SORIE BAYOH: Star On The Rise

Sorie Bayoh (6-foot-2 and 215-pounds) hails from Miami Gulliver Prep and is one of the top linebacker prospects in the state of Florida this year. A relatively unknown student-athlete until this past summer's camping tours, Bayoh has made a splash in several places and is quickly gaining interest from several colleges around the country.

Sorie Bayoh stands in at 6-foot-2 and 215-pounds while playing the LB position for Miami Gulliver Prep. A relatively unknown prospect until recently, Bayoh has shed his unknown status after his performances at a number of camps both within and outside of Florida.

Competing against some of the top athletes in the sunshine state at a Miami Camp earlier this year, Bayoh not only competed with but bested some of the top prospects in attendance. Bayoh's shuttle time of 4.0-seconds reigned supreme and topped the times of top linebackers such as Emmanuel Cook (Palm Beach Gardens, FL) and Daron Love (Palm Beach Gardens, FL).

However, it was Bayoh's subsequent performances in 7-on-7s both at the Miami Camp and the Rutgers Camp in New Jersey that demonstrated the potential play-making ability of the soon to be senior athlete.

"At the Miami camp, I was able to go against some of the better running backs and as a linebacker you usually think I would have the disadvantage. But I'm just as fast as some of those running backs and if they got in my way I knocked them around a little bit," stated Bayoh.

Indeed, it is Bayoh's ability to play in space that sets him apart from others at his position. Add to that an instinct to be where the ball finds itself in play and what you have is a playmaking linebacker.

Bayoh, whose name is just now beginning to find its way on to college's recruiting lists, holds two offers: Central Michigan and Rutgers. The schools that are currently showing Bayoh the most interest include Rutgers, Central Michigan, Western Michigan, Bowling Green, and Louisville.

Though still somewhat early in the recruiting process, Bayoh did share with us an initial favorites list.

"I like Miami, Louisville, Rutgers, Florida State, and Florida," stated Bayoh. "Miami, they're my number one school right now. They are right next to home and that's important. Their weight program is impressive, and their academics, they really get on the ball with academics.

"I'm not too familiar with Florida, but I talk to a friend on the team and I would like to know more," he added.

Given that Bayoh's latest and last camping trip was to the Garden State at Rutgers University, we asked what the linebacker's thoughts on the school from the north was.

"I like Rutgers because they have that up and coming football program that everybody wants to be a part of, he said. "Everyone wants to say they helped in turning it around."

Given that interest in Bayoh is on the rise the Gulliver Prep prospect states that he is planning on just sitting back for a while and let his recruitment proceed.

While many student-athletes, even this early in their careers, dream about going to the league, Bayoh states that deciding on his future college or university will be significantly dependant on academics.

"Academics are important to me, Bayoh said. "I want to make sure that a school that I am interested in and that is recruiting me has the major that I am looking for."

Two of his top choices for a possible major are physical therapy and a branch of, perhaps civil, engineering.

Bench Press: 295-pounds.
Squat: 415-pounds.
Power Clean: 265-pounds.

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