MLB Josh Hood Talks Recruiting

Jacksonville Bolles has won 9 State Championships, the most of any school in the Sunshine State. They were Florida 2A Champions in 2008 and are known for their disciplined, 'team' approach to the game. They will once again have a host of talent in the 2010 class, caught up with the team leader in tackles to talk some recruiting.

Josh Hood registered 144 tackles in 2008 and was a huge part of the stifling defense that led Bolles to an undefeated season. Hood described himself as a player, "I give a ton of credit to the staff, they have us prepared to play and really coach up our technique. I feel I have quick reactions, I make few mistakes, and just like to fly around and hit people."

The road win in the semi-final's at Boot Hill Stadium against Madison County was as big of win as anyone had in-state last year. Hood expounded, "They are a big-time program with unbelievable players, we executed the coaches gameplan and came out of there with a 21-7 win. We were so happy to have competed that well against such an experienced and talented team."

On the recruiting trail, Hood has some schools who have shown interest and who he has interest in, "Central Florida, Vanderbilt, North Carolina, and Wake Forest. I really like the UCF program, I have former team mates there, I think that is a good fit for me in-state. I am originally from Tennessee and like the academic and athletic challenges that Vanderbilt brings to the table. North Carolina I have always like from a distance, it is such a well rounded school, I've heard it has a great campus life."

While he will be getting down to UCF for Junior Day, he is unsure when he will see the others, he hopes to get up there sometime in the Spring. The Southern Conference schools are also very interested in Hood. "I will have Bolles teammates at Furman next year, along with Wofford, Georgia Southern and others, there is such a great history of competition in that conference. Bolles is a smaller, private school, and the Southern Conference schools have great academics and a smaller feel to them. That is a great combo for schools that play big-time football."

Hood has a 3.3 GPA and is focussed this off-season on the Bolles weight training program, "I am just trying to get quicker and improve my core strength, so far, it has been going well, we are just itching to get the pads on. We want back to back Championships."

When colleges recruit Bolles they know they are getting well coached, fundamentally sound football players who take care of business both on and off the field. Hood is a shining example of that. During Spring football plenty of schools will make their way to Bolles and Hood will be one of the prospects they are most interested in watching.

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