Ryan Visits Vanderbilt

The Spring is a time for prospects to go out and visit a few of the schools that have shown interest in them.

Thomas Ryan drove up with his family to Nashville and arrived on Thursday, "It was great, we got in at noon, it was colder, like 50, I needed a jacket." Ryan is out of Marathon in the Florida Keys so just about every school will be 'different' from where he lives.

"Driving in was awesome, Nashville is a good sized city, it is beautiful, I can see myself living there."

It was time to see the campus, "Incredible, the class size, the living situation, the buildings, everything, I just loved it and felt at home there." Ryan was given an opportunity to meet the coaches, see all the facilities, academics, and the food in Nashville certainly sold him, "I think I gained 5 pounds."

Vanderbilt is currently in Spring practice so Thomas was given an opportunity to watch, "Wow, that was an eye opener. The facility is incredible, the towers, the field, they film everything and they study that film. Just amazing. I saw how much better I need to get as a player, it is like a different game. I tried to pick up on some things for next year."

Ryan has three SEC offers, "I met with all the coaches and then Coach Johnson. We had a great conversation, we talked about a lot of things then the offer, about how they would stand by me if anything like an injury happened. It really meant a lot to me."

The academics really appealed to Ryan, he is a strong on the field and in the classroom. Vanderbilt's reputation as one of the best schools in the country did not go unnoticed, "Everyone graduates, that is just the way it is there, a degree from Vanderbilt is special."

So is Ryan ready to commit? "All I can say is that it was everything I hoped for plus more. I don't want to rush into anything, when I commit, I want to commit and be done, it will be tough for another school to match what i saw."

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