Buford RB will be one of South's Best.

Darius Walker and his Buford Wolves have not lost a game since the State Championship game when he was a freshmen. Buford moved up from single A to AA last season, and the thought was that they might not be able to repeat as champions. They not only repeated, they ran roughshod over the competition.

Walker played a big part in Buford's state dominance with 1,986 yards and 26 touchdowns. In the semi-final game against Americus, in what was considered the State Championship game by many, Walker took over. He had 221 yards on 26 carries. That game more than anything else that Buford did all year solidified the Wolves' dominance in AA.

Buford lost some good players to graduation, but Walker is back, and he has set some lofty, yet very attainable goals for himself.

"We're going for three titles in a row this year hopefully," said Walker." As far as personal goals. "Well, I haven't gotten to 2,000 yards yet, and I'd like to hit that mark this year."

Walker was a standout at the Nike Camp as a sophomore when he ran a 4.5 flat forty on the grass in Athens, but he has done considerably better than that as he has gotten more physically mature. "My personal best time at a team training session was 4.38. I run the 100 meters on the track team, and my best 100 so far is 10.8." The only place that Walker excels more than on the field is in the classroom. His is a 4.0 student that will have no trouble qualifying. As far as schools of choice go at this point, no team has really jumped to the front for Walker. "I grew up a Nebraska fan, but they kind of struggled this year. I also like Miami, Oklahoma, Florida State, Georgia, Notre Dame, and really most of the schools around here. I don't have a favorite right now though." As Walker and his Buford Wolves make a run at a third straight State Title, the recruiting process will hit full bore for one of the most talented backs in the south for the class of 2004.

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