Joseph Byrd Gets First BCS Offer

One of the fastest players in the country in the 100 meters is Joseph Byrd. The rising senior ripped off a 10.4 electronic a few weeks back and has speed to burn on the gridiron. Byrd also received his first big time offer when Indiana came through on Friday.

"It was great to get that first offer, it means a lot to me. I have been so busy with track and trying to compete in the various football camps and events, it has been hectic. I knew Indiana was interested, it is great to have that offer. I am very interested in what they bring to the table in terms of athletics and academics." Byrd sports a 3.2 core GPA in the classroom.

On the football field, Byrd has played mostly RB for the Bulldogs, but projects perhaps to the defensive backfield, "I like making plays at RB, my speed allows me to hit the hole hard, rip off big gains, but a lot of schools like me at DB, perhaps CB. That is fine, I feel I can excel there as well." At over 5'10 and 175ish, Byrd has the make up speed and quick hips that schools covet in their cornerbacks.

That speed was on full display at the Tampa 7on7's where one plays stands out. A team mate was beat on a deep pattern and Byrd closed the gap with tremendous acceleration and knocked a sure TD away to preserve a victory. It is that type of speed that has Byrd standing out on the track.

"I would love to be able to run track in college and play football. I think the two go hand in hand. My strength in the 100 is from 50 yards out, that is where I can turn it on."

What will help Byrd make a decision, "I have to get out and see the out of state schools. I have never been out of Florida. Obviously, I will get up to Indiana soon, they offered Tre Boston as well and we are friends. I will know when it feels right."

Byrd will be a huge part of the Baker offense in 2009, "I want 1,500 yards and to make the playoffs. We are a new school, but Coach Conn has made us better every year, it is time to take the next step."

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