Every year, when Florida State University holds its summer football camp, a number of the very best athletes from all over Florida and the Southeast come out to compete against top competition. This year, there were several future Seminoles who were simply impressive!

TALLAHASSEE - Last week, www.Floridakids.us had the chance to make its way up I-75 and over I-10 to Tallahassee, to watch Session 1 of the FSU football camp.

While we were there, we continued to set the tone for this off season as Florida Kids once again had the chance to watch two of the Seminoles most recent commits Ryan McMahon of Rome High School in Georgia, and the Sunshine State's best tight end this year in Caz Piurowski from Land O‘ Lakes. Neither disappointed at the camp as both were two of the best prospects that attended the three day camp.

Adrian Cannon
Others that showed up were D' Vontey Richardson who plays quarterback in high school but may be considered more of an athlete. Also in attendance was offensive lineman Kevin Young of Clearwater Central Catholic High School, Evan Bellamy of Miami Gulliver Prep, Adrian Cannon, a highly recruited wide receiver out of Michigan, Carlton Salters of Tallahassee North Florida Christian and probably the sleeper prospect of the entire camp, defensive back, Adam Lott of Plant City.

Young is a player who has really made major strides in the off season. A teammate of standout lineman A.J. Trump, a Miami signee last year, he is also having the opportunity to play with Riley Cooper, Colin McCarthy and junior quarterback prospect Andrew Nowels.

The first day of the camp started around 4pm on Wednesday afternoon. After a quick stretch, the campers got ready for their 40 yard dash and vertical jumps. Later in the evening they had the chance to watch a highlight tape of some of the Seminoles best plays over the past 10-15 years and the 2004 season.

On day, two the campers made their way out onto the practice fields where they were able to showcase their skills. The first player we went over to watch was Puirowski, who will follow his father (Paul) to play at FSU.

Carlton Salters
At 6-foot-7, there was not one defensive prospect at the camp who was able to hang with the future Seminoles' TE. What is most impressive about Piurowski is how well he moves for someone his size. He is very fluid and once open there is not much a defensive player can do. When the football is near Caz, you can bet he will come down with it. He showed great hands and looked like a very good route runner. It's easy to see why he is not only one of the best tight ends in Florida but also the nation.

The next camper to pull the trigger for FSU was Defensive Tackle Ryan McMahon. The Georgia native was practically unblock able in one on one drills. He moves his feet extremely well for someone his size and is able to get up the field in a hurry. Where did McMahon get his quick feet?

"I played fullback my freshman and sophomore year before moving to DT as a junior," said. "I really feel that playing at fullback has helped me a lot."

Evan Bellamy
McMahon can also play on the offensive side of the football if he had to.

With a need for a quarterback we headed over to see what some of the top signal callers at the camp looked like. One that looked solid was Christian Ponder.

The Lone Star state quarterback showed off a good arm and looks like a solid athlete. If he receives an offer from FSU, they could be tough to beat. Both of Ponders parents attended FSU and that seems like that is where they want their son.

Another quarterback trying to showcase his skills was the Peach State quarterback D' Vontey Richardson. While Richardson has a good arm, he could improve on his accuracy. He will probably be given a shot as a quarterback. If that does not work out, Richardson would make a heck of a receiver in college.

Marcus Sims
When it was time to move over to watch the receivers, there were two prospects that stood above the rest. One was Salters. It's easy to see why Larry Blustein of Floridakids.us was so high on him this spring. Blustein was the only person who had him rated in the top 30, which further establishes Larry's unreal eye for picking out elite talent when nobody else does.

Salters showed good hands, solid body control when the ball was in the air and was by far the best route runner. He reminded me of former Miami Hurricane receiver Reggie Wayne. He is easily one of the top three or four receivers this year in the state of Florida. Considering how deep the state is this year at receiver, it's very impressive.

The other receiver to catch everyone's eye was Adrian Cannon. He made the trip all the way down from Michigan. Cannon has recently been working out at with Kez McCorvey. He told Floridakids.us that if FSU offers it would be very difficult to turn them down. While Cannon did not have Salters speed and route running ability, he may have had better hands. His size also gave most of the defensive backs all they could handle.

Ryan Broadhead
One of Salters teammates also looked good in limited time was Ochuki Jenji. He is an impressive player who www.floridakids.us also had rated in the top 100, heading into summer.

The sleeper prospect of the two day camp was probably Lott. Remember we told you about tremendous athletes standing out at camps and combines during the summer? Here is just one of the stars you discover by attending camps like this.

He was on lock-down mode all of Day 2. What was more impressive than Lott's ability to shut down every receiver was how competitive he is. The coaches there had to practically drag him off the field. At only 5'9, 165 pounds, Lott may be overlooked. If some colleges can overlook his height deficiency they will get one heck of a cornerback. He not only had the best technique of any cornerback his speed was very good. Lott ran in the 4.45 range at the FSU camp.

Others that showed up on the day were Young, Daron Rose, Bellamy, Marcus Udell of Tallahassee Godby, and Ernie Sims' younger brother, Marcus, who is a tremendous linebacker and running back at NFC.

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