SunStateFootball Take: Dan Koenig

Dan Koenig becomes the 16th Oklahoma State commit for 2010 and 3rd offensive linemen. The 6'6, 250 pound Koenig is the first player to commit to OSU from the Sunshine State. He is now the 4th Cape Coral High School player to commit BCS D-1 with DB Jaylen Watkins(Florida), CB Spencer Boyd(Notre Dame), and CB Jeremy Davis(Miami).

ABOUT THE PLAYER: Koenig has an elite OT frame to sculpt over the next 3-4 years. All of 6'5+, he is very young physically, he could easily have a few inches left height wise. As he matures he will begin to fill out his frame, one that will carry well over 300 down the road. While soft spoken off the field, he plays the game with intensity and has a real mean streak. He can be nasty at times. He has the athleticism that projects well to the next level and has solid technique and knee bend. He can certainly handle RT and has the tools to be a LT down the road, he will need to improve his backpedal and pass pro technique.

FOR OKLAHOMA STATE: Oklahoma State landed one OT in 2009 (Parker Graham) and 3 OG's (Michael Bowie, Brandon Webb, and Anthony Morgan who was a JUCO). He joins another JUCO OT in the 2010 class: Levy Adcock. Since Koenig will need time in the weight room, the presence of the JUCO's should give him the opportunity to develop.

RECRUITING: Dan has had two brothers suit up for the Cowboys, so it was well known that they had a good shot here. Still, Dan was highly coveted on the recruiting trail sporting offers from Miami, Auburn, Ole Miss, Nebraska, and Clemson. Those programs can recruit and the Cowboys had to close here. In the end, it came down to Oklahoma State, Nebraska, and Ole Miss.

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