SunStateFootball Take: Clive Walford

Miami went back to the Muck for their second player in three days when they received a verbal from TE Clive Walford from Glades Central. It is the Canes 13th commit, with 11 of the players coming from Florida.

ABOUT THE PLAYER: Clive Walford is a bit of a wildcard as he has not played much football, he is making the transition from the basketball court. The good news for Miami is that this has proven to be successful in the past many times, with Tony Gonzalez and Antonio Gates being two of the better examples. Miami will try to make Jimmy Graham a TE in 2009 after playing hoops for the Canes, he has one year of eligibility. Walford appears to be a great athlete with hands. He will need to work in the weight room, but has the speed and athleticism to fit the mold of a classic Miami TE---a guy who is real threat down the field. His technique is lacking, but that is to be expected. Walford has a great QB in L.J. Thomas to get him the ball, that should really help. Here are a few clips of Walford's Spring Game vs. Miami Central where he played TE/DE.

WHAT IT MEANS FOR MIAMI: No one has produced NFLers like Miami over the last 25 years and TE is clearly one of those spots with a line of TE's including Bubba Franks, Jeremy Shockey, Kellen Winslow, Kevin Everett, and Greg Olsen. With two seniors in Dedric Epps and Richard Gordon in 2009, there is not much depth behind them. 2009 recruit Billy Sanders and 2007 recruit Daniel Adderley are the depth right now. Adderley has thought about transferring. 2009 recruit's Stephen Plein and Cory White have played TE, but are projected to the offensive line.

Miami did land two of the 'Seminole 3' in 2009 and either Dyron Dye or Ray Ray Armstrong could fill the depth chart down the road. Bottom line, this is a spot where there is much uncertainty going forward. They should be looking to take at least two and perhaps three TE's this year. Charles Fashaw is now at Miami Northwestern after being injured as a junior. He will certainly be a player who gets a long look by the Canes in 2009 and he flashed big time potential as a sophomore. At 6'4 with speed, he is an intriguing package. Playing with QB Teddy Bridgewater in the explosive Bull offense, Fashaw is in position to have a huge senior year. Several out of state prospects are on the radar and Miami has had success in the past with turning 'big' WR's into TE's. With Walford in the fold, they should be able to fill the pressing need in this class.

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