and Lubischer, who came in from nearby Fort Lauderdale Cardinal Gibbons, will compliment Balkunas as he is the anchor of the defensive line.

John Lubischer, BOCA RATON

"Balkunas definitely has the chance to be something very special for the Bobcats," said Blustein. "I talked to a number of coaches who played against him last year, and all said that he would be a player who could rise to the top - quickly!"

PALM BEACH LAKES: While watching this entire program was tough to do last year when you had such weapons as Jarrett Brown, Jetavious Best and Brandon Heath getting most of the attention, there were two extremely impressive linemen who stepped up. One on offense and the other on defense.

Defensive end David Bedford is impressive. If he can stay healthy throughout the year, you're looking at a defensive end prospect that could start getting offers from the top schools in college football. He has the speed and quickness to give slower offensive lineman problems and the power to handle them as well.


Bedford won't be alone. On the offensive side of the ball there is impressive Jeremy Baker, who just may emerge as the best prospect in the county.


MIAMI PALMETTO: We end the series with a trip to my alma mater. While I always stay impartial when it comes to evaluating talent, this year, I want to call your attention to a few Panthers who will make some noise.

Cedrick Mack in an impressive 6-foot-4, 330 pounds. He benches over 365 pounds and squats close to 450 pounds. This is a player nobody is talking about, but that will NOT last!


"I want to continue to get bigger and stronger," Mack said. "My goal is to one of the best offensive lineman in Dade County this year."

We also had the chance to ask Panthers' head coach Jim Kroll about his star prospect.

"If Mack continues to work hard he can end up as good as any lineman we have had here," Kroll said. "I have had some good ones in Chris Myers who played at University of Miami and Andrew Handy, who is at Memphis University."

Well, fans, there you have this three part series. Like I said, while there are other players who I probably didn't mention, you can tell, as a I travel around, I will be able to get all those in for you."

Ready for me to do a series in your area, please e-mail me at and I will set up a time. Also, if you have VHS/DVD highlight tapes and color photos of yourself, just send them to Florida Kids, P.O. Box 3181, Hallandale Beach, Fl. 33009.

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