South Florida Summer Showcase

Mastrole Passing Academy held the first annual South Florida Summer Showcase at St. Andrews Prep School in Boca Raton, Florida last weekend. Mastrole Passing Academy brought in some of the states top talent and future stars at quarterback, wide receiver, tight end, and defensive back.

The camp was highlighted by fast pace and up tempo coaching by Ken Mastrole and his staff. Athletes were put through an advanced curriculum that featured some of the most cutting edge training techniques in today's game. Film study, offensive and defensive breakdowns, fundamentals, recruiting/exposure, and the Showcase Challenge all highlighted one of the top Florida football camps in 2009.

QB Jacob Rudock(St Thomas) stole the show amongst QB's. The 6'3 would be junior had the strongest arm, quickest release, most accurate, and fastest time in the obstacle course. Rudock will be a name to keep an eye in 2009. Also from St. Thomas was QB Max Lescano, he had one of the quickest releases at the event. He took home a leadership award.

At WR, new Texas Tech commit Shawn Corker showed why he was one of the most coveted WR's in the state this year. He has no weakness. A couple of QB's from Gibbons joined him, senior Chris Rapka and Max Hart. Rapka has waited his turn and has the size and arm strength that will be attractive on the recruiting trail. He throws soft fades and has a lot of accuracy.

Hialeah American team mates showed why they would will be tandem to watch over the next three years. QB Abe Coleman has size, speed, and a plus arm. WR Caylen Mcbeth took home the hands award.

Other QB's who stood out were 6'4 Alex Pratkas(West Boca Raton), Evan Hart(Ft. Myers), Evan Lassiter(Coral Springs), and Brock Burkowski(Royal Palm Beach).

Conor Armstrong(St. Thomas) took home the top DB award.


QUICK RELEASE(3 step-5 step-release):


1. Jake Rudock (St. Thomas Aquinas): .88 sec 3 step 1.40 sec 5 step

2. Rafi Montalvo (Immaculata La Salle): 1.09 sec 3 step 1.50 sec 5 step

3. Alex Pratkas (West Boca): 1.18 sec 3 step 1.97 sec 5 step


1. Max Lescano (St. Thomas Aquinas): 1.07 sec 3 step 1.52 sec 5 step

2. Tyler Jones (Pompano): 1.08 sec 3 step 1.60 sec 5 step

3. Abe Coleman (American Senior) 1.14 sec 3 step 1.58 sec 5 step



1. Jake Rudock (St. Thomas Aquinas): 62 yards

2. CJ Hart (Cardinal Gibbons): 52.5 yards

3. Rafi Montalvo (Immaculata La Salle): 51.5 yards


1. Gardner Knight (Palm Bay): 54 yards

2. Max Lescano (St. Thomas Aquinas): 52.5 yards

3. Evan Hart (Fort Myers) 52 yards



1. Jake Rudock (St. Thomas Aquinas): 28 total points

2. Alex Pratkas (West Boca): 22 total points

3. CJ Hart (Cardinal Gibbons): 19 total points


1. Gardner Knight (Palm Bay): 24 total points

2. Kedric Bostic (Jupiter Christian): 19 total points

3. 6 players tied at: 18 total points



1. Jake Rudock (St. Thomas Aquinas): 14.50 sec

2. Rafi Montalvo (Immaculata La Salle): 16.25 sec

3. Alex Pratkas (West Boca): 16.68 sec


1. Kedric Bostic (Jupiter Christian): 15.50 sec

2. Gardner Knight (Palm Bay): 17.22 sec

3. Brock Bukowski (Royal Palm): 17.35 sec

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