Eric Grajales wants to Wrestle David Taylor

I just had a long conversation from a fan in Brandon who is in a position to know and he told me that Eric Grajales wants to wrestle David Taylor. Apparently, when he watched the video on flowrestling of the bout between Taylor and Palmer, on the video after the bout, Taylor appeared to call out Eric.

Grajales would like the bout to occur as part of the Dapper Dan event and it would be best for both if they would weigh-in at 140 as there is a plus 5 pounds allowance for the 135-pound class where they are both ranked with Taylor as Number 1 in a couple of polls and Grajales as Number 1 in some other polls.

One of the rankings gurus, Bob Preusse who does the prep rankings for Amateur Wrestling News where he has Taylor as #1 and Grajales #2, says, "No one is happy where they are ranked, only one can be # 1,...settle it on the mat."

These were Eric's exact words as told to me,

"We are both going to be in Pittsburgh at the same time. I'd like to wrestle him in the Dapper Dan. If not on a mat in the corner of the gym, or in the freaking parking lot or out on the street. Lets just strap on our shoes and get it on."

Apparently, some want Grajales to wrestle against Taylor in the NHSCA Senior Nationals scheduled to take place in early April in Virginia.

The situation is that Grajales plans to switch over to the international styles, specifically to concentrate on Greco-Roman, as Grajales has been invited to participate in a USA Wrestling trip overseas to Bulgaria from March 2-9. Plus Grajales wants to compete for the USA FILA Junior World Team again, where he hopes to medal and he wants to compete in the USA Wrestling Senior Nationals in Las Vegas during early April.

Thus, he has agreed to extend his folkstyle season competition for a month after the end of the Florida high school season which ends with the State Finals in Lakeland on February 21 but he can't extend it beyond the time frame of the Dapper Dan event.

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It would terrific for the sport of wrestling, if the two best high school wrestlers in the nation would meet head-to-head in a wrestling match at a neutral site.

Good luck to both of them.

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