Go ahead and go to the other Florida prep websites where the publishers control everything. At, the readers are in charge of adding information to make the site the most fan interactive in the nation. Only here can you be a part of the largest scoreboard around. Isn't that better than being banned by someone who has been around for a year and has NO feel for the state and the players? We thought so!

Lakeland rolls on, St. Thomas almost didn't and Bolles rebounds. You'll find those scores and more on the MOST COMPLETE Florida High School Scoreboard you will find anywhere. Go ahead and look....we'll wait!

There is NO other ONE source who will provide this many scores from week No. 8 across the Sunshine State. While others try, our network of correspondents have come through for decades. If you don't see your favorite school, simply add.

While others try and look in the newspaper and search the entire network, it is a given that people know where to come to hand-deliver their scores.

It has been proven over and over again throughoutn the decades, when wants to turn it on, we simply blow the competition away!

Check out this impressive list of scores that our LOYAL readers send us to put up.....


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