SUMMER REPORT: Ocala Trinity Catholic

When Kerwin Bell was a quarterback for the University of Florida, he knew how to win and show plenty of leadership. Now, as the head coach of Ocala Trinity Catholic, the "Mayor of Mayo" is using all the things he learned along the way to build a budding powerhouse!

OCALA - It was halftime of last year's 2A title game between Immokalee and Madison County, a familiar face returned to Florida Field in Gainesville to take a look at some football.

As Kerwin Bell grabbed the microphone as a guest on the radio broadcast, he spoke briefly about his brilliant career as the "Throwin' Mayoan", who grew up in the shadows of Ben Hill Griffin Stadium at Lafayette High in Mayo. He had other things to discuss on this day.

Brandley Grant
For all the great accomplishments Bell had as a quarterback, he has never experienced the satisfaction that he has as head coach at Ocala Trinity Catholic.

Bell gets up early, does things around his home and then heads the 45 minutes from Mayo to Ocala to help build one of Florida's emerging football programs. The 32-0 spring win over state powerhouse Jacksonville Trinity Christian backs that up.

Chris Allen
The Celtics have hit the ground running since he and his staff began this amazing ride that some believe will end in Miami next December with a state championship.

Because I am fortunate to travel and see many camps and combines during the course of the spring and summer, I get a good read on teams. For the past three years, there is one school that always shows up, always does well and as players who are well behaved and come up to say thank you to me for listing their names on the website.

Dion Lecorn
Ocala Trinity Catholic is loaded with talent at every level and at every position. When this program began to play well and attract top talent, some started to notice. After losing in the state playoffs, narrowly, a year ago, everyone is now watching this outstanding team.

Here is a look at some of the players who you will hear plenty about over the next few months. We will start with the senior class, the Class of 2006:

Courtney Graham (5-11, 170, DB/WR), Michael Zacco (5-10, 175, K/P), Bradley Grant (5-7, 165, RB), Rashod Jacobs (5-9, 185, LB) and Kristian Roberts (6-0, 190, QB/DB) are tremendous.

John Brantley
So are Chaz Majors (6-1, 180, WR/DB), Jason Anderson (5-10, 175, PK), Nick Butler (6-1, 215, DE), Jason Butler (6-1, 205, DE), Patrick Stoner, LB, 5-11, 215), Zach Ugarte (6-0, 190, P/K), Justin Klopfenstein (5-10, 200, LB), Earl Shaffer (OL, 5-6, 200) and Ricky Cherry, a 6-2, 230-pound tight end/defensive end prospect.

SUMMARY: Grant, Majors and the Butler twins are the players who the Celtics will look to for senior leadership and experience. Majors is regarded as one of the best in the state.

Jamie Kinsler
The Class of 2007 is also one that all eyes will be on throughout the summer and into the season. Talented quarterback John Brantley (6-3, 190), whose family has plenty of tradition in Ocala and the University of Florida, defensive back Glen Stanley (6-2, 210), Antonio Allen (6-1, 170, WR/DB) and receiver/defensive back Dion LeCorn (6-0, 210) are three athletes who will not only receive state recognition, but will also attract national attention as well.

Besides Brantley, Stanley, Allen and LeCorn, other emerging juniors include Jamie Kinsler (5-10, 185, WR/DB), Mitchell Chauncey (5-8, 155, WR), Lex Peek (6-4, 200, DE/TE), Rudell Small (5-10, 195, RB/DB), Chris Allen (5-9, 180, RB), Travis Hope (5-10, 190, TE/LB), Vinny Mazerko (6-1, 235, OL), Max Merritt (5-11, 250, OL), Enrique Robinson (6-0, 270, OL), Levan Sims (6-2, 260, OL), Ruben Brown (5-11, 250, OL) and Christian Blount (6-0, 190, WR/DB).

SUMMARY: This is certainly a junior class that everyone will be watching. Brantley, Stanley, Allen and LeCorn are all major college prospects!

Levan Sims
While the senior class is impressive, and the Class of 2007 is perhaps as good as I have seen across the state, the Class of 2008, those who will make up the sophomores this coming season, are also quite talented.

Desmond Young (6-1, 205, DE), Dominique Young (6-1, 195, LB/DE) and Byron Harvey (6-1, 340, OL/DL) are three players who will certainly impact the present as well as the future for the Celtics.

Lex Peek
While we have just introduced you to some quality athletes, this is a program that may have a few new faces in the fall to add to this outstanding mix of talent. We will keep watching throughout the summer and bring you more!

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Immokalee, Blountstown, Miami Central, Naples Lely, Fort Myers, Tallahassee Godby, Lauderdale Lakes Boyd Anderson, Pompano, Boca Raton, Greenacres John I. Leonard, Ocala Trinity Catholic and North Fort Myers knows what it's like to have their program exposed for all to see!

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