SunStateFootball Take: Jeff Scott

Ole Miss received their 7th public Verbal for 2010 and their 2nd from the Sunshine State.

ABOUT THE PLAYER: Scott is a dynamic play-maker who possesses some of the best pure speed in the state. He has outstanding acceleration/quickness and should be a versatile player at the next level. Versatile because he won't be a 'pure' RB, but a player who grabs some carries, catches some balls(from backfield/slot), and he should make an impact on special teams. He is a player who will excel running out of the shotgun because of his athleticism and start/stop ability, he can be a terror in the open field. There are two concerns with Scott: he lacks ideal size and he plays smaller competition(albeit in the toughest county in Florida). However, he flat produces big numbers consistently and does not have an injury history. He has displayed more power than his size would indicate which bodes well going forward. Scott had previously been considering hometown FIU, but wanted to play in the tough SEC and Ole Miss will give him that opportunity. This is is another huge plus as it shows Scott wants to work to be the best and has great confidence in his abilities. He has flown a little under the radar on the recruiting trail.

FOR OLE MISS: The Rebels landed nine players from Florida in 2009 with four of them coming from South Florida. Several of those players did not qualify academically, however one has re-committed for 2010(Artice Kellam). They continue to recruit Dade well and are in on several other prospects in the area. Scott will be coming in on the heels of two Florida RB's (Korvic Neat and Rodney Scott) as well as highly touted Darius Barksdale. Dexter McCluster (from Largo) has been dynamite in Houston Nutt's offense and Scott has a similar skill set. Ole Miss is a program that appears to want to be very active in Florida and there is no reason to think 3-4 more Florida players are not in the cards for 2010.

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