A Look at UCF's Class

UCF signed 24 players, 7 who are enrolled already. They did a good job in the Sunshine State and also in Georgia where they received 6 commits.

FLORIDA TALENT: QB Nico Flores, WR Dontravious Floyd, WR Kemal Ishmael, WR Marquee Williams, TE D.J. Brown, OL Renato Cunha, DE Victor Gray, DT Frankie Davis, DL Chris Martin, DB Corey Ammons, S Jarrett Swaby, S Henry Wright, CB Josh Robinson, DB Quincy McDuffie

Solid haul from the Sunshine State with 14 prospects. Flores was a great get on signing day from Western Michigan and FIU. His team mate Ishmael also inked with UCF. The gem here might be Josh Robinson. He is a versatile player who could play CB or WR. Davis is a great DT with upside, he might see the field early. Swaby was a good pull from the Muck. Ammons flew a little under the radar considering his raw talent. Not a burner, but Ammons has good athletic skills and can play anywhere in the secondary. Wright and McDuffie are local products out of Edgewater High School.

OUT OF STATE HAUL: RB James Poe(Ga), TE Jim Teknipp(OH), OL Abre Leggins(juco- MS), DL Brandon Bryant(GA), DL Tay Irvin(GA), DL Deon Simon(LA), LB Jonathan Davis(GA), LB Troy Davis(GA), LB Javen Harris(AL), CB A.J. Bouye(GA)

UCF went out of state hitting Georgia hard. LB Davis is an outstanding talent, he is undersized(height), but has elite athletic skills. Very solid job done on the DL bringing in some big bodies to compete. Juco OL Leggins should be able to contribute immediately. Deon Simon had some big fans in the state of Louisiana, he has the body to see the field quickly.

ANALYSIS: This is a pretty good class for UCF. Fans in Florida keep waiting for this program to 'break through' and they are close. Robinson could have played in the SEC, Flores flirted with FSU, Ishmael and Floyd are Dade County play-makers. The ability to go into Georgia and land prospects is a great sign going forward. They need to lock down Orlando better than they have. Long-term a move to the Big East would do wonders for the program, almost overnight. Kevin Smith and Daunte Culpepper have brought some limelight onto the program, a few more good years on the field is what is needed. The new Stadium was a coup for UCF and it is an attractive recruiting tool. This is a pivotal next 2-3 years for UCF, are they going to step up and compete with USF or are they going to have to fend off FIU and FAU? Only time will tell.

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