Hill Stays Focused

Ryan Hill talks about how he stays focused on a struggling team. He also reveals a change in his top 5.

Although his team is off to a 1-8 start Ryan Hill of Rickards High School (FL) still plays like every game is a must win. Hill has 33 tackles and 3 interceptions, that's pretty good considering teams try to avoid his side at all costs. In addition to those stats he has 2 blocked field goals, over 200 yards of kick returns, 6 TD's (1 defensive), and 21 catches for about 600 yards.

"I'm just trying to keep my team focused." Hill said, "I want to play every game hard and make sure nobody quits."

Hill is also preparing for next year when he will most likely be playing for a national championship contender.

"Right now I'm still weighing my options, but I do have a slight shift in my top 5." So who is in your top 5 right now?

"Miami still has a slight lead, but then it's Ohio State, USC, Florida State and the final spot goes to an SEC school." Adding, "that final spot is for either Florida, Tennessee or Alabama."

Your cousin is Corey Fuller a former Seminole, how does that factor into your decision?

"In the beginning he used to tell me I should go to Florida State, but now he knows I'm going to do what's best for me and he'll support any decision I make."

What visits do you have left?

"I have Miami on January 20th, Ohio State on December 11th and USC is in between there somewhere."

Since you visit Miami late in January does that mean you will wait till signing day to make a decision?

"Oh yeah, I'm definitely holding out till signing day." Hill said, "This is a once in a lifetime experience and I'm just enjoying it all. It's really been unbelievable. Everyday is something new for me."

Hill also said he hopes to finish strong and land a spot on the Army All-American team.

"If I could get that I would say everything is perfect, I just made honor roll at school and now all I need is a spot on that team and everything is perfect."

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