With founder Coach Mike McCabe and instructor, Coach Tim Conrad, breaking down the kickers at the May event at the University of Miami, here is a breakdown of the top kickers who attended the weekend kicking/punting combine.

CORAL GABLES – Back in May, I was fortunate enough to cover the 2005 Kicking/Punting Combine at Greentree Practice Field at the University of Miami.

The combine attracted some of the top kicking prospects in the nation as we had the pleasure of watching rising sophomores, juniors and seniors as well as some who were looking for college scholarships after finishing junior college programs and leaving colleges early.

Coach Mike McCabe
In our second part of this three-part series, Coach Mike McCabe and Fort Lauderdale St. Thomas Aquinas coach Tim Conrad break down the kickers who attended the event.

Here is what they had to say about these tremendous kickers:

Daniel Lincoln
#1 - Daniel Lincoln - Ocala Forest High - (Kicked off grass) - Extremely powerful leg. All kickoffs from the 35 were 5-7 yards deep. Hang times were constantly over 4.0. Good accuracy and incredible leg strength. Gets to the ball quickly. Nice form. Very consistent on everything he does. Professional demeanor, on and off the field. 4.6 gpa in AP classes. ANALYSIS: Definite High D-I kicker.

#2 - Jonathan Mills - Grand Blanc, MI - (Kicked off 1-inch) - Extremely accurate with a very powerful leg. Gets to the ball quickly. Gets ball up quickly. Very nice power / hang time on kickoffs. ANALYSIS: Definite D-I caliber kicker.

#3 - Adam Hill - Douglasville High, GA - (Kicked off 1 inch) One of the best dual (kicking / punting) prospects in the nation. One of the most accurate kickers in the camp who showed his power hitting consistently from 55 yards. ANALYSIS: Definite D-I caliber kicker.

Brett Swenson
#4 - Brett Swenson - Cardinal Gibbons High School - (Kicked off 1 inch) One of the most accurate kickers in the nation. Explosive leg, with a low center of gravity. Gets to the ball very quickly, gets it off fast and high. Great leg whip. Very consistent in form. Kickoffs always high and deep, can place them in corners as well as anybody. ANALYSIS: Definite D-I caliber kicker.

#5 - John Stec – Delray Beach Atlantic - (Kicked off 1 inch) Another great dual threat at kicking and punting. Lefty who gets great height and depth on the ball. Explosive punter with pinpoint accuracy. Great kickoff man. ANALYSIS: Definite D-I caliber kicker.

#6 - Kevin Campbell - Sarasota Riverview - (Kicked off 1 inch) - Dead-on accurate. Extremely composed and focused. Ball explodes off of his foot. Very quick approach and great get-off time. ANALYSIS: Definite D-I caliber kicker.

Steven Woodward
#7 - Steven Woodward - Jenks, Oklahoma - (Kicked off 1 inch) - Wonderfully accurate. Kicks usually dead center every time. Disciplined kicker who gets to the ball quicklyANALYSIS: D-I caliber kicker.

- Sean Ellis - Merritt Island - (Kicked off grass) - tall (6"6') lanky kicker who gets great distance and height on his kicks. Looked comfortable kicking off the grass. ANALYSIS: D-I caliber kicker.

- Aric Goodman - Cherry Creek High, CO - (Kicked off 1 inch) - k to the ball . Deadly accurate. Explosive foot. ANALYSIS: D-I caliber kicker.

Tyler Findley
- Tyler Findley - Ft. Myers Cypress Lake – (Kicked off 1 inch) - Accurate and powerful. ANALYSIS: D-I caliber kicker.

Also, Jimmy Stevens out of Oklahoma (going to be a junior) was absolutely sensational. Kicked off a 1-inch, showed incredible leg strength and accuracy. If there is a better kicker in America for his class, we have not seen him. ANALYSIS: Definite D-I caliber kicker, right now!.

Going to be Top Kicker in the nation in two years.

OUR THIRD AND FINAL STORY: Former NFL punter Luis Aguilar and Coach McCabe break down the punting prospects at the event.

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