While there are at least 350 Division 1A prospects in the state of Florida for the Class of 2006, we give you the first look at the top 100, heading into spring practice as well as summer camps and combines throughout the Sunshine State.

As I have the opportunity to see more and more players at the camps, practices and combines I will personally visit this spring and summer, there are more players who will be added to this list that will be updated throughout the course of the year.

The following list was compiled as the teams get set for spring football. While there are some athletes who may be rated too high or too low – or perhaps not listed at all – that will change as I see the players perform.

As usual, I am always open to your comments, so just e-mail ( me with your observations. Remember, if you have film to back up your imput, it will be welcome as well. I hope you enjoy the first of many lists that I will have for you.

1. Sam Young-OT- (Saint Thomas Aquinas)- Right now Young is the clear cut number one prospect in Florida this year. At 6-foot-7, 285 pounds Young has the ideal size to play left tackle in college. He moves exceptionally well for someone his size. What's most impressive is how good of technique he has. Young has great footwork, gets good knee bend and is almost impossible to get by. Once he gets into a college weight room, Young will be close to 320 pounds.

2.Tim Tebow- QB- (Nease)- Usually you hear about prospects that get a lot of hype and never live up to it once they get to college. Tebow is one that will get that hype thrown his way but there is no doubt, he should live up to it. He has a big time arm and can make every throw asked of him. You won't see many quarterbacks that can make throws running to both their right and left and put the ball on the mark. He is one of the most accurate quarterbacks on the run.

3. Jamar Hornsby-S/WR (Jacksonville Sandalwood)-Of the little I have seen of Hornsby, he looks like the real deal. His play is very similar to that of Florida State Safety, Pat Watkins in high school. Some may even want to compare him to former Tennessee Volunteer safety Deon Grant. Hornsby not only has great speed, his range is unreal. He covers a lot of ground and can make the most difficult play look routine.

4. C.J. Spiller-RB-(Union County) Last year Antone Smith was the unanimous number 1 running back in the state of Florida. This year Spiller looks to hold on to that title. Spiller has the speed, quickness and athletic ability to be a star running back at the next level. He is one of the few backs in this year's class that can take it the distance anywhere on the field.

5. Charles Deas- DT/OL- (Boyd Anderson)- As a sophomore I went to see Deas Ft. Lauderdale Dillard team play. I was there to watch linebacker Vernon Smith. What I noticed in front of Smith, was a 6-foot-5, 300 pound defensive tackle that was one of the most impressive looking prospects on the field. When I asked what year this prospect was in, I was in shock. At the time, Deas who was only a sophomore, was the most dominant player on the field. He is a big time prospect and will be among the top 10-15 players in 2005.

Daniel Wenger
6.Daniel Wenger- C- (Saint Thomas)- Most teams are lucky in high school to have one good lineman. Saint Thomas this year has three division one prospects on the offensive line. While Sam Young and Marcus Gilbert have the most upside of the three Raider linemen it's Wenger that is the most ready for college at this time. He is the top center prospect in Florida and one of the better ones in the nation.

7. John Paul-DE- (Immokalee)- Last year Immokalee one that state championship. This year they look to do the same behind a very good defense. The reason they have such a good defense is because of players like Paul. At 6'4, 240 pounds he is a disruptive force on the Immokalee defensive line. He has the speed and quickness to play defensive end and the size and strength to play defensive tackle in college.

8. Reggie Odom- DT- (Deland)- One thing you notice with Odom the first time you watch some of his clips is how quick he fires off the ball. Odom is just another in a long line of linemen this year that will be heavily recruited. He has one of the quickest first steps of any of the linemen you will see this year on film.

9. Kenrick Ellis- DT- (John I. Leonard)- I have watched over 4 games of Ellis from his junior year and in almost every one of those games he was disruptive force. When Ellis plays hard, he is almost impossible to block with just one guy. He has a ton of talent but needs to learn to play hard on every down.

10. Daron Rose-OT- (Tampa Jefferson)- Last year when speaking with Larry Blustein of he kept mentioning one name over and over when it came to offensive linemen and that was Daron Rose. I have yet to see him play live but from the little I have seen on film Rose has good footwork and has the perfect frame to be solid linemen in college.

Richard Jackson
11. Richard Jackson- WR- (Clermont East Ridge)-This year there are no Fred Rouse type receivers but instead you have a deeper and more talented class than in 2004. One of the top receivers will be Jackson. He has good size and speed and will be a difficult match-up for most defensive backs this year.

12. Brandon Heath- WR/S- (Palm Beach Lakes)- I have watched game film of Heath, saw him at the Perfect Competition camp in Davie last week and have come away very impressed. He is one of the best football prospects in Florida this year. His ability to make plays on both sides of the football is why he will be so highly recruited.

13. Jarred Fayson- QB/Ath.- (Tampa Hillsborough)- Even though Fayson is a quarterback in high school, he could also be a very effective receiver or defensive back in college. He has good speed and has the quickness and elusiveness to make defenders miss him when Jared is in the open field. He has a good but not great arm. If he is going to play quarterback teams like Virginia Tech and Kansas State will recruit him the hardest.

14. Marcus Sims- RB/LB- (North Florida Christian)- Not long ago Marcus Sims older brother Ernie was one of the top rated prospects in Florida. Larry Blustein of had his brother rated as the No. 1 prospect in the state of Florida the year he came out of high school. Marcus may not end up the number one rated player in Florida but he will be one of the top 20 prospects this fall. He can make an impact on either side of the football but Sims best position may be linebacker in college.

15. Darren Baldwin- S/CB- (South Dade)- Over the years South Dade has had some good football players. Most recently they sent Antrel Rolle to the University of Miami who is now getting ready to get drafted in the first round of the draft. Baldwin is a versatile defensive back that could see time at cornerback or safety in college. He has good coverage skills and Baldwin hits like a truck.

16. DeAndre McDaniel- S/WR- (Tallahassee Godby)- McDaniel is another two way player that will be heavily recruited this year. While some teams may like him as a receiver other will want to keep him on the defensive side of the football. He is versatile enough to play cornerback, safety and receiver in college.

17. Marcus Gilbert- OT- (Saint Thomas Aquinas)- While Sam Young will get the most attention this fall there is another lineman on Saint Thomas team that should not be forgotten and that is Gilbert. Gilbert is a great athlete and once he gets bigger and stronger he will a star on the football field.

18. DeAndre Morgan- CB/RB- (Suncoast)- The name of the game is speed and Morgan has plenty of that. He is one of the fastest prospects in the state of Florida this year. What he lacks in size (5'9), Morgan more than makes up for it with his speed and quickness. He will most likely play slot receiver or cornerback in college.

19. Dominic Brown- WR- (Pasco)- At 6-foot-4, and close to 200 pounds Brown is the prototype receiver for not only college but the NFL. He has all the tools to be a very good receiver in college. What I like is Brown always seems to catch the football at the highest point. If he needed to work on one thing it would be route running.

20. Leslie Sturrups- DT-(Tampa Hillsborough)- Sturrups is another impressive defensive lineman that will draw the eye of many college scouts. He is big, physical and very talented. Leslie has long arms and he uses them to shed blocks and get into the backfield. What you also notice is how well he moves for someone his size. He needs to work on not coming off the ball so high. When he does this it allows offensive linemen to get into his body and its makes him much easier to block.

Tyler Rice
21. Tyler Rice- MLB/DE- (St. Andrews)- Most don't know about Rice now but they will once the upcoming season rolls around. He is one of the best unknown prospects in Florida this year. He plays for a small school in Boca but when your 6'4, 230 pound linebacker interest in you will start to skyrocket. He plays mean and nasty and has some throw back in his game.

22. Latarrius Thomas- WR- (New Smyrna Beach)- I had the privilege to watch Thomas at a camp and he certainly passes the look test. He is big, strong and loves to compete. While he does not have blazing speed, Thomas has more than enough to stretch the field. He will be a good possession receiver in college.

23. Laurence Marius- RB/CB- (Key West)- At this time Marius is a better running back prospect than a cornerback. What you have to like about Marius is how light he is on his feet. He has not only the quickness to make defenders miss but the speed to go the distance anywhere on the field. He has good closing speed as well on the defensive side of the football. Where ever he plays, Marius will be a recruiting priority for a lot of teams.

24. Emanuel Cook- RB/SS- (Palm Beach Gardens)- When the Gators needed a big play it was cook they counted on to make it. Last year against Pompano Ely in the playoffs it was Cook 200 yard performance at running back that kept his team in the game. He plays linebacker and running back in high school but it's as a strong safety that Cook will make a name for himself in college. He has a nose for the football and once Cook meets the ball carrier its all business.

25. Tony Wilson- WR/CB- (Daytona Mainland)-When I watched Daytona Mainland last year plays Chaminade High School it was Wilson that stood out most. What is most impressive about that is Mainland had Avery Atkins who was a top ten player last year in Florida and ended up signing with UF. Wilson is bigger than his former teammate and may be just as fast. Cornerbacks that are over six feet tall and can run are a priority for a lot of teams.

26. Chevon Walker-RB- (Ft. Myers Riverdale)- What is most impressive about Walker is how quickly he gets to his top end speed. It does not take long for Walker to get to his top gear. He is a one move type runner that cuts it up the field and takes off. One thing you must also like is how he catches the football out in front of him.

Ricky Gary
27. Ricky Gary- CB- (Pahokee)- When it comes to shut down cornerbacks there may not be anyone better than Gary. He is very strong and almost impossible to get by. He not only is a very physical cornerback, Gary has pretty good speed as well. His only downside is that Gary is only 5-foot-9.

28. Carlton Salters- WR- (North Florida Christian)- Salter's reminds me of another talented receiver out of Tallahassee last year. Salter's is in the same mold as TJ Williams who ended up signing with Clemson on Signing Day. Salter's has good size and he knows how to get open. He will be more of possession type receiver.

29. Corey Hobbs- DT/OG- (Oviedo)- As a defensive tackle Hobbs is a decent prospect. As an offensive line prospect he could end up a very good prospect. When Hobbs plays defensive tackle, he has a tendency to come off the ball high. He is easy to block and once in college his strength advantage would be negated by guys that are just as big as him. I see him as an offensive guard in college and that will most likely be the best position for him.

30. Javarris James- RB- (Immokalee)- James name will draw attention to him this year. He is cousins with former UM running back and Indianapolis Colt Edgerrin James. While his cousin had the speed and quickness to be a star back Javarris lacks some of that game breaking ability. He is a good back but not one that will blow you away from watching his film. He is a good cut back runner and is tough to bring down. He is the type of back that could also play fullback in college as well.

31. Riley Cooper- WR/S (Clearwater Catholic)- Cooper is one of the few prospects on this board that could end up playing offense or defense in college. He has good size for a receiver and the speed to play on defense. If he plays on defense Cooper would be a solid free safety at the next level.

Preston Parker
32. Preston Parker- S/WR- (Delray Atlantic)- Parker is what you look for in a football prospect. He has good size, speed and is tough as nails. As a downfield blocker, Preston is one of the best at his position. He is not afraid to mix it up and knock a defensive back or linebacker into next week. As a safety prospect he always seems to be around the football. Though Preston may not be one to blow your socks off with his camp numbers he is one thing and that's a football player.

33. A.J. Jones- SS/LB- (Tampa Middleton)- Last year Middleton had one of the most highly recruited prospects in wide receiver OJ Murdoch. This year Al Jones will draw a lot of attention from college recruiters. He plays linebacker in high school but with his lack of size, Jones is better suited to play strong safety. He hits like a truck and runs like a deer.

34. Ryan Hill- CB- (Tallahassee Rickards)- When it comes to cover corners they are hard to find. That's why Hill from Rickards will be a hot commodity this fall. He has good size, speed and Hill does not mind mixing it up with receivers.

35. Jacques Richardson-CB- (St. Augustine)- Along with Hill, Jacques may be one of the best cover corners in Florida this year. He has very good speed and his technique is solid. He along with his teammate Brandon James will be to highly recruited prospects this upcoming season.

36. Sam Shields-WR- (Sarasota Booker)- Shields is just another of the talented receivers that will come from the Sunshine state this year. He has good hands, runs well after the catch and is not afraid to go across the middle of the field. I see him more as slot receiver and a possession type.

37. Caz Piurowski- TE/DE- (Land O' Lakes)- At 6-foot-7, Caz is bigger than most tight ends. He is a good athlete and runs well. Where will he play in college is the questioned that needs to be answered. I think he is a good tight end prospect but his lack of speed makes him more of a possession type tight end. He also runs best when in the open field. If Caz needs to beat a linebacker constantly, he will struggle. He could also end up a defensive end in college.

Bryant Miller
38. Bryant Miller- DT- (Miami Central)-Miller has top 20 talents, but when you turn on his film he does not always play that way. There is no denying his physical talent, Miller just needs to learn how to turn it up a notch. He has great size (6'3) and will be well over 250 pounds as a freshman. He can play either end or tackle in college.

39. Patrick Robinson- CB- (South Miami)- With the lack of quality cornerbacks this year one name that may pop up a lot during the season is Robinson. He combines good size (5'11), with sub 4.5 speed. Put those together and a lot of college scouts will come calling. Add in the fact that he plays in one of the best counties in Florida and Robinson stock will continue to rise.

40. Labrandon Glover- LB (Pensacola High)- Glover has one thing you can't teach and that is instincts. He is the type of linebacker that always seems to have his nose around the football. Glover relies on his speed and quickness to make plays. His lack of size is his only drawback at this time.

41. Donsay Hardemon- S- (Jacksonville Raines)- Hardemon has good size (6'1-190). With the type of frame Hardemon has, he could end up as a linebacker in college. He has good cover skills but does not have track speed (4.7). While he is not going to go to a camp and light it up Hardemon is still one heck of a football player.

41. Anthony Jones- WR- (Tallahassee Rickards)- Tallahassee has some pretty good receivers this year with DeAndre McDaniel and Carlton Salters. The best of the group may end up being Jones. He has the size (6'2), speed and ability to get separation from defensive backs.

Courtney Jones
42. Courtney Jones-RB-(Pensacola)- By the end of the season, Jones could be one of the top rated backs in Florida. He has the same size as James and better top end speed. He also does not go down on first contact. What I like about Jones is he does not do a lot of dancing behind the line of scrimmage. He gets the ball goes up field and wont make his first move till Jones is through the line of scrimmage.

43. Kevin Perez- OL- (Miami Killian)- I watched Killian play last year against Carol City and Perez stood out. After watching a tape sent to me of Perez, I was that much more impressed. He is a physical kid, which likes to punish the opposition. He plays with that mean streak you love to see in offensive linemen. Kevin will most likely play center or guard in college.

44. Travius Thompson- WR- (Boyd Anderson)- Every year in the State of Florida there are some guys that come out of nowhere and become big time college prospects. Thompson attended the Perfect Competition Camp this year in Davie, Florida and that's where he first got noticed. After not playing much a year ago Travius is looking to make a name for him.

45. Kevin Alexander-DE/OLB- (Union County)- Even though Alexander plays linebacker in high school he most likely will make his mark as a defensive end in college. At 6-foot-3, 225 pounds Alexander has the ideal size and body type to grow into a defensive end.

46. Sherman Lang- WR/CB- (Florida Air Academy)- Whether it's at Florida Air Academy or back at Boca High this fall Lang is a player to keep an eye on. He has great closing speed and is the type of prospect that with a good senior year could be as heavily recruited as any prospect in the State of Florida. He can make an impact on either side of the football. He has good hands and once in the open field no one will catch him.

47. Bryan Thomas- Ath. (Zephyrhills)- Thomas is another talented two way star that will be heavily recruited. He plays receiver and safety. He has the ability to play either position in College.

48. Chavez Grant- CB- (Booker T. Washington)- Grant is not the biggest (5'10) or fastest (4.6) but he sure can play the game of football. He is one of the more physical cornerbacks you will see. Grant is not a cornerback that opposing teams test often. He is also not afraid to come up and smack you in the mouth.

Herb Bynes
49. Herb Bynes- QB- (Boyd Anderson)- After Tim Tebow there is a major drop off in talent at the quarterback position. Bynes has the tools to be a good quarterback in college but he is very raw right now. He has a good arm, moves well in the pocket and are big. What he needs to improve on is his accuracy.

50. Chasmin Davis- Ath. (Port St. Lucie)- Davis played next to Jamar Chaney last year who ended up signing with University of Georgia. While Chaney was more physical than Davis, he lacked his speed and quickness to the football. Davis has the speed to play SS (4.45) and decent enough size to play linebacker (200).

51. Demarcus Roberson- CB- (Sunrise Piper)- Roberson has good size (5'11) and speed (4.4) to play cornerback in college. He is a bit raw but with some fine tuning Roberson could be a solid starter in college. He has all the tools to be a very good prospect.

Kasey Nobles
52. Kasey Nobles- TE- (Union County)- While CJ Spiller gets most of the spot light on Union Counties offense its Nobles that opens up the field for his star studded back. If not for a lack of size (6'1), Nobles would be one of the top rated TE in Florida next year. He has great hands and runs real nice routes. In college Kasey will probably be asked to line up at fullback.

53. Desmond Gee- RB/Ath.- (Madison County)- Gee enters his senior season as one of the more gifted athletes on the gridiron. His lack of size is made up for with speed and quickness, which he displayed many times last year. He is one of the fastest prospects in Florida this year. Gee lack of size will force him to play either cornerback or slot receiver in college.

54. Sterlin James- WR- (Citra)-Two years ago Citra High School had receiver Greg Carr. He is now ready for his freshman season at Florida State. Once again they will have a top flight receiver. While James does not have big time speed, he can get down the field. He also has pretty good size as well.

55. Antonio Lowery-LB-Columbus- Lowery is another talented linebacker that comes from the fertile recruiting grounds known as Dade County. Here is a kid that has a ton of upside and once he learns to play the game Lowery will be a solid college linebacker. He will draw a lot more attention in the fall.

Thaddeus Lewis

56. Thaddeus Lewis- QB- (Hialeah Miami Lakes)- I saw Lewis as freshman at Booker T. Washington and he stood out. Three years later and a couple of 1st All-Dade teams and Lewis are still impressive. He is a great athlete that has a very good arm. Once he improves his mechanics and takes some heat off of his passes, Lewis will be real good. He wants to play quarterback in college.

57. Sabbath Joseph- LB- (Miami Central)- Joseph is another prospect that will not blow you away with his camp numbers but can he play football. Last season Joseph was probably the Rockets best defensive player. That is saying a lot considering their defense is loaded with talent. While DT Bryant Miller gets the entire pub it's Joseph that makes all the plays. Not only is tough to knock off the ball, Joseph can go back into coverage and make plays.

58. Javon Hill- OT- (Miami Pace)- Hill is one of the many gifted offensive linemen in Florida this year. While he is not a finished product, Hill is a hard worked and willing to do whatever it takes to get better. He is the type of prospect that any school would like to have just based on his attitude on and off the field.

59. Ryan Ellis-WR-(Nease)- Ryan plays with a quarterback in Tim Tebow that is going to give him a lot of opportunities to shine. Ellis is a quick and shifty receiver that finds ways to get open. He has good hands and is one of Tebow go to receivers. Since he is such a reliable threat as a receiver college coaches will start to take notice this year. Anytime you have over 1400 yards receiving in Florida, scouts should take notice.

60. John Ware- LB/RB- (Cardinal Gibbons)- Ware is another one of those two way players that will get a lot of attention this spring. He plays running back but it's at safety where he will get recruited at by most schools. He has the size, speed and instincts to play on the defensive side of the football.

61. Quinton Pointer-S/CB- (Cape Coral)- With his size and speed, Pointer will be recruited by most teams as a cornerback. He has very good cover skills and seems to make a ton of plays on the ball. He also is an impressive open field tackler.

62. Renold Jean-Louis- S- (Immokalee)- Anytime you have over 10 interceptions in a season something must be going right. Louis is one of the many talented prospects that Immokalee will have on their team this year. He has good range and does not mind to hit whatever crosses his path.

63. Xavier Harris-WR- (Ft. Lauderdale)-Anytime you lead Dade or Broward County in receiving a prospect must be doing something right. Last year Harris was the leading receiver in Broward County. When I had the chance to watch him recently at a camp, Harris showed the ability to get separation and he ran good routes. He is more quick than fast.

Chance Attaway
64. Chance Attaway- DB/RB- (Blounstown)-Attaway and his Blountstown team were one win away from a state Championship. This year he is looking to take his team back to the big game. Attaway is a 6'1, 190 pound safety that can fly to the football. He has good speed (4.5) and the ability to cover a lot of ground.

65. Brandon James-RB- (St. Augustine)- If not for his size (5'7) James would be one of the top rated backs in Florida this year. He has good speed and quickness and has the homerun ability every time he touches the football. Like with Gee, James size will be the biggest concerns for college scouts. His running style is similar to Darren Sproles. Don't be surprised to see Kansas State take a look at this kid.

66. Quentin Banks-DB-(Palm Bay)- Every year Palm Bay puts out some of the best athletes. Banks is another highly rated division one prospect that will draw the attention of college recruiters. He has good size (5'11) and speed (4.5) to play cornerback in college. He is one prospect to keep an eye on this fall.

67. Devan James- RB- (Pompano Ely)- James is poised to have a great senior season. While Ely was mostly a passing team last year they had 3 running backs that made an impact. James was the one that had the greatest impact among the three. He can play running back or cornerback in college.

68. Steve Wiley-DE-(Bartow)-A couple of years ago FSU signed Bartow star Alex Boston. While Wiley has not drawn the same attention at this stage as Boston did, he will by the middle of the fall. He is a big time prospect that plays both tight end and defensive end for Bartow. He is by far their best prospect at Bartow since Boston left.

69. Terron Sanders- OL/DL- (Bradenton)- Sanders is a two way player that can play either defensive tackle or offensive guard in college. Not only does he excel on the football field he does just as well in the classroom. He carries over a 3.0 GPA. He was voted to the 2nd Team All-State last year. This year he would like nothing better than finish 1st Team All-State.

70. Cruz Barrett- OT- (Daytona Mainland)- Barrett comes from a squad that won a State Championship two years ago and will to do the same in 2005. Along with Tony Wilson, Barrett will be one of more highly recruited prospects in Florida this year. He already sports offers from Florida State and LSU.

71. Melvin Mitchell- DE/OLB- (Miami Edison)-Edison always seems to have top flight talent and this year will be no different. Mitchell is a 6'3, 230 pound defensive end that will wreck havoc on opposing offense. Last year Mitchell was ineligible so most people don't know about him.

Darrell Roseman
72. Darrell Roseman- DL- (Dunedon)- Last year with I had the chance to watch Roseman play inside the Tropicana Dome. He is big (6'4-255), can run (4.8) and is not afraid of contact. He will probably be one of the more highly rated kids to come from this school. The competition level Roseman plays against will be one of the main questions college recruiters will ask.

73. David Bedford- DE- (Palm Beach Lakes)- Last season one of the best defensive ends in Florida came from Palm Beach County. That would be Courtney Harris who ended up signing a letter of intent with University of Miami. In 2005, look for Bedford to possibly draw as much attention. Bedford only played in a handful of games but finished the year with 5 sacks. If he plays the entire season injury free, Bedford could end up with double digit sacks.

74. Zach Mitchell- OL- (Neptune Beach)-Mitchell is just another in a long line of top flight offensive lineman in the state this year. While he is not in the elite group with Wenger, Young, Gilbert and Rose, he could be the best of the rest. He needs to have a great senior year to move up the list.

75. James Poe- RB- (Orlando Freedom)- Poe has the size (6'0) and the speed (4.6) to be an impact type back in college. While guys like Spiller, Walker and James get most of the attention, Poe should not be the forgotten man.

76. Marcus Udell-WR-(Godby)-One thing is for certain Tallahassee is loaded with top quality receivers this year. Considering that McDaniel, Salters and Jones will all play in Tallahassee this year Udell may be the forgotten man. He is a very talented receiver and should not be overshadowed by the other top receivers in Tallahassee this year.

77. Joseph Jackson- DE/OLB- (Miami Booker T. Washington)- Jackson plays on a defense that gets up the field. He is a defensive end in high school but will most likely play at linebacker in college. He has good quickness off the football and is one of the best pass rushers in Dade County this year.

78. Jabari Taylor-S-(Nova)- Nova has some talented football players this year. One to keep an eye on is safety/wide receiver Taylor. He has good size (6'1) and runs in the 4.5 range. He has all the tools to be a highly rated prospect this year. While there is always a sleeper or two that emerge from South Florida, Taylor may be one of them.

79. Jeremy Devane- OL- (Seabreeze)- Last year Sea breeze had another top 100 prospects along the offensive line in Richard Clark. While Clark was a better athlete, most feel that Devane is more physical than his former teammate. His footwork is one of the main reasons why Devane has struggled at times.

80. Anthony Henderson- RB- (Miami Lakes)- Henderson is part of backfield that may be the best in Dade County. Along with junior sensation Armando Allen and quarterback Thaddeus Lewis, Miami Lakes backfield will be loaded with talent. If Lakes offensive line holds up Henderson could lead Dade County in rushing. Win that title and it's very impressive among his peers.

81. Andy Lark- DT- (Oviedo)- Lark plays on a defensive line that has another big time division one prospect in Corey Hobbs. While Hobbs will most likely play offensive guard in college, Lark will be a nose guard. He is not real tall but Lark gets good leverage and will be the perfect nose guard in college. He stays low and comes off the ball like a bottle rocket. He is one of the strongest prospects in the state of Florida this year.

Andrew Trowbridge
82. Andrew Trowbridge-LB-(Warner Christian)- One thing is for certain Trowbridge will be of the leading tacklers at the linebacker position in Florida this year. Andrew believes when he is on the field that the ball carrier is his. He has good speed but it's his instincts that make him such a good linebacker.

83. Marcus White-DE- (John I. Leonard)- White is part of a defensive line that may be among the best in Florida this year. With Kenric Ellis who is one of the best defensive tackles in the country next to him, White should have a monster senior season. He has a non stop motor and White makes plays. If Ellis played with Whites motor their may not be a defensive lineman in the country as good. Look for White to lead Palm Beach County in sacks this season.

84. Dougie Thompson- LB- (Seffner Armwood)- Thompson is not real big (5'11) and not real fast (4.7) but he makes plays. He is a high school version of Zach Thomas. Thompson has good instincts and seems to be around the football a lot. With a solid senior season, he has the chance to receive some mid-level division one offers.

85. Jamal Harvey-WR- (Andrew Jackson)- What you get with Harvey is a big, physical receiver that could also line up on the other side of the football. He could also play safety or linebacker in college. His lack of speed and explosiveness will probably force him to move to the defensive side of the football. As a receiver, he is very good on the short to intermediate routes.

86. Lambert Edwards-RB-(South Dade)-Some would argue that Edwards was the best back in Dade County last year. This year look for him once again makes people believe he is one of the best in South Florida. Lambert should have over 1000 yards and be a threat to take the ball the distance every time he touches it. His size will be the biggest concern for college scouts.

87. Cordaro Drummond- RB- (Palm Beach Lakes)- Last year Lakes had one of the most underrated running backs in Florida. Once again this year Lakes will have another running back go under the radar. Drummond is big (6'1, 190), runs well (4.55) and can punish those that try and tackle him. With the chance now to be the featured back Drummond could start to see big time division one offers. He played fullback last year but in 2005 will be able to show case his skills as Palm Beach Lakes featured back.

88. Kevin McCaskill-OL-(Godby)-McCaskill is part of a team that may be the best Godby has had in a long time. They are loaded at the skill position and their offensive line will be anchored by McCaskill.

89. Dexter Davidson- QB- (North Broward Prep)- Outside of Tim Tebow there is no clear cut number 2 quarterback this year. Davidson would like to end up closing that gap this year. While Davidson does not have Tebow strong arm or his athletic ability he makes plays. The main concerns with Davidson will be the competition level he plays against, his footwork and him playing in the shot gun on almost every play.

Darrell Davis
90. Darrell Davis-TE/DE (Pasco)- Davis teams with Dominic Brown to give Pasco two big receivers. Both will create major mismatches this year for opposing defenses. On offense Davis is best at going across the middle of the field and getting first downs for Pasco. You could also see Davis play defensive end or linebacker in college. He is a very gifted athlete that will draw a lot of attention this year.

91. Jovaughn Harris- WR/DE- (Eau Gallie)-This is the year of the big receivers. With guys like Dominic Brown, Jamar Hornsby, Darrell Davis there are a bunch of receivers that will be close to 6'4 or taller. If he is going to play on offense, Harris will most likely move to tight end. He lacks the speed and quickness to play receiver and at 6'3+ 210 pounds, Harris will most likely get too big for receiver.

92. Damon Pifer –QB - (Green Cove Springs Clay) - While I haven't watched anough of him, he certainly warrants a mention in this spot. As I said before, I will see many prospects during the spring and summer and the evaluations will change, but from what I have been able to see of this young man, he does have tremendous arm strength and good mobility. He could emerge as a top 50 player.

93. Joseph McCauley-S-(New Smyrna Beach)-McCauley showed up at camp in Jacksonville and was impressive. Even though he does not have great size (5'10) or speed (4.7), McCauley is tough as nails for opposing receivers to get open on. He is a strong and once McCauley jams the receiver at the line of scrimmage in drills forgets about getting open.

94. Chris Devault- DB- (Lake Gibson)- Last summer I had the chance to watch Devault and he was one of the best players on the field. That is saying a lot considering Lake Gibson was on the same field as Lakeland HS. He is a tough, gritty defensive back that won't back down.

95. Gene Atkins-LB-(Saint Thomas Aquinas)- Atkins is part of team that comes off a disappointing finish to their 2004 season. St Thomas made it all the way the state Championship last year and came up one win short. The reason for so much optimism again this year is because of all the returning talent that the Raiders have on both sides of the football. Atkins will be the leader of the Raiders defense and will be counted on by his teammates to come up big this year.

Donald Bowens
96. Donald Bowens- WR- (St. Petersburg)- Last year I went to the Tropicana Dome to watch 8 teams from the Tampa area play some football. While he does not have great speed Bowens knows how to get open. He uses his size to his advantage to get by defensive backs. The biggest question mark with Bowens is whether or not he has the speed to play at a very high level in college.

97. Chip Bowden- QB- (Plant City)- Of the little film I saw of Bowden he looked like a decent enough prospects to draw attention from college recruiters. While he does not have a great arm, he looks to have decent enough mobility to make plays on the run. He is a solid prospect that could see his stock go up with a solid senior season.

98. Chase Anderson- TE- (Jacksonville Mandarin) -Chase is one of the many intriguing prospects in Florida this year that play tight end. He has good size, and moves well but how productive can he be in the passing game. Right now he looks like a blocking tight end. Can he be a pass catching threat on a consistent basis.

99. Alwan Lee-Ath. (Miami Booker T. Washington)- While Lee plays quarterback in high school it's as a receiver or defensive back that he will make his impact in college. His play is very similar to Roscoe Parrish of University of Miami who drafted in the 2nd round of the NFL Draft. He is electric with the football in his hands.

100. Ken Chastine-DT-(John I Leonard)-Like mentioned before Chastine is part of a defensive line that will be among the best in Florida this year. While Chastine is not as athletic as his teammate Kenric Ellis, he makes plays. The biggest problem with Chastine is getting him to play hard on every down. If he could learn to come hard on every down, he would be a much higher rated prospect.

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