Air Force Offers Maryshyl Rothman

Sometimes good news comes at unexpected times, that was the case Tuesday night when Marshyl Rothman talked with Air Force Head Coach Troy Calhoun.

"Air Force offered me. I am just really excited right now, it was sorta unexpected because I had not had much contact with them, we really had a great conversation however and I can't wait to get out there and check it out," said Rothman.

Despite winning two State Titles (and going for a third this year) and dominating many camps and combines, it has been slow at times on the recruiting trail for Marshyl, "I know I am not ideal size, but I also know I can play, all I ever asked for was a chance, and now this is a big opportunity for me. It would be great to play D-1, there are a lot of benefits, and I like the competition."

Rothman talked about what he knows about Air Force, "I have family in New Mexico and have been to the four corners area, everything I have seen or read tells me that I would be an excellent fit there. I was really impressed with the Air Force coaches."

Rothman has excelled as a QB and also on defense during his time in high school, some schools were looking at him as an athlete, "Air Force likes me at QB, they were saying that I fit what they are trying to do, that was great to hear, I think I can excel in a variety of offenses."

While he has a lot of schools that are watching him closely, most of Rothman's interest has come at the Football Championship Subdivision level(formerly 1-AA) , "I have a lot schools I like, some that stand out are Cornell, New Hampshire, Fordham, Lafayette, Lehigh, and Bentley. There are others I am looking at. Cornell is Ivy League so I was real happy to get that opportunity."

Bentley is actually a D-2 school, "I might have a couple of team mates going there, so I really like that and they have some tremendous programs academically that interest me."

One of his goals for the season was to go undefeated (he had one loss in his sophomore State Title year and was undefeated last year), "Unfortunately, we are just getting out of a rough patch, we lost to a school in Charlotte, NC, they were a tough team, physical, but we had a chance to win and did not get it done. We then played Glades Central and they are just really good. I don't see any weaknesses on that team and I am happy L.J. (Thomas) is having a good year. We bounced back last week and are getting ready for the playoffs."

Jupiter Christian will start their playoff run on November 20th with an opponent to be determined.

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