Joe Johnson: New Smyrna Beach CB

The state of Florida produces solid corners every year and 2010 will be no different. One player to keep an eye is Joe Johnson from New Smyrna Beach High School.

Joe Johnson registered 110 tackles, 4 interceptions, and forced two fumbles in 2008. Individually it was a great year, but it was a disappointing one for the Barracudas as they went 2-8. Johnson has hopes that they will turn things around in 2009, "We are going to the playoffs next year."

He has a good skill set and explained, "I am a pure cover corner, I like to be on an island, I thrive in man to man coverage." That is precisely the attitude and confidence that a corner needs at the next level. Do you have a short memory? "I do on the field, but I take the game seriously and will re-play the game later in my head to see what I could do better."

Those 110 tackles are an eye-popping number for a defensive back, "I like to get physical, it is football, the field is no place for shying away from contact." Area coaches rave about his total package and Johnson is eagerly looking forward to the summer where he can show his skills at various camps. He explained, "I would like to hit an Under Armour combine, maybe a Nike combine, of course a combine. As far as camps, I am looking at Miami, LSU, and Ohio State. Those are the three schools who I have heard from and I love all three."

Johnson was particularly impressed with two wide receiver's he saw this season. One is a team member, senior Cody Ervin. "We push each other. We have worked out on the beach, on the field, where ever, it is great to have a close teammate who can challenge you. We have worked out with Dallas Baker. He is from the area and has a wealth of knowledge that he passes along to us."

The other player is O.J. Ross, a rising junior from Daytona Beach Mainland. Johnson added, "He has great speed, if you can run with him, you can run with anybody. They are Mainland, a great program. We are striving to be a high quality program like they are."

It will be a big summer for Johnson. He has the tools that you look for in a corner and the confidence to succeed. will have more updates on Johnson as the year progresses.

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